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Found 14 results

  1. can bes take over a residential property electric supply as they only do commercial electricity I need to no as been miss sold a contract please help the last few days have been hell bes utilities phoned me saying they were acting on behalf of my hopefully soon to be landlord no lease signed I have ended up in a contract some how I have been bullied and feel forced into this contract really not sure wat to do as I don't have a lease yet or permission to change the electricity supplier still they say I cant get out of it they say they are going to take over the electric suppy on the 25th and there is nothing I can do they also said the supplier at the moment cant reject the take over apparently I have no choice but to go with them all I want to do is get out of this contract. also the address on the contract is a residential house helllllppppppp
  2. I have been invaded. This keeps interrupting my business in the Bear Garden. There is this Essex or somewhere in the south east smug little man who is telling me how to make millions in the next few months. A smug little varmit that needs sorting out if you ask me.He and his chums. All sorts of adverts pop up,some asking some rather interesting questions when you are viewing anything. Blocking your computer and seems to sneak in. Any tech minded ones who know or had dealings with these infiltrators before. And of course the easiest way to get rid of them for people with limited technical knowledge such as myself. Free if possible. I cannot see them on my programs.So struggling to wipe them out. Thanks. Tawnyowl.
  3. Cabot have been chasing me for a debt on a BOS credit card from 10 years ago. I've been ignoring the letters and they've now said my account has now been "reviewed for legal action". How should I respond to the letter?
  4. I have been at the same company since it started 3 years ago. I have been presented with around three contracts, all of which I refused to sign due to mistakes in the badly written contracts (out of date law references, conflicting information etc). I have heard that if you continue to work more than 30 days and receive regular payments, then you automatically accept the contract. How does this work for someone like me that has expressively and with reason rejected the contract?
  5. Hi, I have recently checked my credit file and I have got 3 defaults. One from Active securities Ltd for £270, date of default April 2013. Another one from Think Finance for £305 in April 2013 and another one from NatWest for £913 default date December 2013. A few years ago I had gambling problems (thankfully I got help and I no longer gamble) which led to me taking out payday loans. I paid some off but the first 2 defaults must be for 2 payday loans I never paid. The NatWest default was from a basic cash account I had with no overdraft feature, I had £900 in there, lost it on a betting site and when I checked my account, the money hadn't been taken or frozen I transferred it out obviously when money went to the betting site, it took me £900 overdrawn. I opened an account elsewhere and have never used NatWest since. I am in a better position now with a decent job and spare money each month I could afford to pay them all something each month but I was wondering if there was anyway I could have any of the defaults removed. I don't remember getting any of the default letters but to be honest I was hiding everything from my partner at the time so tended just to throw letters away without opening them. I have moved address nearly 2 years ago and never told any of them and I haven't received any correspondence from them at my new address. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Still having problems with work and trying to get my job back. Im still employed, currently on gardening leave pending reports on my knee from Occupational health. Im having major issues with the process. I've been off some time, my operations didn't go to plan,and had subsequent corrective surgery and steroid injections. I've finally been given the 'all clear' but occupational health have said Im not fit to do my old role. I have a letter from the surgeon stating he would put not restrictions on my return to work, I also have a 'fit to work' note from my GP. My work involves a lot of standing, but the occupational health person said I have to be sat most of my shift and cant pick up anything over 10kg. Its patently wrong, but as she has a medical qualification, they're going with her assessment. I've spoken to my union guy, who said 'Well, you've have had a good run on the sick, so you should be happy they haven't got rid of you before now' I feel as though things are slipping out of my grip, even though I've presented much information to contradict the Occy healths assessment, they gave me a 'figure' last week of what I'd receive if they did 'medically retire' me. Its a well paid job and its kind of hit me like a ton of bricks, to finally find out I'm well and my employer is offering exit packages. I had cancer prior to this and came back within three months of radio therapy so I'd not lose my job, now I feel like just giving up and crawling under a rock.
