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  1. I received a speeding fine , but my ex-employee was driving the vehicle. He was insured as an added driver. The form asks for his driving licence number.I don't have it,and I can't find thex-emplyee. Advice?
  2. I've received a speed ticket, via a speed camera. I have a named driver on my policy, and it was he who was driving the car. The form has asked me to name the driver (no problem to name him), but also wants his driving licence number, which I don't have, and he's not willing to give me. I'm not going to name myself as the driver, as it wasn't me who was driving. What do i do? Surely they will chase the named driver at his address (which I will provide to them)..is this so?
  3. Got a NIP for 37 in a 30mph zone. asking for a photo and camera calibration certificate. I've also stated in the letter that it's likely I will be travelling abroad for quite a while (up to 6 months), and don't know exactly where I'll be staying. I've provided them with the address of the first hotel I'll be staying in, and that they must write to that address or i won't see any correspondence.The hotel will forward any letters once I've stopped staying there. I'm concerned they'll ignore what I've told them, and they'll end up writing to my uk address, and I won't see the letters.
  4. what is the position if the foreign driver was insured on his own insurance to drive any car. Obviously I wouldn't have access to his insurance info, so wouldn't be able to give it to the authorities. Would that still make me liable for allowing someone to drive my car without insurance (even though, to the best of my knowledge, they were insured)?
  5. Thanks all. Have tried to contact previous owner, but with no success. PCN was in a company name, and I have registered the car in my company name. Bailiff left no details of PCN number on the notice of seizure, and refused to give me any information at the time he clamped me. Must be an abuse of process. My strong advice for everyone is to film the encounter with the bailiff at all times.That way he's less likely to lie when he knows the film could be used in evidence.
  6. As regards insurance, it may well be the case the new owner was also a driver of the vehicle (but not the registered owner) prior to buying it. For example, he may have been a salesman for the company, and bought the vehicle as part of a severance package. In this case the insurance certificate will not start on the day he bought the car, as he was already previously insured. I also don't see why you should have to provide evidence of purchase.Many private sales are done in cash for small amounts (a lot of cars sell for less than £1000) which the buyer could easily have had in his house
  7. thanks to all. yes, he got me with the van with his cameras on top. He left me a receipt.I paid £567 by visa card.He never got my signature.He just phoned my visa number thro' to his office. he said I'd be able to get a refund if I could prove I was the new owner. Yes, and pigs might fly. He also left a notice of seizure. It certainly was paid under duress, as he told me a van was coming in the next 30 mins to take the car away. He said he didn't know where it was going to be taken, and once it was gone I wouldn't be able to get my personal stuff from the car (surely not true!). I
  8. I understand from other similar cases a bailiff can tow a car away , even if you can prove you're the new owner and it's not your debt? Apparently they can "list" a vehicle so it's not legal for the owner with the debt to sell the car. But how would the buyer know it was listed? The seller's not going to tell them at the time of purchase.
  9. I have a hand written receipt from the seller , but for obvious reasons didn't have it with me at the time.
  10. My car was clamped by a bailiff today.I bought it 4 days ago, so logbook has been sent to DVLA, but not processed. Bailiff said car was in a company name before I bought it, and I'd have to prove I was the new owner (can't do cos don't have log book) or pay the debt. He started saying total debts were £3000, but wouldn't tell me which authorities it was owed to. he then said he'd "do me a favour" and let me off paying only one debt,of £577. I paid it by credit card , cos he said otherwise he'd take the car away. He never got my signature, but left me a receipt,made out to the o
  11. got done for 41 in a 30mph zone. Have noticed the camera isn't painted yellow, plus there are no lines on the road. The camera was just shy of some traffic lights. It's on the A41 in Edgware, Middlesex.Does anyone know this camera? It's a new one and must be catching lots of people. In addition, the car was being test driven by someone I don't know, who lives in New Zealand. He was covered on his own insurance. Have named him and his New Zealand address to the police.They have written back asking for his insurance details, which I don't have. I have told them I have written to h
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