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  1. My daughter has a historical council tax debt, which according to the bailiff Grencar is currently standing at around £3500, however that figure includes their various fees. I only became aware of this problem when my daughter broke down in tears about 18 months ago, having got her finances into a dreadful mess and was threatened with eviction by her landlord. she had various debts at the time which we have managed to sort out, however the council tax debt with Grencar continues to haunt her. They had been demanding payments of no less than £200 and whenever they put the frighteners on her she found a way to pay them £200, but unfortunately this meant she couldn't pay other debts - it was a vicious circle. While she was living in temporary accommodation with her young daughter following her eviction, with a family friend, she managed to shake them off, but now that she is back renting again they have found her. Last December they finally agreed to accept £80 per month as a 'temporary' arrangement, but she has managed to keep paying it since then every month and she had hoped they would let the arrangement run on. Unfortunately a few payments were late in Grencar's eyes (just a few days), although she did actually make a payment every month, but they've used this as an excuse to come knocking at the door again, at 6.45am last week. They issued her with a letter stating that they would be back 2 days later to remove goods - we do know never to let them in. We immediately emailed them apologising and asking if the £80 per month could continue, even though it was difficult for her, and asked for a copy of her account with them. They have now replied saying they've put her account on hold until 1st October, and they want to do a new review of her incomings and outgoings, see 3 months payslips and 3 months bank statements. Can they demand to see these things? We don't feel comfortable showing them her bank statements. I have been looking on your site at similar threads, and some people seem to have had council tax debts referred back to the council, and refused to deal with the bailiff. Is this something we should consider trying to do? I just feel that she's never going to pay this off if they keep adding fees anytime they feel like it. The figure never seems to go down much! I'd be grateful for any help and suggestions, thank you.
  2. Hey there guys..... I hope im posting in the right place and that maybe somebody can help me, im kinda going out my mind now. I wont bore you with a full history but i will sumarize briefly, January 2017 my wife and I where taken to court for non payment of council tax, we was given a liability order and it was passed on to rundles enforcement agency for collection of payment. We made a payment agreement with them but due to being made homeless and a situation beyond out control we never kept up with the payment. In November 2017 rundles made contact again by sending us a "PRIOR NOTICE OF INTENDED PROCEEDINGS" letter, we made contact and agreed to a weekly payment plan, we made the first 3 weeks payments. On December 18th we called them and asked if we could defer payment for 2 weeks as i was receiving no wages and start payment again on the 4th January, they told us we couldn't and it was tough luck. Unfortunately we couldn't make the 2 payments like we told them but did do as we promised and made a payment last Thursday 4th january. The day after my wife and I received a text from rundles asking us to contact their agent urgently and provided us with a mobile number for him, we called immediately he advised he was on annual leave until today (8th January) and to call back then. We also contacted rundles head office but they would not talk to us as it had been passed to an agent and said we would need to call him monday. We called the agent he has said that unless we pay the full £426 by tomorrow (9th January) 12:00 he will have to come round and seize goods, i advised him we dont have that money upfront but can reinstate the original weekly payment he said no, we told him that due to being in temporary emergency accommodation we don't have any of our own goods in the property that he could take. He has said that if he cant get in or seize goods then we will be getting a commital referral tomorrow, something like that, he is using a lot of big confusing words and i dont know what to think. Can anyone advise what my next steps should be how to handle tomorrow, is it possible my wife and I could be arrested tomorrow or is he trying to scare us? If i contact my local council tomorrow is there anyway i could get them to stop this and take back debt? Any advice at all would be great guys.
