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  1. Sorry DX just understood your comment - no under Marlin its 6 months later than M&S
  2. now that Im not sure of - they haven't mentioned that - all they did was state they were action on behalf of M&S I asked them to provide a CCA as per all DCAs before they couldn't and could only let me see an incomplete application form, Should I write to Marlin and say my view is this account is statue barred and see what they say ? s
  3. Hi DX Ok sorry so last payment was around May/June 2009 - it was defaulted by them Sept 2009 (I have their letter telling me the account is now in default) and yes its the same account number as it was under M&S as it is now under Marlin Does that help ? Regards S
  4. Hi all Need a bit of advice please and I'll try and be as brief as possible. Had an issue for the last 5 years almost with a M&S card I have CCA them and they cannot show me a legal agreement despite many threats of court action and several DCA chasing me. A weird thing happened about 18 month ago when it disappeared from my credit file for about 3 month and then re-appeared under the DCA Merlin who were the ones chasing at this point. I would now like this permanently removed from my Credit File but it now looks like its only existed for 18 months so wh
  5. Hi This is a werid one - Just checked my credit fill and some how my M&S account is no longer there ? The file is marked a default has been removed - issue is I haven't done anything ? Just been sent a letter from a DCA about the account and was about to send the "show me the CCA please" letter but certainly haven't cleared anything - should I worry ?? S
  6. Hi all, Hope everybody is good - need more advice pls. The issue with my M&S card keeps rumbling on I keep asking for my CCA they keep passing it on to various DCA's it just goes round and round however I have just had a response to say they would accept a reduced figure of around 30% of the claimed outstanding balance. If I decide to accept (and I am thinking of it just to get rid of the hassle) 1. Can they say you've accepted liability for 30% so therefore you must be accountable for the other 70% ? 2. The letter says "accept partial payment in full and final settlement" so
  7. Hiya Daft one from AMS - Was on a 36 month contract canceled after giving 1 month notice period (after about 20 odd month. Got a letter today saying you've canceled bad bad boy you need to re-instate the DD told how much I was due gave payment options and the usual do now or it will escalate. Not being a happy camper I called them gave them my account number told them i got a letter from them and before I even said anything she said this was a notification of termination and just to ignore any payment requests if I wasn't going to use the gym - I did say that nowhere on this le
  8. Hi DX Yeah I have looked at PPI and charges but all these accounts are ok. I was going to state that the money could only be offered if the debt was marked as settled and any adverse entries on my CR was cleared just not sure if they would rather have some of the cash now or chase me until the end of time Cheers S
  9. Hi Folks Like a lot of people I am struggling right now I have 1 account in default (and unless they show me a CCA staying that way) and am just making min payments on 2 other credit cards and a loan (so in my mind 3 active ones). It's likely my other half is going to come into a wee bit cash so we are looking to see if any of my creditors will accept a discount full and final settlement figures/ The issue I have is currently the 3 active accounts are all up to date but this is down to me saving every penny and robbing peter to paul on a monthy basis - evenaually I am going to run out o
  10. Hi folksWee bit advice please I have a new DCA chasing me I sent them then dispute letter and please show me the CCA they have reply asking if I acknowledge the debt and that if I borrowed the money then I should pay back.Daft question but do I write back and say I do acknowledge the debt or not ? RegardsS
  11. Hi A wee bit advice please Moorcroft have given up and now have a company call Gothia chasing me for the debt. Situation is still haven't seen hide nor hare of my CCA. Gothia have offered me terms and I am tempted just to make this go away but have some questions if somebody can help. 1. If I enter into a payment plan does this default remain on my file for the period of time the debt is active or is it like points on your driving licence only there for a set time ? 2. If the account has been default by the OC can a DCA add interest to it ? 3. Has anybody hear of M&
  12. Hi EOS and SFU Just to say I am at the same place its just a cause of round and round the merry go round Did get a werid one from Westcott today saying we need a payment plan you can afford and keep up - so 5p a week for the next 2000 years that ok? S
  13. Hi SFU Just to let you know I've had a look at the new MS application pack and you are right it is completely different - in the new one there is interest rate - schedules etc etc - So it does look like they seen an issue and resolved it as you say sure they'll use some kind of improvement process to justify it. Interesting though S
  14. Hi all Going to send this letter accepting my default and unlawful closure of my account. Can you read this for me and give your opinions please. Regards S Marks and Spencer default CAG.doc
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