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Found 16 results

  1. hello, hoping someone can help and point me in the right direction. In hindsight I wish i had done some reaesrch beforehand and found this site 10 years ago as now i wouldnt be in the mess that i am in so in 2008 i was in desperate need of funds. I approached a broker who introduced me to lancashire mortgages. initially i went for a bog standard mortgage but due to my circumstances and being self employed it was turned down at the initial stages. they did however offer me a secured loan. i should have seen it then that it was a trap. i took out a secured loan in augu
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/03/britain-world-beater-ripping-off-citizens-rail-fares-water-energy-bills British Gas increases its electricity prices will rise by 12.5%, starting next month. Just as the cold nights start drawing in despite the competition watchdog judged last year that British Gas and other energy giants were taking well over a billion pounds a year through “excessive prices” Thames Water divvied up £1.6bn in dividends to its small circle of shareholders Hinkley Point, at an estimated cost to British households of £30bn taxpayers
  3. I am currently with Vodafone and have been for years now. Cancelled a contract with them which they then put all the outstanding month bills into one. Now they have suddenly said I need to pay all in one lump sum which I can not do. On one month they hadn't taking out a bill and because of there mistake I was getting charged left right and centre. they first said I could pay £186 each month and now suddenly I have to pay the whole lump sum. they were threatening me over the phone for £150 today and the rest next month otherwise they would have cut off my phone line.
  4. What can I do? When I first moved here last year, I gathered the landlord had passed my details on to the water company like they did for gas and electricity. Back in Jan, I had a letter from Welsh Water addressed to the occupier/owner which pretty much said that they believe the property to be empty and if so could I contact them and ask them to cut off the water to prevent leaks if a pipe burst. I did the right thing and got in touch with them, said the date I moved in and explained that my landlord clearly didn't pass my details onto them. For my honest
  5. Halifax What was Halifax’s response? Did it review the premium and reduce it to reflect the prices that other people were paying in the market? Oh no. What Halifax appears to have done is reopen her former mortgage account with the bank, then charge the insurance premiums to that account. Halifax then continued jacking up the price every year, to a vastly inflated £800 at the time of her death – a figure her son says is around six times the going rate. The final insult was that Halifax charged interest on the unpaid premiums, making ever more profit out of its elderly, loyal and vulnerabl
  6. Hi, am looking for advice with how to deal with my builder. I signed a contract with a Loft company to build a new loft, good references, I met on of their previous clients and was happy to use them. They subcontracted the work to a builder who did a good quality job, however was very slow and indeed the project is still only 95% complete after 8 months. I'm not too concerned about this as I still have one final payment to make and believe the Loft Co will complete the work. On the back of this work I signed the builder to do a kitchen extension for us (for a good price of £32k)
  7. Experienced motorists are being wrongly stripped of their entitlements, then find themselves unable to prove they ever passed their tests because the agency has deleted its records We've had these complaints on here. I've posted this article in full in case it disappears from the newspaper: For the past four months Shane Rae has been living under the threat of having his driving licence taken away – yet he has committed no offence and his 30-year driving record is unblemished. He has even been forced to retake his driving test and take on a solicitor to fight his cause. And the reas
  8. Apple sued over 'shrinking' gadget storage Apple is facing a lawsuit for not telling users about the amount of memory required by its flagship operating system. The legal complaint revolves around iOS 8 and the amount of memory it reserves for itself on iPods, iPhones and iPads. The complaint alleges that it takes up so much space that far less than advertised is left for people to store their own data. Apple has yet to issue any official comment on the lawsuit. Update upset The complaint has been filed in California by Miami residents Paul Orshan and
  9. Buy now, pay-through-the-nose later. Full rip-off story:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2858753/Littlewoods-accused-ripping-hard-customers-free-Christmas-gift-payment-plans-charge-TWICE-stores.html
  10. Some travel companies seem to be using to force parents to pay a premium is by charging MORE for children than they do for adults. Website HolidayPirates have got some operators rumbled and have shown that some parents are being hoodwinked into paying premium by charging them MORE for children than they do for adults. In one case, they found that a holiday was being sold as £245 per person (including all extras for the school holidays), but the holiday is based on four adults sharing. However, if you swap two adults for two kids – for the same flights, same hotel, same everything
  11. Hi .First post here I have been having problems with very.co.uk for months. I have contacted there costumer services over 100 times this month alone and keep getting ignored saying there are dealing with the problems with my account yet nothing is done. To start with I been getting charged interest on items I have paid for .I have been paying take 3 payments for months even though all the items I have bought are buy now pay later. I asked hundreds of times can they send me a full list off all the payments I have made and all interest I have been charged which w
  12. Hi everyone, We are coming to the end of our tenancy in a small 1 bedroom flat. It's a conversion of a small house into 2 tiny flats that didn't involve separating the utilities, so the water and gas is included in the rent. The electricity is in the landlords name, with each flat having a coin operated electricity meter. It's an ancient pound coin operated meter and at the start of the tenancy it was set to take 18p per unit of electricity. Later during the tenancy a coin got stuck and when he came to repair it he bumped the price up to what looks like 21.5p per unit. Adding up w
  13. Talk Talk have recently introduced a prompt payment discount which is much appreciated and worth while. However this Month when they have also introduced a line rental increase they have not applied this discount. It is their practise to e-mail customers who have opted for on line billing before the date in which money is taken out of their accounts by direct debit. In my case it is the 23rd of each month that I am emailed and provided I pay within 24 hours by card I would receive there prompt payment discount. This month no-such e-mail arrived but on checking
  14. Hiya all i have been having problems with vodafone !they say i have got to pay. my bill by direct debit and if i dont they are going to charge me £3.00 ? I have been with then about twenty years and i have always paid by card on the exact day the bill id due .my bills have always been wrong ( overcharged) so i rsng them up every month with out fail and they agreed to let me pay by card ! They should give me twenty eight days notice saying they wsnt payment by direct debit ? They did not .i foned up last month and spoke to an adviser who said he woild not charge me the fee for not paying by dd
  15. Hi can someone help Back in 2006 i started an agreement on car finance with Welcome finance, the account was paid for about 18 months and then i came in too some financial difficulty and missed a payment, at this point i asked the representative in the office too look at reducing my payments too help, the guy i spoke to rang me back a couple hours later and advised yes i have done this would just extend it over a couple more years and to go to the office to sign the document to allow him to do this. Upon getting top the office i was given a document and just advised to sign here to reduce p
  16. Here he is Errol Damelin, Wonga's founder, is remarkably unperturbed by the critics.
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