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Found 23 results

  1. Yesterday in the House of Commons, Sir Greg Knight's Private Members Bill entitled: Parking (Code of Practice) Bill received its 2nd reading. The support that he received was overwhelming (and thoroughly deserved) and the Bill now passes to the Committee stage. Rougue private parking operators have cause for concern. Yesterdays debate is worthy of reading: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/debat...ailiff#g1160.0
  2. Letting Agents Registration and Code of Practice Comes into force 31st January 2018 ***Scotland Only*** The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 made provisions for the mandatory letting agent registration, regulation and training requirements in Scotland. Housing (Scotland) Act 2014: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2014/14/contents/enacted Part 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 makes provision for the registration, regulation and training requirements for letting agents in Scotland. They include a mandatory register of letting agents, a ‘fit and proper’ person test, training req
  3. I rang the GP surgery due to having problems with the online booking system, this particular bad mannered receptionist talked down to me in a demeaming manner, telling me to use the online booking system at 7.45am in the morning. I tell her the online booking system is showing the next 3 weeks as not available to book an appointment and question her why? Her response to use it 7.45am in the morning or ring for an appointment at 8am. I tell her I can't because I'm travelling to work that time, she responds thats the only option and she gets more and more agressive during the call, like she's on
  4. I was surfing as normal and came across a very new code of practice from an LA in this case Halton Borough Council (HBC) dated the 17/05/2016 I have briefly read it and seems rather fair although at this time it is in it's draft format. Thoughts anyone? Link here >> http://councillors.halton.gov.uk/documents/s32725/Code%20of%20Practice%20draft.docx
  5. Hello, I'm after some insight into employment law please, as I'm at a total loss. I was employed last year on a 24 hour a week contract. (I've now worked about 11 months, so I'm well aware I'm under the two years needed to avoid being fired for any reason for making a fuss). However, every week since I commenced my employment I've regularly worked between 30 and 65 hours a week. I'm also paid weekly. I asked about holiday entitlement yesterday as I've already had two weeks off (10 days) but was only paid 4 of them as holiday. I was told that because my contract is for
  6. The following report has been issued today by Citizen's Advice: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Global/CitizensAdvice/Debt%20and%20Money%20Publications/Thestateofdebtcollection.pdf
  7. Within the reply I received from the judicator was; "the business has accepted that its level of service was poor during their investigation of your **** fraud allegations and complaint. In this respect, the business has agreed to my suggestion that they award a payment of £150 for any trouble and upset caused" The above offer/award is only available to me if I sign to accept that it is a "full and final settlement of this complaint". Although this would not prevent me asking an ombudsman to make a final decision.
  8. Before signing my Pru pension claim form I did not know how much I would get. They clearly state prior to claim that the pension pot figure is a "quote" and could vary by 10%. In my case approx 4500 above or below their "quote". Theirs and the government literature advised me to shop around. They advised me to think before I decided. How can you shop around when you don't know how much you've got? How can you make a decision when you don't know what you've got? I complained. They didn't answer my complaint, they sent me £175 but no letter telling me what it was. I rang them to
  9. Hi Just some advice. Went to Mexico 8yrs ago. Hubby bought me ring and matching earrings consisting of white and blue diamonds. Had valued when I got home and all good. Last night I went to get them from my jewelry box as it was my daughters prom but they weren't there. I've ripped the house apart but can't find them. I rang my insurance company and they've accepted the claim and I've been told I'll be contacted by LMG to discuss my options. The ring and earrings were handmade to what I wanted. They've said LMG will try there best to replicate them and if not I can have a
  10. Hi, I contacted SHELTER SCOTLAND regarding Calling up notice in Scotland and they gave me a very good information .Below i have paste the information from Shelter Scotland for fellow Scots who's been threathend Repossession by the Bank. Dear .............. Further to our telephone conversation I have the following information for you. I note that you wish to challenge a Calling-up Notice on the basis that RBS have so far failed to provide you with a breakdown of the money due by you. There are two legal provisions to consider at this stage. There are t
  11. CCTV code of practice - revised http://ico.org.uk/about_us/consultations/our_consultations Responses to this consultation must be submitted by 1 July 2014.
  12. As from 1st February 2011 those Log Book Loan companies that are members for the Consumer Credit Trade Association have to adhere to a new code of practice, this new code of conduct covers debt collection, enforcement of arrears and innocent purchasers of vehicles with previous log book loans attached. Log Book Loans Code of Practice 5. THIRD PARTY PURCHASERS 5.1 Members shall afford innocent purchasers of vehicles, that are subject to a Bill of Sale, the same protection as afforded under the Hire-Purchase Act 1964 Part III - „Title to Motor Vehicles on Hire-Purchase or Co
  13. alalia

