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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm hoping all you knowledgable folk on here can offer your assistance . I started a part time job last year. During the interview, I explained that I was looking for part time hours to enable me to pursue a hobby, which I also get paid for, not much but I do it because I love it. I don't claim any credits or anything like that, money isn't everything to me. They were receptive to this and liked hearing about it. They also explained to me that sometimes they may ask that I do some overtime during heavy workload periods, not often, just an hour or so here and there, which I was fine with. I was also told that it is optional, so if I am busy with my hobby then it's not a problem as long as it doesn't interfere with my normal working hours, which it doesn't. But the overtime is constant, not occasional. If they ask me if I can come in an hour early or stay for an extra hour, I will if I don't have plans. Even then, if my own workload takes me over my finish time, I will stay until I've finished to make sure it's done so it doesn't delay other departments. For example, last week they asked if I could come in an hour early, which I did, and I also stayed an hour later without being asked due to my own work, as mentioned above. I should also say that all overtime is paid. However, it seems that the optional aspect may not be entirely true. For example, I was told that I have to stay for an hour longer due to the workload. It was inconvenient and I missed out on earning a few pennies from my hobby that evening due to it, but it didn't matter to them. I have also overheard little comments and tuts from other team members when I'm leaving for the day and they're staying behind, but they haven't been asked to, they're doing it off of their own backs. I don't see how them staying behind is my problem if my workload has been finished and theirs has not. So really, I'm not happy that this overtime doesn't appear to be optional in most circumstances, despite what I was told in the interview and what it says in my contract, and I'm not happy with the other team member's attitude towards me. I realise that I probably can't do much about the latter, it's the most two-faced place I've worked to be honest. Where do I stand? As the overtime is optional then I have every right to turn it down if I'm unable to do it, right? It's really getting me down, I can't make plans anymore and the attitude stinks. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all I'm new to the forum so bear with me, I'm very sorry if this is all rather long winded. I have a full time fixed term contract for one year with my current employer. This was due to terminate on 11th September 2012 but I was aware that my continued employment with the company was expected. So I requested a meeting 2 weeks ago to negotiate terms ( so that i would have my months notice if they were not accepted) Eventually, the meeting goes ahead, with a manager who is not my manager as stated in my contract, and the HR manager taking notes (I was told by HR that I had no right to accompaniment because it was an informal meeting) My proposal was a move to part time (28) hours, with a pro rata pay rise and I listed the following reasons Pay rise- would meet industry standard, I have gained experience, exceeded everything required of me, taken over training of two assistants and developed new techniques to increase my efficiency for the company. Part time hours- changes within the company and a new procedure that i implemented allow me to manage my workflow much better now, the training I have given my assistants will enable them to take over some of my tasks. But the manager just said no, he considered it a full time position, even though I had an answer for each of his "scenarios" and the fact is that he has little to no experience of what I do day to day. I even suggested a 3 month probationary period so that I could prove to them that it will work. I was told I had the options of either renewing the contract as is (no pay rise, no changes) or rejecting it. As a result I have had to refuse and am currently working my notice. My question is, can they refuse me outright like this, even though my proposal makes sense for the company and will not negatively affect it in any way? I have a feeling that they can, but I just wanted to check if there is anything I can do because it just seems so unfair. I feel like they are refusing to even give me a chance The people making the decision don't even understand my job so how can they judge better than me what it requires?!
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