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  1. Thank you. I have asked twice for a breakdown of all their charges. I have also said to them that they have to actually visit to apply the enforcement stage two but they say they don't need to visit they added it automatically when I missed a payment. Never visited. The man on the phone said they are allowed to add it they don't have to visit to apply it. But If they do have to visit then I only owe them about another £50. Who do I make a complaint to? If it's Marstons then I hold out no hope of them resolving it very nasty on the phone. And surely adding a charge for something they haven
  2. What Kind of detail do you need. I have asked them again for a complete breakdown of fees etc.
  3. Ok. I'll keep this shortish. In 2014 I had a CCJ against me for £1320 including court fees this ended up with a bailiff visiting and making an enforcement of goods order. I made a payment plan and have been paying £100 a month ever since for a debt totalling £1660. I paid £400 in June 2015 for a missed payment and to stop them threatening me. Missed payment due to changing bank account. They have charged me another £495 pounds saying that the enforcement went to stage 2 even though no one visited the house. I received no notice of this upgraded enforcement. Also I have discovered they h
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