    Practice managers

    Hiya, I was just wondering. when you make a complaint to a GP surgeries practice manager, do they have the right to tell you who to take it higher to, but then send your emails off and open a case up with YOUR complaint themselves? Is this a breach of confidentiality? Surely it is up to the complainant if they actually want to take the complaint higher. I hope that made sense lol.
  14. Brighthouse stopped their "optional" insurance from 2nd September and started to sell their goods and insurances as part of one package. I guess they did this as many people were claiming back the money they had paid for the insurances Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations says that unfair commercial practices are prohibited. Brighthouse were previously saying the insurances were now optional but have since taken the optional away and are forcing customers to pay for the insurances whether they want them or not. This I believe is just another unfair
  15. New Subject Access Code of Practice The ICO has published its new Subject Access Code of Practice. During 2012/13 the ICO received more complaints about subject access requests than any other topic, with over 6,000 complaints handled during this period. One in six of these complaints related to the financial sector, while one in ten related to the health sector. A link to the new Code of Practice is below: . http://www.ico.org.uk/~/media/documents/library/Data_Protection/Detailed_specialist_guides/subject-access-code-of-practice.PDF
  16. Payout for used car salesman, 52, fired for being ‘too old’ A used car salesman thrown on the scrapheap because of his age has won a multi-thousand pound payout. Gary Hawkins, 52, took legal action against the Black Country motor dealership Carcraft where he worked as manager after complaining he’d been told there were too many miles on his bodyclock. Speaking after a Birmingham employment tribunal backed his claim of age discrimination, he said: “I have struck a blow for middle aged men and women everywhere.” And the Sutton Coldfield businessman, who has a four-year-old daug
  17. Hi Bought a car (BMW 520) from carcraft Merseyside, 8months ago. They sold me a finance package with exorbitant interest rate (black horse) on the pretext that If i paid the whole sum within 14 days (which I was going to), I would not pay a penny in interest & by me signing upto this finance package, they Will get a commission. As I had nothing to loose, I agreed & signed in good faith.i was also promised that should I find it difficult to pay the full amount within 14 days, they will refinance within that period in a very competitive interest rate as they (car craft) had their
  18. Shocking stories of bullying following their incompetence in correct billing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2232395/EDF-bullies-threatened-debt-collectors.html
  19. Citizens Advice says more and more people will soon be at the mercy of aggressive debt collectors, and that an industry not known for compassion needs reining in. By Jon Robins The sum of £13 might seem trivial, but for Kerry Goodwin it led to an unpleasant doorstep encounter with a bailiff demanding immediate payment of more than £500. The small sum was a fee incurred for late payment of a £50 parking fine in 2011. Goodwin, 29 and from Fareham, Hampshire, bought a parking ticket, thought she had displayed it, but on her return found a notice on her windscreen and no ticket to be seen. Fa
  20. Hi, hope this is the right place to post. I received a threatening letter from a DCA shortly after they bought my debt. Letter was a threat to put a charging order on my property. I've since discovered from reading the OFT rules on unfair practice that a threat that a legal action eg a charging order before any court has made a judgement is deemed unfair. Can anyone tell me or point me to other threads of how I go about reporting this to the OFT. I have copied the original letter from the DCA and they have since sent me a screen print of correspondence sent to me whi
  21. As the title suggests. I recently asked why Sefton council continue to use such a disreputable firm as Jacobs Certified Bailiffs to collect on council tax arrears even when the person(s) being persued hvae tried to make reasonable repayments and repayment scheme with the council. Their reply was that they had a duty by law to the residents of the borrough to collect on unpaid council tax as quickly as possible. They also deny having any knowledge of any instances where there have been complaints, upheld or otherwise, against Jacobs Certified Bailiffs acting on their instruction.
  22. I note that the BPA have published their new Code of Practice on their website, It is interesting to read the maximum charge of £100 is mentioned time and time again. However, I am at a loss to understand how amounts such as this can be an accurate pre estimate of loss particularly when the Department for Transport has issed the following statement. Charges for breaking a parking contract must be reasonable and a genuine pre-estimate of loss. This means charges must compensate the landholder only for the loss they are likely to suffer because the parking contract has been broken. For exam
  23. As published by BIS in May,the codes will include; a good practice customer charter explaining how the loan works and the costs involved; a commitment to inform customers three days before money is withdrawn; increased transparency about loan repayment so that consumers can make informed decisions and are not surprised by hidden payments; more help for customers in financial difficulty by freezing charges and interest; robust credit and affordability assessments to ensure loans are suitable for the customer’s situation; and effective compliance monitoring
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