  3. Hello, I hope somebody is able to point me in the right direction here. I've read some of the stickies but still a bit confused. I have a small flat in Canterbury that I have been desperately trying to sell for a while as it has a bridging loan against it and is too small for me and family to live in. The flat has now been repossessed by the lender. The flat has built up a certain amount of council tax debt for the current and previous years - I don't know exactly how long, I've paid some when I've had the money but most of the time I haven't had the money, and have been so stressed with unemployment and redundancy that I haven't always kept to payment agreements. The total debt is around £2800 plus bailiff fees. I have given more detail on the flat purchase etc on the forum for legal help and then moved it to help with landlord/freeholder problems. Anyway, the council chased me for payment in the summer and sent me a bill for 150% council tax for this year as the flat was empty which takes it up to around £150 a month give or take. I appealed this over the phone and nothing happened. They chased and threatened to pass to bailiff company. I wrote to them a very detailed email etc giving all details of income and expenditure and information about how I had been trying to sell the flat forever, but somehow I managed to send it to an incorrect email address. I thought I had sorted it later when I got a letter saying Rundles were now enforcing the debt and I contacted the council again explaining the error. They rejected by appeal about the 150% and said i was to contact them about payment. I don't think I contacted them quickly enough as I received another letter saying Rundles would get the debt (this was from Rundles). I then contacted the council - in floods of tears as I just cannot cope with this anymore. There is so much sh*t going on in my life with personal stuff and work and I think I'm about to lose my job. I am at the point of giving up now. I've got to this point before but keep going for the sake of my family. But I just want to pack a bag and walk off into the sunset. Anyway, the result of this last phone call on 13 Nov was that they council said they would accept £50 a month from me until the flat was sold. I was happy with this outcome and was to make the first payment on 26 Nov when I got paid. I did this. They were to send me a direct debit mandate but I haven't received it. On 3 Dec a bailiff from Rundles knocked on my door - a Mr xxxx. He was horrible! genuinely horrible! He won't listen to anything I have said and said I didn't have any arrangement with the council as the debt was with them etc. He said he would be back to take goods. I live in a four bed rented house. The tenancy agreement is in my name and my daughter's name. She has two babies. We rent out a spare bedroom to friends. I have only one room in the house that has my stuff in it. I have nothing. Absolutely nothing that is of any value. I was looking around the other day and I swear I cannot lay my hands on anything of value to pay this debt. It concerns me that the bailiff will try and take goods belonging to other people. All the furniture, TV, etc belongs to my daughter and which she has collected over the last ten years. There is nothing new and flashy in the house. I spoke to the council after this guy's visit and it turns out that the guy who made the agreement for £50 a month with me had got it wrong and should not have done this plus they were using a new system which had only just been installed a week or so and the agreement was not on there although all the notes of the conversation were. The second guy i spoke to said I should write to the council and appeal, and make a promise that the debt would be paid by end March. On the basis the flat will be sold by then, and also on the basis I will get something from the sale. This bailiff will be back today probably. I don't know what to do. I am at my wit's end and in heart attack territory now. I am so sick of all this, and getting chest pains, can't stop crying. I am going to lose my job as well so will probably get evicted. Life is so awful. Any advice please.
  4. Good afternoon everyone, Currently I have Rundles bailiffs harrassing me for payment of a fine from a council. The offence was a Bus lane violation. To try and be concise, I owned a car and it broke down and wouldn't run correctly. I took it off the road and did not repair it. The tax ran out so I declared it SORN. The insurance then finished on02/09/2014 I sold the car off the driveway to a chap on 30/06/2015 I was concerned that he was driving it away(albeit slowly) without tax etc... and warned him it was his risk and gave him a receipt for the sale. Witnesses were there to see me sell him the car. On 11/10/2015 he, or whoever had the car committed a bus lane violation in the next council area. I had moved houses in the meantime and did not get any letters from the council alerting me. I posted off the V5 as demanded, but perhaps he hadn't sent off his part? Fortunately I had scanned the V5 document before sending it off! It appears the car was still registered to me at the time of the offence, despite me sending off the V5. Rundles bailiffs have been chasing. I found the scan of the V5 and sent it to them, they have demanded other "proof" Today I have had a long but ultimately successful phonecall to my insurers at the time, adn they have confirmed that the insurance ceased in September 2014 "Cessation of insurance" is one of the "Proofs" Rundles seem to require. My insurance company have just sent me a PDF electronically of the cessation of insurance, and confirmation of my no-claims at that point. Should I send this on to Rundles? I have already sent them the scan. They have also asked for "proof" I sold the car saying the V5 isn't good enough. I have searched for the simple receipt of sale I wrote out 2 copies of, one for me and one for the buyer, but have not yet found it. I don't keep everything! I do have witnesses to the sale though, who clearly remember the car being sold. How far do I have to go to jump through Rundles hoops? I appreciate they are a business, and have a job to do, and that an offence was committed, but I don't like their bully-boy approach. Any suggestions as to how I should proceed? Many thanks in advance, this forum has always been exceedingly helpful!