  7. Im currently being treated through the NHS for a meniscus repair . So far I've had 2 operations, steroid injections,gel injections and hours of physio. Luckily, I have a protected payments scheme through my employer which means, now the sick pay has ran out, I get a substance payment through the pension scheme. Im currently looking at a termination due to sick time off. I'm caught in a catch 22, the NHS wont sign me off till the knee stops swelling, my employer wont allow me back till I'm 100%. There's no other jobs to be had which can accommodate me and I will only be able to do my old role which is 12 hour shifts, stood all shift. Ive spoken with my Union and my rep said she deals wit this all the time, people lose their jobs through the NHS and long waiting lists. I'm just wondering if this is factually correct ,as I have a full time position, an exemplary sick record prior to this and through no fault of my own I'm looking at being on the dole with a dodgy knee. I feel panicked as I cannot plan for my future due to everyone else making decisions for me beyond my control. Is it just a case of 'tough' or am I being given bad information. No termination process h as begun, but my rep has stated 'they'll be looking to get rid of you ,if they haven't written you off already, due to your sick record' I feel completely helpless and broke
  8. In a bizarre twist today (because last week I illegally had my car repossed, the finance company, Welcome, didn't have a court order and I have paid well over a thord of the HP agreement), I got a letter from Bramber of Steyning who state that I owe MCE Portfolio Ltd. £6325.31, the originating client being British Credit Trust Ltd for a previous car I had (not the one from Welcome Finance) The £6k+ was the balance owing on a HP agreement some years ago after they repossessed the car and sold it at auction. However they did not obtain a court order (not to my knowledge anyway) and I had paid, by the skin on my teeth, JUST over the neccessary third (around £3000) that meant that they should have obtained that court order. I will be writing to tell them this how do I best report them? they have been phoning me every single day for the past few months and leaving messages on my home and mobile numbers, sometimes several times a day and the calls - which I refuse to answer - have become more and more frequent. That can't be legal surely? EDIT: Having had a quick look at my file Bramber have been on the case for over a year, and have rung me incessantly during this time. They must have made literally thousands of phone calls. I got a final demand from them as long ago as 6 May 2006, then they were apparently claiming the money for MIM Servicing LLC but still quoted the originator as British Credit trust. Other debt collection agencies that this has been through are Central Finance Ltd and Marlin
  9. In February this year, I called several Double Glazing companies, one of them being Safestyle Windows, to give me a quote for, you guessed it, new windows on the front of my house. Safestyle confirmed an appointment with me for the following weekend, saying that they would call 30 minutes before the appointment to make sure I hadn't changed my mind - a little strange I thought, seeing as when I make an appointment I always keep it. Anyway, the following weekend came and I received a phonecall from Safestyle in Coventry to check that I still wanted to keep my appointment to which I said yes. Ten minutes later, another phonecall, this time from Safestyle Birmingham, so I said yes I still want to keep my appointment and hadn't changed my mind in the last ten minutes and told them that I had already spoken to their Coventry office, to which they replied that I must be mistaken and they needed to check it out. About an hour later, I received another phone call saying sorry about the mix up, but unfortunately I had missed my slot and would I like to reschedule the following weekend, to which I said yes. The following weekend exactly the same happened again, but they did try and arrange an appointment for the following day this time. However, the next day I received a phone call saying that it wasn't possible to make it and can we now arrange an appointment the following weekend. Finally, fourth time lucky and someone eventually made it to my door. So after an initial quote of £5818 (remember I've now had time for all the other companies that I invited to quote to provide me with a quote) a phone call back to base and the quote is reduced immediately to £3800. Now I don't like these sort of tactics - why not quote me the £3800 in the first instance? Secondly the 'salesman' certainly took liberties with the truth during his presentation which I'm not sure he fully understood anyway. Part of my job (as a test engineer) involves material selection, so I know a little about grades of steel and one of the Safestyle salesmans lines was "our windows have galvanised steel reinforcement and galvanised steel is the best kind of steel that money can buy". At this point I offered that I would be more than happy with 17-4PH Stainless Steel reinforcement if it would do anything to help bring the price down to which he agreed to look into for me (17-4PH Stainless Steel would most likely cost around six times as much as galvanised steel which is essentially monkey metal dipped in zinc). He also claimed that I would see a 31 decibel noise reduction from Safestyle windows, to which I asked on which scale and at what distance are they measuring this on (unless a scale and distance is quoted then decibels on their own are meaningless). Anyway I thanked the salesman for his time and offered him out f my house, to which he then asked me for £60 to secure my quote. I told him that I would not be parting with any money today and I would contact Safestyle should I require their services to which he explained that he could not guarantee that I could get the quote down as low as £3800 again. Bearing in mind that I had already received 4 other quotes of which the most expensive was £3400, Safestyle weren't going to get a look in. So I spoke to Safestyle when they called later in the week and I told them 'thanks but no thanks' and here the real problem starts. They started to call me during the day whilst I was at work on a daily basis, I asked them if it possible that should they need to contact me please do it outside of office hours. Two weeks and seven mid afternoon phone calls later they finally got the hang of it and called me at around six in the evening. I tell them each time they ring that I did not want to take their quote any further and have now replaced my windows and am very happy with the company I have dealt with and the job that they did. It is now July, the windows were replaced in March yet Safestyle still insist on calling me at least two or three times a week and each time I ask them to take me off their dialling list, they agree but within the next couple of days I receive another phonecall from a telesales person who just doesn't hear the words 'No I'm not interested'. They seem to be very pushy, almost aggressive when I ask them not to call, speak over the top of me and not let me finish my sentences and never hang up. Quite often I hang up on them in the middle of them talking as they simply do not give the impression that they are listening to me. Does anyone know how I can get this awful company to stop bothering me. Safestyle Windows have provided me with the worst consumer experience I have ever had and do not seem to be willing to it. Please Safestyle Windows, just go away - I will never deal with you again.
