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  1. God bless you both! DX100uk and bankfodder. yes she said 28 days and then 2 weeks. so 6 weeks. I will wait for them to see what they say about payment and then seek advise here. i have recorded all my phone calls.
  2. I will lose my £700 deposit. that includes advanced congestion charge, weeks rent and reinsurance weaver for "access". I cant argue well and shes very aggressive, each time i say something she shuts me off. go work for Tesco, do other driving job, go to asda etc. Look you know more then me, i have never been that deep in it to know anything. i watched few programs on bbc about collectors, they evict single mothers, close shops, take peoples cars etc. i wish i could agree they are powerless. right now the courts are closing etc so i am sure if i did not pay it might take time. also i am self employed with zero income i am sure they wont break my door down and take my items. i dont want to go there, if i can get a resolve that is the best. there "site and office" is closed. infact the huge 9 or 10 story building is closed. i got 2 weeks left. 50% discount means £100 this week and next week. in the 4 emails i sent i told them if i have to give i am giving my 2 weeks notice. Christ where is this £200 going to come from? universal credit wont even answer the phone. did someone read the attachment i added? based on page 4 and 5 is it valid toc or contract NOW THEY EMAILED ME saying " it is 4 weeks contract + 2 weeks notice" so i have to pay for 6 weeks. i cant lose my depost.
  3. Dear friends, I hired a car on the 93/2020 to work as a mini cab driver. Every week i must pay £203. They gave us 50% discount because of the virus. now that London is more or less in a lock down, with Uber reducing its service and other ride sharing apps also very quite, dead, the income is zero. therefore i can not make my weekly payment at 50% discount. i called them 11 times, emailed 4 departments no response. this morning i spoke to the lady in accounts, whos very rude and very aggressive, maybe shes had practice of the last week or so has insisted i must pay or she will send my account to debt collections. When i asked her, when will she do this, she said soon as u dont make a payment. NOW on the 9th i paid £700 deposit and then further paid £203 on the 19th. ALL payments are up to date. What is my solution? ( i am uploading my T&C, if you look carefully page 4 under Termination and then page 5, i think it is incomplete) will this help me? Terms_and_Conditions.pdf
  4. When i was told about the n245 i told him and spoke to his wife. his wife insisted for him to go to the GP as he got shook up pretty bad as he was parked with no seat belt. he was too stubborn to go and was had some strong pills for pain when he broke his leg, ankle. then the insurance broker / person who did the necessary paperwork and passed him to the solicitors always said the same thing, no DR means dont go to the court. The case went on for two years and last hearing was in early jan. the courts paid or accepted his win over the accident and awarded him £1800 for his injury claim the dishonesty bit was "written" in somewhere. he wont the accident and lost the injury part. now hes having to pay for their legal costs. i am assuming his defence bill was paid by the insurance and they refused to pay more because of the dishonesty part. hence he feels his lawyers have washed their hands off him. He has called some retired civil servant / legal person who will help him with the n245. all i was asked was " i have lost my injury claim after 2 years of legal action, my lawyer have disowned me, what can i do" so i came to the forum and asked for help. i am going in detail because me calling him names might not make sense. he did not tell me the full story nor did he metion that at every stage people requested either he stops or goes to the DR first. he did not follow good advise. anyhow thank you.
  5. thank you for the kind response. 2 responses are enough help for the idiot, liar and dishonest person to further seek own advise over the phone with solicitors and go to county court and ask about the form. i will not further waste anyone time on a moron who makes injury cases with no medical assistance thinking he can get a quick buck. n245 is the best advise and he can do his own research. thank you to everyone.
  6. I was hoping the only person to insult and make any request for help painful like cancer would not be here. Sir can u go away and leave me alone. I am allowed to ask for help and i am allowed to ask questions. the case was dismissed for "fundamentally dishonest". the case was injury claim as there is no injury so therefore case dismissed as dishonest so ATE insurance is invalid or not paying. the reason why it was dismissed is because there is no medical evidence which he could provide. his lawyers knew this, did not advise. now they have disowned him and not willing to help. So hes left with £6k to pay and he cant afford it. He can afford £100 a month and thats it. Ali
  7. Hi guys. Someone did an injury claim on an non fault accident. As the wife had an ongoing issue with her hips and legs she refused to do injury claim. However her spouse did it. He had some strong pain killers already from previous. However for this accident pacifically he did not visit a doctor nor has any documentation saying he was injured. His adviser told him to go to the court. He did and lost as there is no evidence of injury. Adviser has washed his hands of any liability and that person does injry claims. Only NOW has my friend realized without evidence this case should not of gone to court. ANYHOW the issue is all the other sides legal costs have been awarded and my friend needs to pay. he does not have £6080.50. he is willing to pay monthly. He has advised the lawyers but they are saying no pay in full or else we will get bailiffs. Can he pay monthly, he is willing to show bank statements etc to prove he can only afford £100. also what of the bad legal advise from these no win no fee lawyers who should never have sent the case to court. If they do not accept the £100 what can my friend do? Or what can they do? Ali
  8. As i will contact my local MP and another complaints system. i do not need any more i dont think. please in the future you stay out of my posts. so far every response has been to you. where is the help. find better things to do then make life difficult for people to see help. that post is over 2 years old. why quote it? just get lost.
