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  1. close it....it will not get positive after his response. - - - Updated - - - back up what you say.....
  2. Hi guys, this is an odd one, bare with me. A couple hired a car and the same night broke their window. Few minutes later the gang they had planned with drove away the car. Some time later when the tracker was removed or when it was secure they alerted the couple. Few minutes later they called the police. The story the couple used is we were asleep, we were woken by some noise and after looking for the cars etc we realized the keys were missing and that the window was broken. Unknown to them their tenant over heard many things including them visiting the gang leader few times to claim their money. He also over heard the couple explain to the police and some insurance people including the person they had hired the car from. All the tenant knows is name and color of the car and rest of the above including the gang leaders name. Now with the above information if he goes to the police I am sure police have absolutely nothing to go on. However if he takes a lie detector test and with a written statement via a solicitor police might do something however the lie detector test is not accepted. So only conclusion is to find the insurance company as they use these methods. So I am sure if he goes via the insurance company he may get better results of them being prosecuted? What is the best method of them being screwed over this crime. (the tenant is their relative. He stayed until his studies were over, as he declined to marry the wife's relative, things went sour. They informed his family who were also backing the tenant with finance for studies many stories which forced them to stop. He failed to do his masters and had to take a rubbish job. Many years later now he has discovered all this.) This crime is at least 6 years old. Anyone know the best way of them being done for this crime. BTW they got cheated. The gang leader did a runner and when he appeared he said the car was stopped by Nigerian customs. So no sale no produce. Ali
  3. thank you so much, however, from what i saw, the paper work was clear, they were hearings not investigation. he was informed they will be attached to his employment record etc. sexual harassment he is less worried about as quite frankly unless for the coffee almost everyone avoids her. i was in pc world for 10 years. he has been there 4 years now i think. i will not be supprised if they are too stupid to presue any of the hearings. thank you once again.
  4. Hi guys, please advise. Friend of mine was pulled into the office and told he is having a disciplinary. One lady took notes as the manager and my friend spoke. It was simple. My friend was accused of harnessing the 3rd party in store tea lady. Harassment was of sexual nature. My friend understood it as flirting. Now my friend is very clear he has not and will not flirt with that lady. Nor has he spent any longer with the exchange with her then anyone else ordering a coffee. This came to him as a shock and out of the blue. He was given the paperwork of the disciplinary same day. Many months have passed and nothing has happened. Same thing happened to him few weeks later. He was pulled into the office, out of the blue and was told this is another disciplinary. This time he is being accused of being rude to a customer. Infact customer was told to either spend more money or go else where. Again my friend 100% disagrees that this ever took place. Again all the paperwork of the notes and signatures were given to him. No further word of any disciplinary have been uttered. No follow ups. No further meetings etc. both were first level disciplinarian. Am I correct in thinking these can be used against him if he was up for promotion into management? Also was he not supposed to be given a warning, letter stating in 7 days you have this and that go seek legal help? What is the correct procedure? What can he do? Both of them are now close to 2 months old. From my basic knowledge the way both hearings were conducted are illegal. Now that his wife is pregnant, they need to move to bigger house and hes in a position where he can request SIM and move to another store, he is worried. He works for one of the Dixon retail stores.