  10. Evening all, I'm after a bit of guidance on an outstanding balance on an old credit card. Here's a brief history: March '08 - Took out the credit card with £500 limit. Used the card for 2 years, during which time the limit was upped to £1000. June '10 - I stop making payments. Various reasons I shan't bore you with. Oct '10 - Default notice issued and an outstanding balance of £1300 (with a limit of £1000, I'm guessing that's £250 or so of interest and charges). At some point the debt was sold to a debt collection agency, before then being returned to capital one themselves. I don't have the details of this as I typically filed any such letters straight into the bin. Fast forward to now and I want to shift this debt off my credit record. Now I know it'll vanish October next year, but I want the balance shifted off my credit record before then so I can set about repairing my rating sooner rather than later. Now, my options as far as I can see are: Pay them in full. Which I can do. It'll mean a few luxuries will have to be sacrificed, but will not adversely effect my normal standard of living. Offer to partially settle for 50% or less. But from reading around, this will leave the account as partially settled on my account, which could upset the likes of mortgage lenders in the future (it'll be easier to explain away if it's fully settled) Ignore it and wait for it to go away (which will mean I'll be 18months further behind getting my credit score up to scratch, so not really an option) I keep going back and forth between the first two options. I can't remember the exact details of the account. I'm fairly certain I didn't have any PPI on there, as I never went in for PPI on anything else. Please weigh in with your views on what I should do. At the moment, I'm thinking option one as it'll get the whole lot done and dusted quickest. But at the same time, saving a couple of quid does appeal, so I'm open to ideas on how to go about settling with them. Thanks everyone
  11. Hi, I am wanting to change from using prepayment meters for my gas and electric and going onto DD. British Gas have done a credit check on me and it failed, he told me to maybe check with Expedia to see if my credit file is wrong. I know it's right as I have a couple of CCJs. Am I now stuck on prepayment meters for ever, I wouldn't mind but they were already in the house when I moved in and when I asked for them to be removed they said there was a charge for removing them. I refused to pay it as I never had them installed. Topping up my gas is costing me about £40 week with British Gas and my electric is £20, it's crippling me. I've started to sit with candles on( which is nice ) and I have my gas on for 2 hours in the morning and the same on an evening. And help advice would be good, thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I have been considering saving some cash up in order to pay off my old remaining credit card debts (which are all with debt collectors and have been for around 10 years) I originally owed over £8500, but now it's £4700. I was thinking if I could somehow get £2k together I could offer a full and final settlement to them (the main reason for this is we want to apply for a mortgage in just over a years time hopefully and I want to clear up my credit rating). However, just been reading up on this and it seems this may be not such a great option after all, as this will look bad on my credit rating that I didn't settle the debt in full. Is it possible to make it a condition of the offer that the debt collector marks each debt as 'satisfied' rather than 'partially satisfied'? I see little point in making these offers if it's still going to stop me from being able to apply for a mortgage If this isn't an option, are there any better options available to me? The debts are 12 years old, from when I was 18, very stupid and not earning anywhere near enough to have a hope of repaying the monthly payments! In a way I am annoyed that 4 different credit card companies allowed me to have these cards and kept on increasing my limit on them when I had told the whole truth about my earnings, but in my panic to survive just kept on accepting what they gave me (often just to be able to pay off the other cards monthly payments with them!) These days I am much more money savvy, but when I look back, I wish someone had said no to the stupid teenage me.. people will say it's all my fault I know, but I do feel this was irresponsible lending and I wish I could write the rest of the debts off now. I've suffered for 12 years because of it! 18 is far too young to be allowed a credit card in my opinion!
  13. Hi All, I just had a Bailiff from Equita turn up on my door demanding £400+ in unpaid council tax and charges. Now, this is the first i've heard of any outstanding council tax from a previous address but it's possible I do owe it. I assume its gone to court etc to get to this stage but again, i've known nothing about this. The Bailiff handed me a removal notice only. I have no copy of any sort of bill or liability order. He read the amounts out but I don't recall them exactly. Approximately £167 in council tax and the rest in court and bailiff fees. I said I couldn't pay that immediately and wouldn't pay unless I knew what I was paying for and agreed that I owed the money. He left saying he would get a warrant to have me arrested. SO, what do I do from here, what can he and cant he do, The Removal notice only has his mobile number on and no formal office contact information so I cant speak to anyone else but him and only on his mobile.
  14. It wont uninstall the normal way, I dont even know how it got there either. I cant find it in my programs but it is there in the repair/change/uninstall folder. So far I know it is a prob to get rid of and its from bandoo. Any one have any solutions.
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