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  1. I received a letter in 2016 from Platform homeloans explaining they had found I was charged excessive late fees etc on a mortgage I had with them, I had a total of £427 returned to my mortgage account including interest payment. I recently wrote to them asking for full breakdown of the refund as I wanted to check the correct interest was returned to me, I also asked that any charges added to the mortgage would be addressed. I was sent a statement of account together with a letter telling me they were happy with the fees returned to me, but no breakdown of the fee's as requested. I went through the list and used the compound interest calculator on this group. The compound interest calculator shows a sum totalling £1124.00. I have also received a letter stating they have overcharged the interest on a misaligned date in my mortgage offer. They haven't given any dates but have offered a small amount together with interest at 8% Should I write back requesting the total of £1124 less the £427 already paid? Many thanks
  2. Thanks DX I will email them today and see what they say. Thanks again.
  3. Well I for one am up for challenging these terms and conditions, To say I am paying £2000 odd pounds per month and find I am £60 odd thousand pounds in arrears shows what company i am up against. Will I have to wait for the SAR I have sent in to be answered? I am worried that as they are looking at giving me £9,687.39 (which is written on the letter three times, to remind me I should be ever so grateful) so wonder if they're going to push for the return of the £61,498.92
  4. The wording in the letter is "I am satisfied we are entitled to apply charges in line with clauses 2b and 2d of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and it is not illegal for us to do so"
  5. Further to the above, I still haven't received the full statements I have asked for to date however I have received a seperate response to my letter asking for a full breakdown of any charges applied to my account and a full breakdown of the £61,498.92 that they have said has accrued on the account. The letter states that a review of my account has taken place and £4.655.00 has been incorrectly applied in line with the relevant terms of charges at that time. A sum of interest will also be repaid to my mortgage account totalling £9,687.39. The letter ends by explaining the other charges are not illegal and the conditions of the loan agreement entitles them to be applied, The final paragraph explains the loan agreement is not regulated and therefore the financial ombudsman service or the financial conduct authority will not be able to look at my complaint! What steps do I take next? Thanks as always for your help.
  6. I emailed them a SAR on the 23rd Aug but haven’t had anything back yet, will let you know when anything arrives. Thanks again
  7. They haven’t mentioned how they arrive at the £61,000 they are now demanding, what are my next steps? Thanks
  8. I have received this reply from Together, it came with the same list of fee's I attached previously. 09091801.PDF
  9. As mentioned at the top od the page it was due to financial difficulties, the payments are back on track as I have a good job and good tenants In the property. But I was aghast as to the amount of charges they have added.
  10. is there something I should be asking Together?
  11. Sorry, don't know what you mean, are they hiding something do you think?
  12. Really glad my daughter has turned up, This is the letter and attachments received from Together. Together review outcome.pdf
  13. I hope I have uploaded this correctly Together Compound interest calculator.pdf
  14. Could you tell me how to upload the sheets and i will do so. Thanks
  15. Sorry but I'm not very good with computers, I was wondering if they had added something extra? otherwise I don't know where the shortfall is. I went through the list three times and marked up everything, Please let me know if there anything else I could try? Thanks again
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