  5. please can you give me a link to somewhere it says 540 and 120 please. i beg you. Ali
  6. https://www.wintrillions.co.uk/ Dear friends, In december after looking around subscribed https://www.wintrillions.co.uk/. I then contacted them either by phone, email or live chat to cancel and refund the subscription. This may, few weeks ago I found out they had charged me 3 more times. Not the same subscription but 2 weeks after the initial subscription and request for cancel and refund they decided to charge me more amounts on 22nd and 23rd December 1017. I got a call in January and said no thank you to this mega millions jackpot and they charged me again. When I found out I contacted them they said I would get a refund. Made many more contacts and saved one of the chat scripts, where the lady was told the whole story and said the refund would be made today. I waited further and sent them voice messages and emails to confirm this has been done. I spoke to the same lady yesterday on the 21/05/2018 and she denied all this and then when I sent her the chat script she played the word game. Twisting everything. My bank said the 120 days for visa dispute is over and it is not fraud as I had given them my details. Important points are. They call it subscription but its one of payments. Also they charged me 4 times for 4 totally different products. With varying amounts. What can I do please? I want my money recovered. Ali
  7. Hi. I want to find my missing cousin. He left his house with limited money, clothing and ran of with his wife. Shes the devil. now issue is he does have history of some mental stability, so we can say depression and few other issues. HOWEVER not enough to convince the police to start a man hunt. Now most companies are saying £200 or around about to find him. HOWEVER they wont tell us where he is, however they are willing to speak with him and give him contact numbers, emails and request him to make contract. £200 is not an issue. what i want to know is there any tools i can use to find out where he is and also how do i get them or any private investigation team to give me his contact or residence address. 27/12/2017 his grandma died. His dad who looked after her for 60 odd years is in a bad way. there are a lot of finance and other aspects which we need him for. we are 90% sure of where he can be however we cant just go in. if i can have the tools to trace and find him would be the best. also how do i make sure i am not going to get ripped off by these companies? Ali
  8. look man...look...how do i verfy shes real. She did say £300 is for her time and what ever happens in that time is through mutual consent. Am i in trouble? we have all heard stories of plumpers and housewives? milkman and the mrs? Right? so therefore professioanls do end up loving and cressing and nibbling on clients toes and nipples and ear lobes. she was fantastic. i wonder if two years contract period had her training in clinet care... Bro from coffee to the end bit was a joke, me trying to crack a funny one as i was in a good mood for the first time in months. yes shes legit. 27 years in the business and was older then my mother if she was alive today. very professional. All is good. Thank you.
  9. Coffee? Shirt? Biscuits? Photos? Home visit? Are we able to ban or block individual users from posting on threads?
  10. Firstly my account and pc is secure and so is my internet. I am solo using this account and sometimes I do use office writer or now Microsoft Word. When there are mistakes and grammar issues, it is either I am not interested, in a hurry or even better think the message is clear enough so no need for any perfection. Most people who read, read my posts know I have few issues. I will list them again. Primary issue with me is depression and secondary is social anxiety. I dislike no one here as I am unable to dislike due to suppression of emotions and feelings since 1988. BazzaS has been picking apart my story which is too simple even for a 12 year old. Instead thinks he his helping some how. I am not sure how instead of asking the question hes trying to do autopsy on my text. He has been downgraded to stupid. However I got reasons as stated here and previously. However he has been elevated to strawberry now so all is well fine and good. My original mistake was not making it clear that I wanted some kind of direction. Now I know the only solution is though a legal process which will cost and will bring harm to a otherwise peaceful household. Now that even new people have joined the kicking the downed person other then BazzS. I REQUEST someone from the team, site team to close this post. For 3 to 6 weeks there will be no further updates, unless in the meantime my brother who has been threatening to do family conference takes action on that. He will further need to do something as our land, which is our! Has been sold and money will be divided 3 ways. The whispers in the household are he feels along with the witch that the money is theirs. I feel the only thing in court of law, lawyers and anyone else should be concerned with is my inheritance claim. Why would my other properties or his or my business come into play? So therefore 1,2 or 3 properties makes no difference. Queen would not poop on me or any one of you. Queen is not my mother so I don’t give two hoots how the Queen’s English looks or sounds. Grammar Queen other posts not mine.
  11. Sorry m8 you are no lawyer or pm me your details. So far this solictor said she will do all the work for £300. Everything upto the point when we know which court, placing a notice on the property and first letter to the dimwit brother. most were saying over £1000. with your last response. you fully understand my story and you have no more "issues" with anything i wrote. now its time for solictors to work not you or i. infact, start praying. At least cross your toes or twist the earings you are wearing. she said 3 to 5 weeks for the full story to be verfied and conclusion. then she will request a meeting where we decide where to go from there. so i guess mid to late october. as its 28 days in october this year i guess towards the end.
