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  1. Hi, I have a 'Mortgage Promise' from Halifax subject to survey, and have been trying to orgainse the deposit (they want 25%). I was owed some money which I am getting back and some which will be gifted to me and some which will be lent to me (from a family friend) to make the required deposit. Some of the money owed to me has already been returned but its cash. I am not sure whether to ask the person to make a cheque and take the cash back, just in case the bank starts asking questions about where the cash came from ? if its a cheque they can see where it has come from
  2. hello again, a little update so far, I spoke to the accountant and they simply stated figures will need to be provided to the Tax Compliance team over the periods they have requested, this was confirmed and supplied to the Tax Compliance team. A few weeks later, I received a response back from the Tax Compliance Team & they are now requesting - actual amounts received for those periods - employers reference - bank statements for those periods and they also state 'director will typically receive benefits in kind' .... I am not sure if thier is some
  3. Thanks very much Gbarbm you have been very helpful !
  4. ok I see what your saying, I spoke to the accoutant earlier as they are more in tune with this, so have got a appointment with them and will go through this. all the expense side of things are all backed up with the paper work, so if this is all this is about then it should be fine...I just hope they havent changed a rule and they are trying to catch me out on it. thanks for your feedback guys. :-0)
  5. Hi, thanks for taking time to respond. ok - but i have submitted all accounts for the business...and they would have access or able to obtain this information? or not? (i.e they already aware of the account information about the company, but want me to confirm it to them directly?)
  6. hi, thanks for your response so what would this mean for me then ? in laymans terms pls ? Thanks
  7. thanks for the supportive feedback guys. here are one of the lines on the letter 'we are undertaking review of your income tax position because you are currently director of 2 business's and according to record you ceased employment in x year. so therefore to update my records and ensure they are accurate pls confirm source of income since that date'. i understand this really, i have updated them already, so not sure why they are doing this, and wonder if they are trying to catch me out, even though thier is nothing to catch. just annoying cos naturally you begin to get wo
  8. hi, i have recevied a letter from hmrc stating they are reviewing my 'income tax position' and wish to do a 'compliance check' ('make sure customers are paying right amount of tax and receving right allowance & tax relief') as i am listed as director on 2 company's. the 1st company was already un the process of closing and the 2nd only opened a few months ago. all company accounts are upto date have been submitted & all tax payments to them have been paid. however the letter states they wish to update thier records and confirm source's of income for upto the last 3 or
  9. HI all, This still has not been resolved. I requested further recordings and letters from them, though they did state they never had all the recordings and corrspondence...I never heard from then for 5 mths, they have now sent me a warning letter informing me they will involve collection agency to collect pyament... I don't know what to do, I can't pay this 6k..I cud pay small amounts but even still I could not afford it. Can anyone recommend a solicitor to help ik this situation pls?
  10. Hi, I took out a secured loan in 12/2004 for £25,000 over a 300 month period, with the full intention of paying this well within that time period, and I was told this would be fine by Halifax. I have been making regular monthly payments ever since. I have just recevied the ANNUAL LOAN STATEMENT and am SHOCKED. Apparently, I still owe £22751.95. In the last 12 months alone, of the monthly payments I have been making, £65 each month has been towards intrest. The statmeant says 3.54% is variable intrest rate. I have so far paid over £15,000. Have I missed
  11. I wrote to them basically stating I was aware of this until their letter demaning payment for 180 quid. I also requested evidence. Their evidence has come in a form of a picture 'taken by the CEO; the vechicle was parked in a residents parking bay'. of a car, which is the same colour as mine, but the registration plate is not clear at all no matter how close you look at the picture. The letter is ended by 'if payment is not recevived within 14days from the date of this letter, the charge will be registered at the county court incurring a further charge of 5 quid. you will
  12. Is their any legal advisors who you have used in the past that you may be able to recommend? What are the costings of this ?
  13. I was hoping not to have to go to court...its very time consuming! but is going to court the only way possible now then?
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