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  1. okay if he hes or not is not the issue. issue is does it transfer to the wife and at some point when remortage is needed then we can worry about other things?
  2. hi guys. my bother has died. i was not going to write this however someone told me something scary and i felt the need to seek help. my borther did not make a will and not sure if he has life insurance policy, we will try to find out. Question: when we infrom the mortgage company that my brother has died. will they then after seeking proofs transfer the property and the mortgage product to the wife? or ARE THEY GOING TO SAY. Sorry pay up the mortgage in 30 days or take a new product? Also with my borther death certification, wifes proofs, do we just contact the mortgage provider or is it more complicated and get a solictor involved? what about things like titles, deeds and other words which i dont know about. I have zero clue. Everything was done by the brother and now hes gone. if the property transfers to the wife and as long as the mortgage is paid then we have no issues. I will help with the payment untill we can sell it. do we just inform the mortage people or is there differnet deparments we need to contact. Ali
  3. i am sure you are all trying to be very helpful. i am not ll or ss or tt or aa or bb. the property is a fh. owned by the mother. anyhow it has been reported to council and immigration. last question. shall i go visit a police station too?
  4. i understand i should of done it quicker, so therefore i will drop it. Bazzas is right. can someone delete this post. i have fallen out with them yes. when i found out the rest, i had to think. you are safe in your council flat etc. i am not! all they have to think is how many people knows about us, limit it to few and smash me up and u and your troll bf will have a laugh when i come here seeking help again. there are 1000s of things to consider. do i have to spill the whole beans in a time line for u. i got 2 links and police suggerstion. done the first 2. i will go visit a police station next. some one might think i am the gulity party.
  5. Stop trying to psyco analizing each and every word. when the first passport fruad took place it was one person in the house. pimping and 3 more passport frauds and 9 adults in one house is recent. yes both reports i have told them that i haev fallen out with them, so who ever reads the report at least know this. i feel it is important to know this. 9 people or 8 in a 2 bedroom flat is apprenent in your eyes? okay man. it has taken about 2 years to figure it all out. put it all togehter. get some things confirmed etc. thank you
  6. 1. reported them to the immigration people from above. 2 passport frauds have taken place and 3rd one is on the way. Same accountant. Same lies. same deal. 2. reported them to the council. for DX100uk, who's primary job is to disturb people looking for help and advise. always the troll. i am sure hes paid to be negertive. putting people off from posting unless they subscribe or something. other forums do use these tactics. i know them. i have fallen out with them. the issue was for long time i thought it is okay. there business. however what they have done is married working girls from there native countries, told them about heaven in the UK and now 90% sure the first one is being pimped out. and 2nd one will start soon. through general conversation, girls dropped some hints, took few months to find out where they are from, local area etc and found out there names are real and they are the very two girls the pimps are looking for. i made it very clear to the council and immigration, how i know all this. how i am and why i am reporting. and yes i have explained why i have fallen out with them. i think it was important. i left my number with both if they want to discuss this further. both girls are nice so therefore i wish to help them. first one had a baby and now she cant even run away back to her orginal country. if she does pimps will chop her up. so now shes stuck. thinking of the child, mother, condttion of the way they live and there treatment, i am sorry i cant put up with it. i think we can close this post before the troll starts up again. site owners support him and he has made my life miserbale on few basic questions asked. over all, what i could do i did it. now it is up the people who have this report. thank you all.
  7. 1. mother 2. daughter + baby 3. 2 sons. 4. sons wives + baby 5. son in law (soon) 6. All in a 2 bedroom flat. 6 adults and 2 babies. 7. 3 of the 6 adults would be in the flat through illegal visa fraud. 2 wives have got their passports. i know their address, their names and how they did passport fraud. i called police, they told me to go there, i went there, they said we don't do it, go crime stoppers, i went to crime stoppers and they spoke some crap and told me to go elsewhere. can someone please 1st explain is there something wrong with point 6 and 7. if so what can i do about it urgently.
  8. thank you. then stop responding. and i dont think anyone else has an issue. so i will move on. (purpose is to ask questions and get some help, what has my previous posts gota do with this one and what is such a joke with otheres.)
  9. Thank you, which one is relistic and can you help me do it? please
  10. 1. refund. 2. partial refund. 3. find out what legally i can do to get my money back, i do not think bank will honor a visa dispute. i was hoping to find differnet ways in which i could get a refund.
  11. my options are if they can be shown they have some responsibility as they did earn commssion and the resturant has its payment. so both parties and paid and i lose out. if we can show they have some moral if not legal obligation then maybe they can give me some refund if not all. imagine how many others being screwed over too? beacuse it is online are we to be cheate for now untill goverment decides to govern this area of ecomerese or something? i dont have a clue.
  12. I agree with the what you say. However from prospect of an honest client what can be done? They were contacted in time, to tell them the food is crap. they wanted the investigations team to look into it and they asked for photos. today they are saying T&C 6 says its between you and the resturant. aka we got the commsion they got the money and you can fork off. i can fork off yes. however i want to do something about it. this is crona, not worked..... march. things are tight.