  12. BazzaS, please ask your questions number them so i can answer them, something just told me you could be genuine helper.
  13. BazzaS, you are now downgraded to stupid. i bought my house in 2004. mum dies 2006. brother owns titles in 2007. forgries of the douments have been found, out. that letter attached is the last communication form this solictor. they did probate work. his partner, she got the £700. £700 as stated in the letter is for deeds which NEVER was done by them or anyone else.. as the "athroity" letter was produced and forged. anyhow. i am sorry i am writing this post. i wanted to update the genuine people on here. anyone would of knowen i was pulling a strawberry after the coffee line.... why would you pick apart what i wrote? are u the judge? have u even given any usebale info or advise? man you frustrate me.
  14. Okay ladies, Update from the solicitor is as follows, She has discover about 4 forgeries in the paperwork and few malpractice / ignorant mistakes by the first solicitor who dealt with the mistake. The “oaths” letter is a forgery including the law society having no records of the solicitors firm and the stamp looks like its been printed on Microsoft word. It is now established I never paid for will, probate or grants of probate work. Infact my brother did. Then “authority” letter which I have been calling affidavit or deeds of variation has been discovered and bares a few mistakes that the 2nd solicitor and 3rd in a series will be called to justify there actions or ignorance. Along with all the paperwork my passport was or copy authenticated, tested. My signature on all papers is different to each other and very different on the passport. All seven of my brothers and 4 from solicitors have been done by the same person, by the same pen. 3 out of 5 of my signatures are different to each other and done by the same pen. The witness to one of the document’s backs my claims and will do so in court too and he has verified few other things. Now the solicitor will make reports, request original documents and begin work on screwing the 3 solicitors and putting notice on all 3 properties which I should be jointly owning. Some serious legal department in Brighton will be notified and some people in central London. Once complaints are filed with the 2 bodies on solicitors for further investigation then some senior legal person will be given the file to do something. I forgot. Almost seems like seeking permission onto who to sue I guess. I can now confirm solicitors coffee is sweet and the biscuits were world class. The chairs were nice and I felt I could openly communicate. Most of what I written above comes from the paperwork the solicitor has seen. Very limited information did I have to present. one person on these posts does not know what to believe. Solicitor said if the originals are like these then my brother has no defence, no excuse. Now once the £400k is in my hand I owe the solicitor 5%. She took few pictures including few without the shirt in case she needs to examine my body as horrible things could happen. She also asked me to smile wide and took few close up of my mouth so she can recognise my teeth in case she has too. She hugged me few times and I said I was a cuddly bear, she even took a strong sniff of my shirt. Tonight I will have more update as I am due at her place around 10pm to do some more fact finding. I am so happy I found this lawyer. Shes so cute, kind and honest and is happy to invite me into the house, her own personal space to help me further. I have found a good lawyer. I am glad. I am very positive. Ali
  15. You are too active on here, drink coffee and have a break. fine combing what i wrote 6 years apart is not helping me and nor is any of your contribution. And if you understand, what can you do? Zero. This is a matter for solictor or judge if my brother wants to be stupid. if i had used the word, if, assume in my post in 2006 it would of been better for you to understand. What i orginally wanted was answered else where. as for paperwork side of things got answered on page 1 or 2 of this post. rest has been rubbish. one solictor said £1800 + vat for everything i collected for free. land registry i still have not done i dont see the point when my brother holds full details as per the forged document. only question in my mind is if the solcitor dose not have this deeds or avidavidd etc.. who dose? if its my brother, it may prove to be crusial and i want all the background work to be done in secert untill i know my chances. if not i will just shop him to the police and tax man and council. he can have fun. money is money. business is business. i did not request my dna or blood to be shared with the theif. tomorrow i go to the solictor with the "truth" as you put it mr bazzas. then we see what happens.
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