  5. Hi I have received a letter today from Rundels enforcement agents, on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, for a claimed debt of £1,600. The only money I can remember possibly owing was for rent, but not for that much, in 2005. Is a rent debt of this age enforceable or is it statute bared? Who do I write to to tell them I don't owe it? Many thanks
  6. I owe nothing to anyone have been receiving post for months for my daughter who I rarely see . I've sent them all back with not at this address today have returned from hospital to find a threatening letter with magistrates stamp on huge red letters all over it demanding £1544 of debt for parking fines which I know nothing of and she hasn't lived here for years . I contacted the mobile phone number on it and he refused to listen. When my neighbour took over to explain as I suffer with severe ptsd he was truly aggressive and hung up the phone . I'm sat in my own home absolutely terrified and want to just end it . I feel so intimidated . It was hand posted so I know they will be back . He made that plain . What can I do ?
  7. Hi All, In Sept me and my partner split up and I applied for housing and council tax benefit, this then gets a bit confusing, buy they agreed I was entitled going forwards in jan for benefits, but they were not going to back date, I then appealed and they agreed I was entitled to the back date but not what I had from Jan up to agreeing the back date. the council tax benefit didnt actually get sent across till the 11th of March, and even then it was only 124 pounds. I didn't hear further until on Saturday when a Rundles bailiff turns up at the door. I asked what the debt was for as this years (16-17) I paid in full to get rid of it all. He couldn't tell me what the debt is for, he said it is probably council tax - those were his exact words, i said I would be back I need to make a call, and I shut the door and locked it. He could hear me on the phone, and next thing he shoves a bit a letter through and off he goes. Turns out I have discovered today there was still a debt of 375 for Jan - April, and the extra money the bailiff wants is their charge, taking it to 682.00. I expressly asked him was it with charges and he said no. I think he had one of those cameras as well so there should be evidence of this conversation. I have asked the council to take the debt back and I will pay the 375, and they have refused, My local MP is already on the case regarding my housing benefit issues, and I have jsut re-contacted them regarding this problem as well. They also asked if I had cars on the driveway, I did have mine and my brothers as he was visiting, and they are both financed. The problems I have had have been going on since September, and are still not resolved. Is there anything I can do, I figure If i call up the auto mated line and pay 376 then ive paid it and dont owe anything. .. will this work?
  8. I received an "Attendance Notice" yesterday and finally got through to the bailiff this morning. He declined my offer of 4 monthly payments as my previous arrangement had been broken and required full payment or he would have to seize goods/cars. I explained that I suffered from angina and had several recent attacks and I was self employed but he said that was no excuse as he had never complained when he was suffering with cancer. I have to call him again later and don't know what to do, I do not have the money to pay him.
  9. Hello, I'd be really grateful for any advice please. I've been told today that we've been referred to Rundles re the arrears on our council tax. I am at home with a housebound disabled son who also suffers from severe anxiety- so my question is will the bailiffs visit me first or do they write to me? I don't think I can take it if they visit. We don't even have friends here at the moment because of son's illness. Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  10. hi i have 4 unpaid council tax bills from when times were hard i am now in a position to pay all off but wigan council say they wont accept payment i have to deal with rundles can they refuse my payments and make me deal with bailiffs as they have added around £1000 in charges even though they have only ever posted 1 letter and never even knocked on the door he crept up and posted letter thanks in advance Dave and Mandy
  11. Hi all. 3 weeks ago Rundles sent me a "notice of enforcement". They said I owed council tax from 2010/11. We had been under the impression our landlord was paying it, which was incorrect. I cannot find a copy of my tenancy from this date to prove this, however, so accept I must pay it. However, this is the first contact I have had in 5 years. Rundles refuse to provide me with a copy of the liability order or any relevant documents showing what we owe etc. Rather than provide a copy they have just proceeded to threaten a removal of goods , "with or without" us present. Am I right in thinking I have a right to proof of the debt etc. from them? Also, had we been aware the LL wasn't paying, we would have applied for council tax benefit for which we would have been entitled. Is there anything we can do about this now? Thanks in advance for all help
  12. A couple of months ago I received a letter from Rundles with regard to an outstanding Council Tax account. I made a small payment online to Rundles as it was all I could afford at the time, then heard nothing. Yesterday upon checking my post box I found another letter from them saying it was "hand delivered today" but with no specific date and as I hadn't emptied my post box for a few days I don't know exactly what date it was delivered. I have a few queries with the letter: "Your debt remains outstanding despite previous applications for payment" - as stated above, I have received one letter from this company and the payment I made has never been acknowledged. "I called today with transportation to remove your goods. I shall be calling back within the next 2 working days, with the Police in attendance if necessary, to complete my task. This action will be taken without further notice." - as mentioned before, I do not know what day this letter was delivered and it has no date on so how can I judge the "next 2 working days" part? Also, as I understand from other posts on this forum, no goods can be removed until they have been levied and that has not happened - am I correct in this? "Removal Bailiff in Charge: Mr xxxx" - I have looked up this name on the official register and there is a bailiff registered to Rundles with almost the same name, but one letter different (a similar example would be the surname on the letter being Todd, the name on the site being Tod), is this significant? Also, this particular bailiff's license is due to expire in the next 2 weeks. Finally - there are no monetary figures on this letter, the only specific reference to the debt being the name of the council at the top, the whole thing seems very vague. Any help or advice greatly appreciated, in the meantime I will keep all my windows and doors locked, will not answer the door to anyone I do not know and have cleared all items of any value from the garden. Thanks in advance