  9. NOW THAT MY POST. REQUEST for help has been hijacked. What do i do now? make a another post and hope and pray he does not come back? i am sorry to say this man, member has been harnessing all my posts. this needs to stop. why is he allowed to destroy any chance of help? that quotation etc is not from me. nor do i own it or remember it did any such things.
  10. you are not helping. please dont respond to my posts. just stop.
  11. private hire and i am not looking to rant, i want to know how i can get answers. and make official complaints. and as you are defaming me link the post so i can see where i am trying to get intimate with a solictor? i think maybe what needs to be understood is there is no clear cut instructions on how to draw, i was told yellow roads only and only after the 2nd attempt to draw anywhere. also the example they give is not reflective of the real test and the PDF the most important is the last section which could indicate to draw on white roads too. however the first accredited test center said no yellow roads only.
  12. Even a 6 year old can follow that instructions. NOW that video is supposed to instruct for a £70 2 hour exam.
  13. Hello please help me. From my other posts you can see I have been robbed out of my inheritance and these problems are not coming to an end. I applied for my TFL PCO taxi / drivers license in October 2018. in April 2019 they informed me my previous license topographical test is not good as the test center is no longer accredited. So I have to take the new one. I waited 2 months for the appointment with training. I did the training and test at the center. 20 days later I failed. Map navigation section. I booked again. Did the test again on 13/09/2019. After the test NOW I was formed that drawing the navigation all I need to do is the shortest route from A to B. I was told in my training to draw only on YELLOW ROADS. So side or minor streets is a big no. now I know based upon the what I have been told I have failed again and every applicant fails based upon map drawing which is done on google maps. I guess all they want to SEE is if u can read one way roads etc. some say you must draw as you would drive I.e draw on left side of the road. Some say no middle is fine. There is NO CLEAR DATA INFORMATION from anywhere as to what is the correct method of doing it. If I fail again I want to expose this. I do not have a money for a solicitor. PLEASE can someone advise me who can I write to. Any email addresses or people to contact? This is beyond a joke. Ali
  14. Dear Ali Thank you for your email duly received. I do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. I have changed your direct debit plan to a 12 month plan and your instalment plan will run as follows: 12 August 19 - £240.59 12 Sep - 12 Mar 2020 - £242.00 per month A revised bill will be issued to confirm this. Please ensure relevant funds are available upon collection. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
  15. I DID THAT. She said as it was not calculated in when i called to amend the DD she cant do anything. it has to be paid separately. Ali
  16. Please help, direct debit of my council tax was missed and I called straight away. They recalculated my direct debit and changed the amount. However as the missing payment was not sorted on the system as unpaid or paid or missing THAT payment was not part of the new direct debit agreement. Now I am being asked to pay that through "DO NOT IGNORE" payment reminder. I pay my direct debit as usual plus £214.99 by the 28/08/2019. I do not have that. I was advised to wait until the 28/08/2019 and get a summons. When I get the summons to call back to setup a new payment plan or payment plan for the summons plus £214.99. the question is - what is the right course of action. Shall I wait for summons, can I call them and say something else? Ali
  17. Hi guys, my sister and her friend have a similar question so I thought I ask here because it seems little complicated. The more mouths to talk to the worse it gets. My sisters friend has bad marriage and she has waited until the kids are grown. One is 19 and other is 21 or 22. now she wants out of a verbal / psychological abusive marriage. Question is the following. They live in one property and 2nd is rented out. So therefore 2 properties and as kids are now adults they dont come into the equation. They have no savings and as for goods in the house I am sure no party will fight over that. How will it work with the properties? Both sold and money divided? Can one choose the house they wish to have? At the moment register search has not been done from my understanding both parties names should be on there. My sister is in the same situation with 2 houses and kids all grown up. Both ladies want out. Also is there free divorce help or helpline or somewhere I can guide them too? Many thanks.
