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  1. Please is there anyone out there that has taken the NHS partnership mortgage with Nationwide. Who has either taken them to court and won or lost their case. Would be great to connect with someone who has been dealing with them regarding the equity share as we are at the moment . thanks 123fat
  2. Back in 2016 we commissioned a builder to undertake extensive renovation works in our house. He originally was a limited company but this company was dissolved in June 2016. He then started work for us as a partnership. His father has been involved with our job in that he came to our house a couple of times and the kitchen supplied was in the fathers name and address on the invoice. To cut a long story short, the building works went on far longer than they should and weren't completed until we sacked them. We asked for a partial refund and this was refused.
  3. It is the summer of 2015, August to be precise. My wife and I have just ordered a top of the range Schreiber kitchen - £24,000 worth of all singing and dancing fittings from Homebase ( now Bunnings UK ) It was going to be a large contract and we were going to be out of the country whilst the work took place, hence we gratefully accepted Homebase`s offer to project manage the delivery of goods and installation. While we had the cash to pay for the whole thing upfront, we deliberately opted for the 12 month deferred interest free loan arrangement as this would enable us to "sign off" the w
  4. Hello i wonder if you can help me pls have received a pay within 7 day letter from Thomas Higgins partnership solicitors however i am of the understanding i don't owe them the debt they say i do its from a local firm of plumbers for the sum of 81.53+ vat total = 97.84. In Dec 2015 i moved house and decided to get Monthly Boiler cover from Npower they said i needed my boiler to be serviced in order for them to cover me the Local Firm was then employed By NPower and they came in to service the Boiler in Jan - this was done with an all
  5. Hi Folks We share a car park with another business that doesn't open every day but when they do, their visitors use our spaces as well as their own. We normally park in the adjacent car park where there are always spare spaces then when some our guys go out on the road, we move into our own spaces. I parked in one of the spare spaces at 8.55am and then went down around 10.30am to move it and someone had ticketed me. Copy of both sides of the ticket are attached. The signs around the car park all refer to a "Master Sign" at the entrance which is a quarter of a mile away, obscured by
  6. This week, Glasgow councillors are expected to agree to a new partnership with Glasgow Credit Union. The two year pilot Partnership Mortgage Guarantee Scheme will provide house hunters who can afford to pay a mortgage but cannot raise the necessary deposit. At present, lenders are demanding deposits of between 5% and 25%, which for many people on low incomes is impossible to raise. Glasgow Credit Union will allocate up to £4million in mortgage funding over the period. The council will act as a guarantor for the loan over a maximum five year period, up to a maximum of 20% of
  7. My wife has received a ticket from Car Parking Partnership while parking at Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield she has a staff permit paid for by her to park there but there was no parking available that day and she parked in a non marked parking. They gave her a ticket for "Parked as to cause obstruction or inconvenience to others". Unfortunately we have waited a little to long to address this, but hopefully we are still in a window to receive some great advice from you all. If we need to appeal or what ever. The date on the ticket i
  8. Hello, I wonder if anyone has been in a similar situation to myself. In April 2012 I started up a business with a friend. As he had traded as a sole trader before and experience of HMRC he became the nominated partner to do the business tax returns. Just as the 2012/13 tax return deadline date approached, he advised me that he wanted to stop trading and we agreed to wind up the business. During 2013 I had been assured that he had dealt with the 2012/13 tax returns, but that there was some problem with getting the right software and by May 2014 it was clear this had not been done. As he has all
  9. I received a letter advising I owe an outstanding debt on my gym membership of £19.50 which I cancelled around 14 months ago. Is it likely they will issue proceedings or should I dispute based on the sum... Thanks, Rick
  10. Hi, I have just googled TTHP and come across this site, so I hope someone can give me some advice. This morning I received a letter from THP regarding my late mothers nursing home fees. They say I have to pay £303.25 or proceedings will commence for the principle sum and court costs without further notice to me. I did get an invoice from the nursing home a couple weeks ago, which I did ignore because my mother died almost 14 months ago. Am I responsible for my late mothers dept.? My mother did not even have enough money in her pension account to cover the cost of her funeral. I have not
  11. My cleaners are a Romanian couple. They asked me to help re late filing penalties they have been charged for their business tax return for the year ended April 13. They use a tax advisor who seems to talk a good game - he is also Romanian and goes on about how he wants to help downtrodden Romanians. But I sense he is not that reliable, as it seems my cleaners have been fobbed off by him when they have queried why they are getting chased for not filing their returns when they paid him to make the filings. When I bugged this advisor about this he did send me a summary sheet showing
  12. I really dont know where to start here but i will try and explain as best i can. The main reason for the post is to find out if the repossession is legal which is only the tip of the iceberg here. A financial adviser is contacted to source funding for a small residential development. The adviser contacts a company who happen to be a broker. The broker sources funding from a lender and charges £1,000 app fee. The application is made to LENDER which was successful, no issues. The name of the company at the top of the facility Letter is lets say "The Lender" There is no address or contact