  13. Hopefully someone can advise me on the best course of action.. I recieved a letter today owing for Council tax for the some of £452.45 Also the fees as stated are Levy Fee £39.00 Attendance to attempt levy to distress £42.50 Attendance removal £120 So all in all I owe £654.15. It states on the letter that the debt is outstanding despite previous attempts for application of payment? Are they referring to them or the council? I called today with transportation to remove your goods. I shall be calling back in the next 2 working days with the police in attendance if necessary to compete my task. Can they do that? With the letter was a sepearate sheet with my partners car included as part of the goods.My partner is 8 months pregnant. Im going to pay what I can tommorow. Do I pay them or the council? Many thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I feel into arrears with my council tax bill and as such the council applied for a liability order and passed the debt for collection to Rundles. Having read the advice not to deal with the Bailiffis I cleared my account direct with the council. I requested my outstanding balance and paid this amount in full. On requesting a statement I noticed that as well as paying off the debt i'd paid off this years account in full + over £200 in fees to Rundles. Currently the council is holding this money on my account waiting for Rundles to invoice it to them at which point they will pay it. The fees are as following; £24.50 Visit Fee - January 2013 £18 Visit fee - February 2013 £28 Levy Fee March 2013 £150 Attendance / Van March 2013 (Same date as the Levy fee). I am also being charged a visit fee for a different liability order, this visit was on the same date as the February visit and has been billed a further £24.50. So having had zero contact with Rundles I am being billed £245 for their non existent services. Rundles have never knocked at my door and have never arrived with a van. I live in a maisonette so there is nothing outside of my property to levy. Having discussed this with the council they don't give a fudge, they believe Rundles wouldn't lie and they will not entertain a dispute. My first step has been to report this to the Police who have given me a crime reference number but where do I go next?
  15. Crawley Borough Council allowed Rundles to charge £110 for waiting while debtor drew money from bank just after incurring a £500 late payment fee. "Bailiff charged me £110 for making him wait an hour" " Crawley Borough Council has said it believes the charge was "appropriate".
  16. I currently have 2 liability orders for medway council for 2 previous years council tax 2011/12 and 2012/13. On both I was granted payment plans which I admit I didn't always stick to but I did make payments up until December 2012. On Monday after returning from taking my child to school I found a hand delivered letter from rundles stating that they had called and would be returning within 2 working days with transportation to remove my goods and the police etc. I was paying the council 50.00 per month on the payment plan and so I text the number on the bailiff letter asking if I could continue paying the same but so far have had no response. Ive phoned debt line who gave me good advice about not letting them in etc but im living in fear Im worried they will keep coming round and demand the full amount which I don't have. I let things slide with my finances due to mental health problems and alcoholism and now after 18 months of continued recovery and sobriety I am now having to face up to some of the problems I ignored when I was ill. I really don't need any stress and I would like advice on what to do next - should I contact the council and ask to continue the repayment plan I originally had or do I contact the bailiff by phone although he hasn't answered my text. The amount of council tax is over £2,000 I am currently unemployed and receive no benefits as my partner works full time - any advice would be appreciated thanks
  17. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39690[/ATTACH] Hoping that you guys can help us here - I have a very good friend who iscurrently on Incapacity Benefit (although this is about to be changed to IncomeRelated Support Component of ESA - whatever that is). She a lovely lady,currently suffering with cancer, so she's in and out of hospital. It also means that she's absolutely on her uppers. She has been only just able to keep up with the rent and the bills,unfortunately her council tax hasn't been paid. She received a letter, from the council, saying that they were taking her tocourt for non payment of council tax. Judgement obviously went against her (itwas about this time that she was in hospital for another operation). The next thing that she heard was a letter from Rundles saying that the debthad been passed to them - and stating that she had to pay or they would comeand take goods to pay the debt. The day that she got the letter from Rundles, she phoned the council - theysaid that as it had already been passed to Rundles that they couldn't get itback and that they wouldn't discuss the issue - any discussion would need to bewith Rundles. She then contacted Rundles and agreed to pay £50 every two weeks (more thanshe could actually afford, really). The problem is that she went back into hospital around that time, and somissed the first payment - I dropped by her flat to pick up her post and takeit to her - and it was only then that we discovered the letter (see attached). I phoned the bailiff on her behalf, explained that she was in hospital atthe moment and so couldn't make the payment, but that she would be able tostart as soon as she got out. The bailiff was somewhat unhelpful, basicallysaying that unless the whole amount was paid within 48 hours, he would be roundto clear the flat. She's just got back out of hospital now, and is meant to be getting completerest - you can imagine what this is doing to her! Any advice would be appreciated!
