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Found 12 results

  1. hello, hoping someone can help and point me in the right direction. In hindsight I wish i had done some reaesrch beforehand and found this site 10 years ago as now i wouldnt be in the mess that i am in so in 2008 i was in desperate need of funds. I approached a broker who introduced me to lancashire mortgages. initially i went for a bog standard mortgage but due to my circumstances and being self employed it was turned down at the initial stages. they did however offer me a secured loan. i should have seen it then that it was a trap. i took out a secured loan in augu
  2. Please is there anyone out there that has taken the NHS partnership mortgage with Nationwide. Who has either taken them to court and won or lost their case. Would be great to connect with someone who has been dealing with them regarding the equity share as we are at the moment . thanks 123fat
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can offer a little help and advice. I wish to serve a SAR on the bank that previously held my mortgages (I had two linked to the same property, due to undergoing a - relatively amicable - divorce and being obliged to buy my spouse's interest in the house - who had no desire for the property...just the cash). I've lost all of the documentation, pertaining to said mortgages. I would like copies of the original offer and subsequent agreement along with all terms and conditions (including those if/as and when they may have been amended). Additi
  4. Hi. I seem to be having trouble with the above company with regard to interest rate, increasing monthly payments and charging £50 per month for being in arrears without an agreement. Is there anyone who has had or still has a loan from kensington secured on there house. If so can anyone tell me what the svr was on their loan in March of this year. Also does anyone know whether one can obtain a written statement of kensingtons svr for the last 5 years? Has anyone had their mortgage payment increased even though there was no increase in the interest rate? Has anyone suc
  5. Hi all, Long story short, applied for a mortgage with Halifax and Natwest, but due to a default thought it would be impossible. Halifax turned us down point blank due to late payments and the default and with the new rules for mortgages credit went from A+ or something to a C+. Anyway Natwest have accepted us and arranged for a survey to be done. Which is getting done next Friday. Which is great. What happens after this? Is there anything that could be done so they decline it? Just after best and worse case scenario really Thanks all
  6. Hi Guys, I need your help please! My girlfriend and I are looking to buy our first house together and for this we need a mortgage. I have previously had a poor credit history With working on this for a few years I have now managed to get all my defaulted accounts and bad accounts removed, there is still one account which has had 1 late payment but this is 8 months ago and has been kept up to date since. i pay my credit card in full every month. I have also had car finance for over a year now which is all clean and no payments missed or late and alwa
  7. Hi, I hope that someone out there might have some helpful information for me. In the late 2000's I managed to get myself into a considerable amount of debt and ended up having my house repossessed. As some of you will identify with this was an extremely stressful time and put a large strain on my marriage. My house was repossessed in 2009 and was , I believe sold at auction. I have never been able to establish how much it sold for. In no small part because we 'upped sticks' and left and I never informed Natwest who I had my mortgage with of my new address (frightened, worried , head in the s
  8. Getting a mortgage and have been advised by the bank that Life Insurance is compulsory. Was quoted £45 a month and when I said that I would shop around was told that it wasn't worth it as I would have to get Lawyers involved to sign over the policy to the bank. A quote through Aviva is £11 a month. Are the bank right in this? How much will it cost for a Lawyer to sign over a policy saying that I will save over £300 a year.
  9. Just found this whilst browsing the web Mortgages - Legal Mortgage Deed Related information Challenging unfair terms in financial contracts Reporting unfair contract terms Changes made to contract terms See how to protect your finances Related links Consumer Direct Complaints about personal loans, hire purchase, credit cards and other credit products Financial Ombudsman Service The independent service for resolving disputes between consumers and financial firms London Scottish Mortgages We reviewed two terms in this contract. Term
  10. Hi just curious if anyone has had one,good companies.. is it really a good idea
  11. Hi, I have a 'Mortgage Promise' from Halifax subject to survey, and have been trying to orgainse the deposit (they want 25%). I was owed some money which I am getting back and some which will be gifted to me and some which will be lent to me (from a family friend) to make the required deposit. Some of the money owed to me has already been returned but its cash. I am not sure whether to ask the person to make a cheque and take the cash back, just in case the bank starts asking questions about where the cash came from ? if its a cheque they can see where it has come from
  12. I have downloaded a subject access request letter.Could someone tell me where to send it,do I send it to the mortgage company. Thank You:???::???:
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