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  1. NRAM sent a field agent out DMP. Who apparently has reported back to NRAM but I haven't heard anymore than that. NRAM have sent me all SAR info now. When the house was sold years ago that was all settled and it was just the unsecured loan which was still outstanding with them.
  2. Thank you I'm going to do this today. I know it's quite broad but what sort of mistakes could there be?
  3. Hi I've now received the paperwork. The paperwork shows agreement date of May 2007. Really not sure what to do now I haven't had any contact from them but I know it's coming. I really want to to go for a final settlement order. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hi just to update you I sent the subject access request to NRAM. Also a couple of days ago I received another letter from DMS, it was hand delivered and it said over the last few days I have visited your home twice and on both occasions have left a letter, which is a lie. It said if they don't hear from me within 24 hours I shall have no alternative but to assume that I don't want to discuss and he is returning a report to NRAM without my input. What sort of thing could he report on? The next day I also received a letter back from NRAM which said and I qu
  5. Thank you Unclebulgaria67, I will be positing the subject access request letter today to NRAM recorded delivery. I will also do as you suggested which is send a letter to NRAM informing them I am seeking financial / debt advice.
  6. This is the letter received. I hope it hasn't been passed on as they did say I had 60 days to respond. SKM_C364e17103009400.pdf
  7. Thank you. I believe it was July. But I will send a letter requesting this. Friday I received a letter from DMS. Informing me they have been instructed by NRAM limited to meet with me to discuss any problems I may have with the account. Is this usual practice As the letter from NRAM said I had 60days to respond before any action would be taken. It looks like they have already passed it on?
  8. I took this out in 2007, we also had a mortgage with them at the time. The house was sold a couple of years later and we were still left with paying the unsecured loan with a much higher rate of interest. I do have a credit card which has about £2000 but this is interest free so when chipping away at this its going down. What options should I look at?
  9. Hi Last year I separated from my husband, as a joint debt we had an unsecured loan of £30k from NRAM which we had for years, my ex then decided to go bankrupt leaving me liable for the loan. I paid my half of the monthly amount due for a few months and then just couldn't continue to pay anymore. I wrote to them in December 2016 offering them a full and final settlement figure, which they ignored (this was quite low). The first time I have heard from them since me contacting them in December 2016 was last month they wrote to me to say I still owe £28k. (even tho
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