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  1. I urgently want to disclose any possible wrong doing before I am 'found out' but I am not sure exactly what i may have done. My accountant hasn't replied yet and I can't talk to TCs til I have his reply and my bank statements and can hazard a guess as to the extent of what I have done. Or maybe I should just tell them all this? How far can they go back? Thank you. I would gladly repay everything they have ever paid me and never claim again. If I sold my house I could repay everything. Maybe I should tell them that?
  2. Hello, I wrote a huge long detailed post but am aware these can be viewed via google (that's how I found this site) and am so so scared. my husband died in a terrible work accident in 2008 and there was no body. I was left with our 2 small children and you can imagine how awful and difficult it was. We'd claimed TC on his pretty low income (I also had a self employed pocket money job but mainly was stay at home mum), and it was extremely difficult for me to sort out his affairs as I I couldn't easilly get a death cert without his body. It was a horrific time. We got a ch
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