  18. thank you. What he wants to do either pay the £8000 over some time, lets say a year or get paid more as hes qualified with masters degree. initially the contract was for boots specs however the talk is uni professors did not get enough kick back so therefore they said either go else where or get what you are given. some even traveled 100 miles for there placement. as the contract had alot of ifs and buts students were stuck. whole purpose of the degree was that they worked for boots. Student union or visit to some cheap solicitor is in order.
  19. Hi guys, my nephew is training to be a optometrist. Part of his university deal was he would he a one year work experience and in 4th year do some research and get a masters. Part of the deal was either pay £8000 to the store of training or work for one year after qualification for one year. £8000 covered his training and help along with perk of working and being paid minimum wage. It also covered the cost of the “mini masters”. (one year he has worked, got paid £7.00 odd pounds and was treated like crap, little training and a lot of shouting) Now he is going to have his masters soon in July and does not have the £8000 to get out of the contract. The store was not of his choosing in fact got cheated by his university. The store paid absolutely the worse wages of any of his class fellows. After qualification he is going to get minimum wage only. Main problem is either he drives to work or catches a train. Driving is 2 hours per shift and train is about 3.5 hours. Having had a word with the store owner he said all he is going to pay for 12 months is minimum wage and he is not obliged to pay more. So we need help with either negotiating or getting out of the contract. We simply do not know what to say or do to either convince the director to take the £8000 in installments or pay more. Please note if my nephew works for minimum wage he will be earning 1/3 of his class fellows. Ali
  20. close it....it will not get positive after his response. - - - Updated - - - back up what you say.....
  21. Hi guys, this is an odd one, bare with me. A couple hired a car and the same night broke their window. Few minutes later the gang they had planned with drove away the car. Some time later when the tracker was removed or when it was secure they alerted the couple. Few minutes later they called the police. The story the couple used is we were asleep, we were woken by some noise and after looking for the cars etc we realized the keys were missing and that the window was broken. Unknown to them their tenant over heard many things including them visiting the gang leader few times to claim their money. He also over heard the couple explain to the police and some insurance people including the person they had hired the car from. All the tenant knows is name and color of the car and rest of the above including the gang leaders name. Now with the above information if he goes to the police I am sure police have absolutely nothing to go on. However if he takes a lie detector test and with a written statement via a solicitor police might do something however the lie detector test is not accepted. So only conclusion is to find the insurance company as they use these methods. So I am sure if he goes via the insurance company he may get better results of them being prosecuted? What is the best method of them being screwed over this crime. (the tenant is their relative. He stayed until his studies were over, as he declined to marry the wife's relative, things went sour. They informed his family who were also backing the tenant with finance for studies many stories which forced them to stop. He failed to do his masters and had to take a rubbish job. Many years later now he has discovered all this.) This crime is at least 6 years old. Anyone know the best way of them being done for this crime. BTW they got cheated. The gang leader did a runner and when he appeared he said the car was stopped by Nigerian customs. So no sale no produce. Ali
  22. thank you so much, however, from what i saw, the paper work was clear, they were hearings not investigation. he was informed they will be attached to his employment record etc. sexual harassment he is less worried about as quite frankly unless for the coffee almost everyone avoids her. i was in pc world for 10 years. he has been there 4 years now i think. i will not be supprised if they are too stupid to presue any of the hearings. thank you once again.
  23. Hi guys, please advise. Friend of mine was pulled into the office and told he is having a disciplinary. One lady took notes as the manager and my friend spoke. It was simple. My friend was accused of harnessing the 3rd party in store tea lady. Harassment was of sexual nature. My friend understood it as flirting. Now my friend is very clear he has not and will not flirt with that lady. Nor has he spent any longer with the exchange with her then anyone else ordering a coffee. This came to him as a shock and out of the blue. He was given the paperwork of the disciplinary same day. Many months have passed and nothing has happened. Same thing happened to him few weeks later. He was pulled into the office, out of the blue and was told this is another disciplinary. This time he is being accused of being rude to a customer. Infact customer was told to either spend more money or go else where. Again my friend 100% disagrees that this ever took place. Again all the paperwork of the notes and signatures were given to him. No further word of any disciplinary have been uttered. No follow ups. No further meetings etc. both were first level disciplinarian. Am I correct in thinking these can be used against him if he was up for promotion into management? Also was he not supposed to be given a warning, letter stating in 7 days you have this and that go seek legal help? What is the correct procedure? What can he do? Both of them are now close to 2 months old. From my basic knowledge the way both hearings were conducted are illegal. Now that his wife is pregnant, they need to move to bigger house and hes in a position where he can request SIM and move to another store, he is worried. He works for one of the Dixon retail stores.
  24. please can you give me a link to somewhere it says 540 and 120 please. i beg you. Ali
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