  18. I today received two Attendance Notices from the above Bailiffs. These are not for me nor anyone at my address. I called the Bailiff to explain who then told me he didn't care and would be attending my premises with the Police to confirm what I had told him and only if he saw a Tenancy Agreement would he take it off his list. I tried to explain again that the people (or company in this case) were not here but I could provide details of where they are. He then asked me how I knew them, when I met them etc., When I told him he was not the Police and that I did not have to answer any of his questions he slammed the phone down. I then called his office and spoke to someone else who then put me through to him again. He continued to bully me on the phone saying he would be round and wasn't going to say when that was for me to find out!!! Can he get away with these tactics? All seems heavy handed to me!!!
  19. I have been paying Rundles £25 a week for this years council tax .I have paid regularly and on time. I make my payments online. Last week as I made the payment I noticed they held a second account for a smaller amount of unpaid council tax for last year. I knew we had an outstanding amount but wasn't aware it had gone to the bailiffs. I have since been expecting a letter from them asking for payment or a payment arrangement, instead I have just had a bailiff visit my house and leave an attendance notice saying he called to remove goods and will be calling back in within 48 hours with the police if necessary, and that he may seize and remove sufficient goods to clear the debt. T he amount is now £850 - i don't have that much. We struggle to pay the £25 a week but as it is council tax it has to be paid one way or another. at the bottom of the letter it says to avoid these distressing and costly actions please call the bailiff. - should i do this. ? I have my dad's car at the door, as he is seriously ill and I'm using it to ferry my mum around. I've also given up a lot of work to care for my parents - would a bailiff listen ? could he clamp the car or would he have to prove it was mine - it's not registered to me or to this address. I could do without this right now and would welcome some advice as to how i can face up to him when he comes back.
  20. Hi all i am hoping you can shed some light... History - Council tax owed on previous property where my ex and myself lived. However we split up whilst living at the address and she continued to live there. They have both our names on the debt accordingly. They have tracked her down to her new address. Due to personal reasons she could not pay and was not aware of her rights, paid £100 to rundles last November and a payment plan was put in place, at no time did they gain access or levy on goods. The payment plan was broken, she couldn't afford it.... She has a noted mental health issue on her health records and one of our sons is borderline autistic, again health records confirm this.. We recently wrote to rundles, after reading these forums, stating the above and her situation confirming she falls into the vunerable category and that he council have agreed to take a notary payment from her benefits, ( she is in council tax benefit/housing benefit) once the debt has been returned. The letter asked To date they have still to return the debt to the council. Today they have turned up, fortunately, I am there looking after kids, summer hols.. I answered door,( no access given to property at any time). i stated she had sent the letter, he denied all knowledge, i stated the council had requested the debt back, again he denied knowledge. After he was getting no where he informed me he would be back in 48 hours to collect goods, with a warrant. I closed the door. He then sat outside, in his car no doubt ringing whoever...I was able to access a copy of her previous letter,which i duly gave to him whilst he was sitting in his car. Where does my partner stand, she looks after our two children and is not petrified they are gonna return within 48 hours. Is there anything I can do or say that can put her mind at ease. Many thanks
  21. Hello I have just come home to find a letter on my Door Mat from Rundles. I have no idea who these people are or what this is for. It states in the latter that it is for Guildford Borough Council and it states they have tried to contact me before (No they haven't) and they will be returning in 48 hours to remove my goods. First of all, I have no idea what this debt is for, I lived in Guildford for 6 months while I worked there and I paid the landlord a fee including council tax so it is not that. Can the Bailiffs do this is I have no idea what this is for and any idea what I can do about this? Thanks Jody
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