  13. I used to work for the Dixions group and sold the warranty. Most of the time things went fine. when the store was not hitting targets or was in slow time as in income such as the summer things went nasty. if you read the warranty it is very clear that they will replace it with a similar product. often used and abused. so they give yours to someone else. and theirs to you. what you need to do is when you call them to speak with the management, decision makers and request a refund, credit or somehow replace your TV. in the future. write all issues down so you have list of time spent on the phone, call outs etc. it may take time. you will get your money back. NOW if you write to them use recoded delivery. Emails count too. towards the 45 or the 60 day resolution time. Sorry i cant be specific.
  14. (please remain safe, use protection and keep your eyes open. My uncle has got Crona and is on the ventilator with everyday his health going down hill. And he was the first person in our families to distribute and use gloves and masks. Even with that he got it. So sad.) Hi guys. I am confused. I ordered fish and chips and extra fish from Just Eat. The food was on the dot if not few mins late. Which is not the issue. The fish was reheated in hot oil, tasted bad and hand a odor to it. Sometimes when you heat a pizza in the microwave it has that unique smell, I am sure we have all smelt it. Now I have requested Just Eat to refund me for the bad food. What few agents in live chat and NOW the investigation team is saying, send them a photo of the food so the restaurant has a chance to see and respond to the image. Confusion is, how can a image show my complaint? Smell? Bad taste? Reheated? Please help I am out £27 and most of there response is copy and paste. Thanks.
  15. Today i got 2 text messages from them that i need to return the car tomorrow or begin paying. So again i informed them on 2 emails that my foot and back are not in the postion that i can drive the car. RAC needs to be called if the car is to be driven and that if they can give me courtersy 1 week more on current deal to sort myself out. lets see what there response is.
  16. What does that mean? do i wait for there response or something?
  17. Dear sir or madam, i hired a car and they put me on a discounted rate due to crona and covid19. i got a call this wednesday saying either start paying or go to work. i have hurt my back and foot and i am unable to drive the car to return it. so i have asked them to either collect it or extend my current discount for 1 more week. if they deny both or try to charge for the collection, is there anything i can do to avoid that. So far they have been nice with discounts. they hardly ever answer the emails or phone calls. i have emailed them with both options. extention or collection of the car. please advise.
  18. They responded. ever so nice now. said have the car for £65 per week and 50p per mile. this way it can be used, be insured, maybe get some jobs done through uber and nhs. (btw we got no room for any more cars) - she let slip thank you so much guys. all the words you threw my way etc. The above aggressive letter did it.
  19. Dear sir or madam, I am sending this email to all the emails I can find. Where is your heart? Compassion and mostly your commitment to fair practice. I CHALLANGE you to put this vermin, gutter trash, useless and no binding T&C contract pages under the nose of a judge later this year or next year! Tell your collection boys, collection thugs in debt collection they can come and collect there £1 a month from me! How dare you have a solid one sided contract, so aggressive, with so many holes, Where is your forbearance? You going to take all the help from the government and squeeze me? Unfair, unenforceable, joke, comedy, no forbearance, 4 weeks minimum or 6 weeks? Punitive. With the pain and suffering you have caused me with the one of the 11 phone calls which has been recorded and with lack of sleep, lost of appetite and mood swings, you have caused by unnecessary hassle, stress and depression you have caused me. you payments are going to be canceled in 4 hours from this email being sent. You have lost respect and empathy. I will begin searching for a no win no fee or FREE legal advise asap. With all the health issues, I want my full remedy from the law. The car is going to be parked outside or inside where I got it from, with a letter inside, I will make a video and leave you a text message. BTW my 2 weeks notice started 3 days ago. I want name and address of the management responsible for this pain. This is standard question you must answer. Don t answer and you will showing yourself in a very bad light. BTW all phone calls have been recorded for training and security purpose and you can have a copy in court only. Either you enjoy your £1 or lose a lot more. OR call me and negotiate a better rate.
  20. Thank you. i spoke to them and emailed all their departments too. making it clear i want to return the car.
  21. thank you so much. lets hope they are open tomorrow, lets hope there car park is open too.
  22. Action for tomorrow! 1. i go drop of the car 2 mile journey and risk being fined £1000 etc. i will lose the deposit. maybe get something back as its 50% discount for next two weeks. 2. they have my CC somehow stop the payments going out and car will be parked on the road with no insurance 3. if they agree pay £100 this and next week and hopefully they accept the 28 day contract and not 6 weeks as the contract suggests. (£900 lost and none of it is my fault. took me 3 months to save this money) All this has to happen to me. none of these options are good. i am lost and confused. i dont know what to do. i cant handle bailiffs and debt collections etc. CCJ's etc. i am 39 now, i will be ruined if all this goes pear shaped?
  23. No Amina, wow you know them? Renee is going to say yes or no to the £50 deposit i have to pay every week as i am splitting the deposit over few weeks. this Thursday i have to pay £103 + £50. i requested they take £103 only. NOW THE COUNTRY is in lock down. I dont know where the £103 is going to come from either. this year was supposed to be my year. god damn it!
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