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  1. I could not challenge them for holding my wages because the on-going court case that I got I cleared off after a year. I now understand from what you have said they have submitted the correct amount I earned, so the P45 will not mater to HMRC. What can I do about them keeping my wages after being proved I owe them nothing and I paid tax & NI on my earnings.
  2. Sorry I mean employer. I had two final wage slips a year ago for the same date and never received the money into my bank account. I am always paid by BACS payments. I was not allowed to have contact with the company because of a court case going on. They said in writing they withheld my final salary, which a solicitor & barrister had seen. Now the court case is over after a year I have tried to get my P45 because they submitted the wrong figures to tax credits and I have paid tax and NI on money I have not received. ACAS said I will not get the money because it has been
  3. Hi, All I have not received my P45 from my employee from over a year ago. I asked again yesterday and they said go through a solicitor and they do not want to talk to me. It states on the HMRC website that your employee must give you your P45 by law. I do not think it is fair to go through a solicitor and pay out money to get it. Is there another option for me to get my P45 because the amount I earned is different from what they submitted to HMRC. They said they paid me a wage that works out almost double my original wage and two payments in month. No money went into
  4. I got all my fees from B & S and the email was quite pleasant, not like the last one. I have a friend’s dad who was a local magistrate and only stopped when the court moved location and I had the pleasure of talking to him and he said pay direct with the council explain your situation and challenge the fees. 13/11/13 +46.00 +46.00 0.00 Levy Fee: 13/11/13 13/11/13 +12.00 +12.00 0.00 W/Poss Up To: 13/11/13 13/11/13 +24.50 +24.50 0.00 Redemption Fee (Head H): 13/11/13 28/02/14 +230.00 +230.00 0.00 Van/Abortive Removal Fees
  5. I wil goto the LGO and are they allowed to move to stage 2 without even asking if you are happy with the outcome of stage 1 as I am waiting on B & S reply.
  6. The women at the council moved it to stage 2 without telling me, so I asked her to pass my review on to someone else becasue there was no notification it had been moved to stage 2 and I was not happy with the outcome of the compliant. I know it sounds silly, but it looks better for me if they are trying to get the complaint gone wihtout follwoing proper procedure. I stated stage one and reminded her in an email and she said now we are on stage 2 and I sent back where is the email to show that. No Reply
  7. I think the balliff alone coming to our house was scary enough when I knew nothing about them and I would not know if he acted correctly or not and only these forms and after speaking to certain people did they say about hp on a levy and other items. The levy got made when my wife had her money stopped for 6 weeks because she resigned from her job and there is a crown court case going on and we had to sell stuff to live and could not keep up with payments on everything. It seems unfair to me my wife got her money stopped and because we coulc not pay a bill we get an extra £230 on it fo
  8. I have done that and I am waiting for a reply. Thanks for all your help though and I will post my response once I get it.
  9. I read what you put on another thread and I have requested my fees to be broken down for me in 14 days. In an email I received saying there was van and a driver and because it was 7:30 am and a loud knock a few people witnessed it being one person and a vericle not even big enough to remove goods. In the letter they change what they said in the email, so my point is they first said it was for a van, driver and balliff and in the letter they say the balliff could of called on a contractor to remove goods and that would of been added to your fees. Email We note your commen
  10. Thanks for your reply. I will an email to them. Should I (cc) in the council as well and let B & S know I have? Well the levy had no makes or models listed and they listed a hp sofa, so does that make it invalid?
  11. Thankyou it is very stressful and just becasue they think thery got power and write powerful letters does not mean they are right.
  12. What is my step of action? Also I have an email saying the costs were for a balliff and a driver ie van costs and in the letter they state he was by himself. We note your comments regarding Van/Abortive removal fee, however, the Van/Abortive Removal Fee is charged under schedule 5, located on the back of the Notice of Seizure of Goods left with the debtor at the time of the levy. It is charged for an attendance with a vehicle, with a view to removing goods (where, following the levy, goods are not removed). We are directed by the schedule to charge reasonable cos
  13. I need some help asap please becasue I got a response from the balliffs. A he lied to gain entry - (They said I had to prove this). B he never went upstairs to check what was there and took your word for what was there - (They said the balliff must be able to physically touch them the inventory is not elaborate and the baliff has nothing to gain by not entering the room and checking the goods). C some of your goods are on HP and not allowed to be seized - (Why did we not mention the goods were on HP and the seizure was done on the 13/11/2013 and this is the first mention tha
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