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  1. thank you. then stop responding. and i dont think anyone else has an issue. so i will move on. (purpose is to ask questions and get some help, what has my previous posts gota do with this one and what is such a joke with otheres.)
  2. Thank you, which one is relistic and can you help me do it? please
  3. 1. refund. 2. partial refund. 3. find out what legally i can do to get my money back, i do not think bank will honor a visa dispute. i was hoping to find differnet ways in which i could get a refund.
  4. my options are if they can be shown they have some responsibility as they did earn commssion and the resturant has its payment. so both parties and paid and i lose out. if we can show they have some moral if not legal obligation then maybe they can give me some refund if not all. imagine how many others being screwed over too? beacuse it is online are we to be cheate for now untill goverment decides to govern this area of ecomerese or something? i dont have a clue.
  5. I agree with the what you say. However from prospect of an honest client what can be done? They were contacted in time, to tell them the food is crap. they wanted the investigations team to look into it and they asked for photos. today they are saying T&C 6 says its between you and the resturant. aka we got the commsion they got the money and you can fork off. i can fork off yes. however i want to do something about it. this is crona, not worked..... march. things are tight.
  6. I used to work for the Dixions group and sold the warranty. Most of the time things went fine. when the store was not hitting targets or was in slow time as in income such as the summer things went nasty. if you read the warranty it is very clear that they will replace it with a similar product. often used and abused. so they give yours to someone else. and theirs to you. what you need to do is when you call them to speak with the management, decision makers and request a refund, credit or somehow replace your TV. in the future. wr
  7. (please remain safe, use protection and keep your eyes open. My uncle has got Crona and is on the ventilator with everyday his health going down hill. And he was the first person in our families to distribute and use gloves and masks. Even with that he got it. So sad.) Hi guys. I am confused. I ordered fish and chips and extra fish from Just Eat. The food was on the dot if not few mins late. Which is not the issue. The fish was reheated in hot oil, tasted bad and hand a odor to it. Sometimes when
  8. Today i got 2 text messages from them that i need to return the car tomorrow or begin paying. So again i informed them on 2 emails that my foot and back are not in the postion that i can drive the car. RAC needs to be called if the car is to be driven and that if they can give me courtersy 1 week more on current deal to sort myself out. lets see what there response is.
  9. What does that mean? do i wait for there response or something?
  10. Dear sir or madam, i hired a car and they put me on a discounted rate due to crona and covid19. i got a call this wednesday saying either start paying or go to work. i have hurt my back and foot and i am unable to drive the car to return it. so i have asked them to either collect it or extend my current discount for 1 more week. if they deny both or try to charge for the collection, is there anything i can do to avoid that. So far they have been nice with discounts. they hardly ever answer the emails or phone calls. i have emailed them with both
  11. They responded. ever so nice now. said have the car for £65 per week and 50p per mile. this way it can be used, be insured, maybe get some jobs done through uber and nhs. (btw we got no room for any more cars) - she let slip thank you so much guys. all the words you threw my way etc. The above aggressive letter did it.
  12. Dear sir or madam, I am sending this email to all the emails I can find. Where is your heart? Compassion and mostly your commitment to fair practice. I CHALLANGE you to put this vermin, gutter trash, useless and no binding T&C contract pages under the nose of a judge later this year or next year! Tell your collection boys, collection thugs in debt collection they can come and collect there £1 a month from me! How dare you have a solid one sided contract, so aggressive, with so many holes, Where is your forbearance? You goin
  13. Thank you. i spoke to them and emailed all their departments too. making it clear i want to return the car.
  14. thank you so much. lets hope they are open tomorrow, lets hope there car park is open too.
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