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  1. my insurance is due for renewal in september. Area manager of kwikfit came to see me today very apologetic and assured me it will be fully repaired , they will cover all costs and provide me with a courtesy car while it is being repaired and returned back to me like new . with it being the weekend , he will get the ball rolling monday and contact me again monday
  2. morning and thankyou for the reply . will my insurance go up due to this even though its not my fault
  3. evening all , i am looking for a little advice as to what to do next . i took my car in for its MOT today at my local kwikfit and it passed im happy to say , i was handed my keys and certificate and i went to retrieve my car. i got in started the engine put my seat belt on and released the hand brake after puting it in to reverse and hadnt moved when there was a bang at the back , i looked in my mirror and saw a car going back into a fitting bay . i got out and looked at the back of my car and my bumper is all scuffed and and chunk missing out of it and my tailgate didnt at the corner .
  4. with it been six years and three month old they may leave it be now. fingers crossed still nothing showing on credit report either
  5. hi all , received a letter today from robinson way and it states dear mr xxxxxx we refer to the above account which will no longer be managed by this office all future payments and correspondence should be sent to our client directly, if you were paying us by standing order please cancel that instruction thankyou for your cooperation does this mean that's the end of it or will I be pestered some more later down the line I would just like to thank everyone for all the help I have been receiving on here ,you are all great!!!!!!
  6. thanks for that dx , I have sent your template letter to them and awaiting reply the letter they sent me says as follows dear xxxx further to your recent query , our client advises that the last payment received for this account was £5.00 in February 2009. the account is therefore not statute barred. please complete the enclosed financial statement and return with your affordable proposal for payment within the next 14 days
  7. this is the letter I will be sending to them, I have just added a bit to the statute barred letter template . is there anything I need to add Robinson Way Quays Reach Carolina Way Salford M50 2ZY Dear Sir/Madam Reference No: xxxxxxxxx Your company has contacted me in respect of the above account which you claim is owed by myself stating I have made an alleged payment in 2009. I have no acknowledgment of this payment and you have not provided me with a copy of the alledged payment. I am requesting a copy of this alleged payment I am
  8. am i right in thinking if it is no longer on my credit file that robinson way are just trying it on then
  9. ok thankyou,i will post there response when i get . thanks again for all your help
  10. Hi dx thankyou for the reply. I sent them the template letter only After the six year date which was in march I waited until it was no longer on credit file before sending it. Do i need to send proof and if so what proof can i send.
  11. hi everyone , I thought I was rid of robinson way after sending statute barred letter but I have received a letter today saying that I have made an alleged payment in 2009 for £5 and it is not statute barred and I need to pay the full amount. I have checked my credit file and this debt is no longer on file it has dropped off, are robinson way trying it on because I have never made a payment at all to Santander or robinson. any advice would be appreciated and thankyou everyone.
  12. thanks everyone , I will monitor it and hopefully I wont be harassed too much
  13. hi its just a copy of change of address form nothing else
  14. hi and thanks for the reply , I changed banks 2007 when I started my reclaim of charges and moved all direct debits to new bank so from then on nothing was going in or going out and I have denied all knowledge of the debt since /refused to pay the amount as it was all charges. they never renewed my bank card in December of 2007 or sent me anymore statements either. I was told on here that the default date on my credit report is not a true date as they default it upto three months earlier is this true? do I need to send any letter to robinson way or should I p
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