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  1. Just to update the thread as promised, I called ACAS and they said if I've worked 60 hrs a week for the last 6 months, then that is my new contract and my holiday entitlement should be based on that. I talked to my boss with this new knowledge and he said - (to quote) "Congratulations, you are correct, but bad luck you can either **** off or accept my conditions". Great. I'm now correct and without a job.
  2. Hi, I've only just joined so don't really have any right to dictate how this site should be run, but I can't imagine many children sign up to CAG about injustices of lost pocket money or the tax taken by school bullies at the gate, so I wonder why mild cuss words like **** or *** are blocked out. Who are the moderators scared of offending? I mean, if you're over 18 and you've been ripped off and looking for justice then saying **** or **** might be understandable. What's the CAG fear? Can any site team explain?
  3. I agree, it's terrible. Everyone who decides they can't work should get as much money as they feel they deserve for free, without any question, for ever. None of your previous posts sound like a political rant at all Sadone. Do you really, really think Labour would do any different?
  4. I had a group interview a few years ago. I still don't fully understand it, but there was a massive mirror on one of the four walls, and looking back now I imagine it was a 2-way mirror. We sat around a table for about 20 mins before any management turned up, so I imagine they were watching how we interacted with each other, who was the natural leader, who was the weak one, etc. So I guess the purpose of group interviews is to see what floats and what sinks, who can work together as a team, who is in it for themselves. It's a bit brutal, but quite sensible from an employer's perspective really if you think about it.
  5. Hmmm, fine. I don't see a problem there at all then.
  6. ok, thanks for that. I'll give them a call tomorrow and let you know what they say. Zoe x
  7. I'd love to be the test case! If any of you good people want to have a whip-round for my legal fees I promise you I won't disappoint!!! Ha! Hopefully, fair play, honour, integrity still mean something in the workplace so it won't have to come to that. Or am I just naive despite being too old school for my own good?
  8. Hi, exactly, I spoke with the boss today and he said for a full time contract worker it's 20 days holiday a year plus bank holidays, but because my contract is 24 hours a week (ie part time) I only get a pro rata holiday entitlement. Apologies if I come off a bit aggro but I'm really irritated right now. Appreciate any help offered. I'm just annoyed that with under 2 years service the law says I can basically go whistle if I don't like it!
  9. Thanks, but it doesn't really answer my question. I KNOW what my 24hr a week contract entitles me to, but I work up to 65hr a week, EVERY week since I started! Is there no moral obligation to pay me holiday based on my hours worked over a year, or are they simply within their rights to pretend I only work 24hrs, and if I don't like it I can just f off and be a wage slave somewhere else, etc?
  10. Relax, there's no way you'll go to jail! It's not big deal in the great scheme of things. But can I just get it straight - you have three kids with your husband, your husband bought a house for you and him and your three kids to live in, but because he works away a lot of the time and you don't sleep together anymore it's fine for you to claim single parent status? Have I got that right?
  11. Hello, I'm after some insight into employment law please, as I'm at a total loss. I was employed last year on a 24 hour a week contract. (I've now worked about 11 months, so I'm well aware I'm under the two years needed to avoid being fired for any reason for making a fuss). However, every week since I commenced my employment I've regularly worked between 30 and 65 hours a week. I'm also paid weekly. I asked about holiday entitlement yesterday as I've already had two weeks off (10 days) but was only paid 4 of them as holiday. I was told that because my contract is for 24 hours a week my holiday is only pro rata. Taking in to account 45 payslips I've now had, the mean average working hours is 45hrs p/w. Surely I should be entitled to more than my contracted hours of holiday entitlement, or am I just ****ing in the wind?
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