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  1. Hi My husband has a vanquis credit card he wants to clear up. We need to repair his credit rating due to wanting a mortgage and I believe the debt on the vanquis card shows poor money management as no one good with money would put up with this kind of apr! He also has wonga loans showing on there, which are well over a year old. An idea I had was to get a credit union loan (he tried to apply for a fluid card which initially said yes then refused him credit). But my question is does a credit union loan also look bad on a credit rating when applying for a mortgage eventually? There would likely be 1 to 2 k left on this loan when we applied for the mortgage. Surely only people with poor credit go for these credit Union loans? He can't keep paying this daft card, he's barely affecting the balance every year, the apr is so high, but getting a balance transfer is proving impossible and we don't dare apply for anything else he won't get as it will cause further damage. All suggestions welcome! Thanks
  2. Never heard of that one before. The 0% balance transfer for 26 months could be a viable way for my husband to finally get rid of his ridiculous vanquis credit card! Thanks for the tip!
  3. Cheers for the advice
  4. Wow that's amazing! That fast! Ok, I will try with natwest, once the ccj is well and truly gone. Just a bit concerned they might reject me, then that's a new bad notch on my score :/
  5. No other credit is showing and no defaults are appearing. It's a pretty boring credit rating really! Just my natwest bank accounts showing which are both green all the way across Should I not apply for some kind of credit card and pay it off in full each month to bring me back up?
  6. Hi Not sure whether I'm in the right section here or not, but I would like to rebuild my credit rating with the aim of getting a mortgage. You can read about my debts and history at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?432514-settling-a-old-CCJ-from-CL-finance-for-old-HSBC-card-debt/page2 I'm going to wait until my ccj falls off my credit rating next month, in fact probably be Dec before I can do anything as I assume it takes a month for the credit reports to refresh after that (ccj ends on 10th of Nov! Yay!), but what is the best thing to do to get this credit rating of 1/5 on noddle back up to a 5? I'm not sure where to start. I assume I'll have trouble getting credit with a 1 rating. Is is worth paying for noddle improve? I'm on electoral roll and my address history shows on there. The ccj is the only debt which displays now. Also need to improve husbands credit rating as we want a mortgage, but we'll start a seperate topic for that as his circumstances are different. Ideas and suggestions welcome
  7. Update; Ccj full and final was refused. They've asked me to call them, but I've emailed them instead. I don't want to be put on the spot over the phone! I've asked them what sort of figure they're thinking of and reminded them that a relative is helping so I can't go much higher. I await their response! The 2 debts with cabot (egg/Barclaycard) have replied saying they can't find the agreement and the debts are unenforceable at the mo. I've replied with a letter saying I don't admit I owe the debt etc but here is full and final offer of 5% to shut up and go away forever or words to that effect. The debt with fredrickson (cap 1) have been awkward and insisted I send a copy of my marriage cert to prove my surname change. Stalling tactics as far as I'm concerned, I've replied with a similar full and final offer reminding them that they've failed to produce the proof I can only assume the debt is unenforceable. Again offering them 5% to leave me alone. Also included a copy of marriage cert so they can't use that excuse again! Am I going down the right track?
  8. Forgot to say, they now don't get any tax credits, so taking it from future payments is not an option
  9. Hi Just a question concerning my parents really, rather than me for a change! They have an overpayment of tax credits of around £800, which hmrc has been badgering them for for ages. My mum recalls that they once had a letter saying hmrc had made a mistake, but she can't find the letter now, so she's been ignoring the letters which have followed demanding payment. I've just found out about this and pointed out to her that something's changed with the law and they can take it from your wages now i believe if it's a tax credits debt? Anyway, now she has 'Equita' sending her letters demanding she rings them to make payment or discuss a payment plan. This is the second letter received today from this equita company, so I've told her she can't ignore this anymore and must call tomorrow, but who does she call? HMRC or Equita? Will Equita now start adding interest to this debt? She's really resenting having to pay it back as she assures me hmrc did say this was their mistake a long time ago, then began pursuing her again for it! What's the best thing for her to do? I don't want her to damage her credit rating (it's always been 100% squeaky clean) and I don't want her to start getting charges, but obviously £800 is a lot of money to her and she can't afford to get rid of it just like that Thanks in advance for any advice!
  10. Thanks once again. Just to confirm, which company do I send this to in this instance? I've just found a recent letter from 'Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited' (Who are they?!) which is a statement of account back to May 2013. Not sure whether this is the same company as CL finance/Rob way? Don't know who to send the letter to! And lastly, are there any additional, special things I need to stipulate with this being a CCJ debt, or do I just send that sample letter in the link you sent me? I'm thinking of offering 10% to begin with, which I know probably won't be accepted, but I don't want to go and cost myself more than I need to by starting negotiations high Thanks Sally
  11. Thanks I may be going blind, but I can't see it in there. I've looked a few times, it's probably me. Do you know what it's called? How low do you think I can go? Shall I start out with something stupid like 10%?! :O
  12. I said could I have a copy of the ccj or details of who took me to court, and he gave me the info I mentioned in my previous post. I think he assumed I didn't need a copy as he'd told me what I needed to know. I presume I need to pay for a copy if I want one? But then at the end of it all I do want to just do a full and final and get this gone, so do I need to find out all this about how much I should be paying a month?
  13. Hi again Well they turned up and said that I'd missed a payment on my ccj. It was all a mistake as stepchange (then cccs) had simply not forwarded my payment. I think it was probably something to do with the debt being sold or something and the payment not going to the right place. They did seem very legit and were writing things down like the tv,car etc. But they said they wouldn't make an official record until next time they came, which would be if I didn't get back to them with confirmation I had in fact sent the payment. I spent all day making phone calls panicking and ringing these 2 guys, they must have loved it grrrrr. I found the proof, and (I think) that's when I increased the payments. I could be wrong. this one gets £18.80 a month and the other 3 non ccj debts get a fiver each. My memory is so vague, this could even have been sorted out via stepchange when they did my budget, with an aim of them helping me to get rid of the ccj faster than the other debts. Sorry about my useless memory. It feels like I've been in debt since forever! I do have statements through stepchange for the past 6 months online, but to go further back than that, i probably have to ask them for paper copies I would expect?
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