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  1. Sorted it, he authorised to print the receipt after i refused to do overtime. I told him if he doesn't do me a favour i won't do him one. Now there is a happy employee/customer and happy manager.
  2. so know one knows if my boss acted within the law?
  3. Thought whole point was you didn't need proof of purchase with faulty items, i didn't know that store policy would be more important than consumer rights. i gave them my staff number and my colleague works in cash office says it will come up on it but she cant print a recepit for me without the manager authorising it and he won't.
  4. i thought it's law to accept faulty items without reciept. I gave them my staff number during purchase and i said you can even check cctv but he refused to check any of them.
  5. If a staff member bought a item from a store they work at and that it turned out to be faulty, can they still return it without a receipt? Or can the managers refuse because staff simply arnt allowed a refund or exchange without a reciept as we have access to stockroom?
  6. You're welcome. Don't worry about it, let us know how the interview goes
  7. If you decline and get prosecuted you won't go to jail. They most likely sentence is either a fine,curfew if you're unable to do unpaid work or simply give you a conditional discharge and only pay court costs. The overpayment is low and there was no intent and you are of good character a prison sentence won't even cross their minds. If you decline and get prosecuted, i would be more concerned with my name in the paper and people judging me. Accept it and apply for hardship.
  8. so she won't be sanctioned until everything been recovered including ad pen? so could take over a year before she gets sanctioned which gives her time to put money aside before she loses benefits for 4 weeks?
  9. that's what it meant by organised. ad pen isn't a conviction, a conviction is only when you have been prosecuted and plead guilty or been found guilty. if you accept ad pen, you will not be on police database, on court records. Only people who will know about it is DWP.
  10. organised such as organised crime, you were part of a gang that did this on purpose and encourage others to do so and that is with a conviction. You will get 4 weeks at most.
  11. I mean when you recieve an x amount each month. When they sanction you, you wont recieve a penny of it therfore they got back x amount. Im not sure it it works like that but its stupid if it doesn't.
  12. When you get sanctioned, they technically recovered the money for that month.
  13. This is where you can apply for hardship and go to a food bank if you really need to. It makes sense to me that your sanction would offset the overpayment.
  14. I'm not saying you're a criminal i said they can give you a criminal record if they chose to prosecute. If you don't accept this do you want to risk going to court which costs even more money?
  15. I never judge even if i know all of the facts. I too have been overpaid because i didn't know that i had to declare occassional overtime but mine was £212 and they underpaid me over £1000. I was convinced i would get iuc and was thinking the worst and lost sleep over it.
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