  13. A friend of mine is currently a partner in a business where the relationship between the partners has broken down and my friend wants to know if they can set up a replacement / competing business or do they have to wait until the partnership has been dissolved (it is unlikely to trade without him). I think there are assets but no written partnership agreement. Can anyone help or give their thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi guys, I made a claim under the new pilot scheme Universal Credit in January 2014. In March I setup a Google Adsense account and linked the account to my Youtube channel, I received a one time payment as I met the $100 threshold on my very first attempt. This has since been put on hold until I sort out proof of address. I then deactivated my Google Adsense account at the end of March as I decided to switch to a Youtube Partnership, I have not received a payment for this yet. Would anybody be able to tell me what I must do with the Universal Credit Benefit and the HMRC? The network
  15. Hi Caggers Could you assist me with a problem. Yesterday I received a letter from the above company demanding I pay in full £164.00 within 7 days other wise I will commence legal proceedings for the principal sum,, and court costs. Will they take me small claims court i.e I have to physically attend? I have approached the company I owe to pay via instalments but they have refused. I am unable to walk at present due to compressed nerve in lower back so attending court would be out of the question. Any help appreciated. Thank you. I can't post the li
  16. Hello not really too sure where to post this one. I run a business (retail) and I recently opened a new shop, I am still classed as sole trader (thinking I need to go LTD soon though?). My shop was a big move and there is a lot of financial pressure on me right now and a lot of people wanting money from me. Suppliers and trade merchants. One of the trade merchants who put the shop sign up have sent a £145 balance onto Thomas Higgs Partnershop and the usual 7 day B.S that they give with it. Is this anything to be worried about? I have had letters like this before
  17. I just signed up some forms down the job centre the other day to start on this scheme for starting up my own business. Runs for three months and you get assistance from these guys, meanwhile your JSA is still paid. http://www.access-partnership.co.uk/ Initially I asked about going onto working tax credits and they referred me to this place, who I met with. They then told me I couldn't join up for another few weeks because i recently finished working, then they pulled out this list of postcodes- The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Turned out that because I was on it I could th
  18. Hi guys got my redundancy letter it says Redundancy Pay _______________ made you redundant on 16 July 2013 You were 26 and had 2 years service and therefore you are entitled to 2 weeks redundancy payment. I have actually been working for the company for around 3.5 yrs. in the 1st year and half it were a partnership. In the latter 2 years it was ltd. Does this mean i cant claim for the 1st year i were there? Or will it be a over site of the redundancy apartment and should ask for them to look into it? any help would be appreciated. many thanks
  19. Hi all I am new on here. Please be gentle with me. I have posted on other sites seeking advice. In a desperate situation and in desperate need of some advice. My mind is everywhere at the moment but will try to explained fully my problems. Just recently closed down our business. Ceased trading after nearly 16 years . Its a partnership or rather was a partnership and that is the main problem to my problems. Really did not expected it but the day we ceased trading my partner basically walked away and wanted nothing to do with the business.......leaving me to deal with a real mess of ev
  20. Hi, I've been receiving letters from Car Parking Partnership for a few months asking for payment of £80 for my vehicle being parked in a university staff car park. I was told by many people that private companies don't have a lot of power and it's often best to ignore their threats. Today I received a letter from Industrial Credit asking for £96 within 7 days and failure to do so will result in immediate issue of legal procedings. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on what to do in this situation. Thanks.
  21. A friend of mine goes to university, when he arrived on site he tried to purchase a parking ticket from the machine located nearthe entrance, it refused his money, there was also an error message stating thatit was "not in use". Apparently he was not alone, there were 5 other people trying to get tickets who were also refused. Is it right that a ticket can be issued even thought the machine was not working, apparently there are no other ticket machines in this car park either. Help for my friend would be really appreciated. Should he ignore it or not......
  22. Bit of background - we are having a bit of a dispute with the cleaning company who used to do a weekly clean at our house. We decided to let the company go, due to various issues, not least of which was the fact that, for the third time in the 3 or so years in which they've been cleaning for us, our macerator unti toilet became blocked with what turned out to be some kind of wet wipe/cleaning wipe. On the two previous occasions that this happened, we shelled out for a plumber to unblock the unit (the first time) and then replace the unit (the second time, the blockage caus
  23. I have a bit of a conundrum with regards to a missing PCN and NTO, plus their website showing the wrong car. I will give you the run down, please be patient I have a motability car and I have a designated driver to ferry me about when Im not well enough to drive it myself, They take the car home which they are allowed to do with in a few certain radius which is ok. This particular driver lives in a permit zone, so he calls up Parking Partners and lets them know, they tell him that its fine to use his own permit and that they will inform the local Traffic enforcement team that t
  24. I hope I have posted this in the right place. I am involved with a partnership which owns a couple of houses on a buy to let basis and one of the partners has died. We are concerned that his estate could take over a year to sort out (it seems very complex) and have tried to contact his solicitor who seems to be pretty ineffective (and that's being polite) but got nowhere - he may even have frozen the partnership bank account. Before we contact our own solicitor are there any pragmatic steps we can take to protect our tenants (as students its getting close to lease end) and m
  25. I completed the tax returns for my partner and myself online last year IN January using tax software recommended by HMRC, a while later I was notified that the partnership return hadn't been received and we were charged penalties, I then wrote to them and stated the date and time they were sent but still sent more penalties I then spoke to someone from HMRC who said re-send elctronically which I tried to but the software doesn't work after Jan 31, I was then told to send a paper copy which I did, by this time it was June and the penalties had escalated, I then sent in another
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