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  1. Hi all, I received this from DWF in the post today. Also I did not receive a second letter dated 23/06/2018 as they've supposedly done. Should I be concerned? Particularly regarding the if you do not pay column. My mother hasn't mentioned anything further regarding credit entries related to this. Thank you
  2. I don't know but she said she was told by Virgin that she couldn't take out the contract due to an outstanding debt in regards to DWF and Sainsbury's. If they do challenge it and DWF refuse what then? As it isn't on my file can she do a notice of disassociation? I'm just worried that if I leave it and even if she does do that it could pop up somewhere else down the line. Hmm, true but that is what she said. I'll ask her again.
  3. I've been searching a lot for car insurance policies recently but this is the only one that seems like it might be connected to DWP, if at all. There is nothing whatsoever showing either DWF or RLP on my credit file and I used Clearscore and Noddle to check. Now I've checked more thoroughly the 'Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Uk' ref on 1st June says the purpose of it was an ID check whereas the others by the same company were in regards to car insurance. Do I just advise my mum to do the notice of disassociation and can I do this as well? We weren't financially connected in
  4. The Nectar card doesn't have the same name or details as me and I haven't used anyone else's details on it.
  5. The only thing that looks like it is related has come up under the name 'Lexisnexis Risk Solutions Uk' dated on the 1st June 2018, three days before anything was said to me. I googled them and they seem to be somewhat related. Could I do a notice of disassociation? If I pay will it make it go away? It says my 'short term debt' is £159, £150 of which is automatically from DWF and the £9 they've probably tacked on just because. And then long term debt is £0, so it sounds like it is all them.
  6. Okay, thank you. And if all else fails would it be best to just pay? I don't want this to affect anything in the future.
  7. That's what I'm wondering, plus I received no notification about this whatsoever. I don't remember signing anything. Do you have any idea on how I could check my credit file at all? Would I have to contact head office to obtain the SAR and how do I go about it?
  8. I highly doubt it as she said she was told this was in connection with Sainsbury's and she has never worked there.
  9. Honest to God, the two aren't connected. My mother only found out about this because of her enquiry with Virgin and came to ask me. I have never been with them.
  10. Okay, so if I do pay will this be taken off? Can she and I have a have a “notice of dissociation” on her report? How do I go about it? I don't entirely understand as DWF haven't contacted me at all about it and it has nothing to do with anybody else in my household.
  11. In other words, this is attached to my address so I'm in a pickle as to what to do. Should I just pay and have it taken off? i know this approach they've taken is far from legal but it seems they've attached it to my address and I did not steal money so I don't know why they're acting as if I have, but I really don't want further repercussions. Thanks again.
  12. Hi all, My mother has said she has tried to contact Virgin Mobile in regards to getting a contract phone but apparently it is on record that there is £150 owed by her because of this. Sainsbury's and DWF has not contacted me at all via post or telephone in regards to doing anything like this at all. Is this legal? should I ignore it? Many thanks for your assistance once again. Kind regards
  13. I* And that is something I'd much rather avoid, however little the risk.
  14. But my worry is that if they don’t they’ll tell Sainsbury’s and then they might be triggered to do so. I’m just wondering if they might given it’s been nearly three weeks and I resigned rather than be suspended and attend the investigatory meetings/dismissed.
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