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  1. Hi guys, On the 12th of september I had just had a mis-carriage and been discharged from hospital. I also had a flight that evening at 9pm to a family wedding in spain. I rushed to primark to gather last minute things; whilst grabbing clothes i was struggling to hold all my shopping and couldn't see any shopping bags near me so i places a PJ set and a bra into my actual handbag. Through the stress and rush I went to the cashier and paid for everything in my hand which was (£40+) and did not pay for the two items in my handbag - which is a huge oversight on my half (but i w
  2. Hello. My employer tried to make a thing about how I performed my duties whilst working on the shop floor. Whilst going over the footage with them (nothing found), I seen that the CCTV showed footage of me getting changed down to my underwear (as there are no changing rooms). HR and my supervisor have both seen this footage. The employer hasn't registered with the ICO to use the CCTV but also hasn't put up signage, etc in the workplace to say that CCTV will be used and watched. Is there a legal position on this or am I getting needlessly upset?
  3. I have CCTV pointing to three external walls and I'm planning a house move. If you saw a house with CCTV on it for sale, would you still consider it? I am in a quandary over will CCTV prevent my house sale and should I risk taking it down? H
  4. Hello. My employer has CCTV pretty much everywhere on the premises and uses it in Disciplinary matters. I notice that they have not registered with the ICO to use the CCTV. Should they have and, if so, why wouldn't they have? Laziness / didn't know that they had to, etc?
  5. Hello. Early last year I suffered an accident at work when a large object fell on me. What followed was a pretty unpleasant 6-9 months but I am almost back to normal now. The accident was reported and I completed an accident report verbally which was recorded. Before Christmas last year I verbally asked to see the CCTV footage of the incident and was told that I could but then I never got around to it again due to the Christmas break. Last week I asked the head of Health and Safety if I could see the footage and he told me that he was 99% it had been lost. I asked how th
  6. Hi all. I've started work in a new place......well 5 months ago. I'm in an office of 18 people. We have 6 cameras. No signs. No Policy. No information. And I know that our Site manager is using them to watch us coming and going and to see if we are on our mobiles during working time. I feel very uneasy about this and have been told stories whereby the knowledge of a person's particular activity could only have come from monitoring the cameras. There is nothing valuable, confidential, sensitive or anything worth stealing. We have no problem with any type of pett
  7. I recently had to install a hidden CCTV camera in the staff room, as various things including staff property was going missing. We have managed to catch the culprit, and presented with the evidence they handed in their notice. The trouble is, the other staff have obviously found out about the CCTV and are complaining about being filmed covertly, claiming right to privacy etc. I have responded that I was entitled to film them, as things were going missing, it is in their contracts that CCTV is in use and right to privacy only really applies to areas such as changing
  8. I picked up on this very useful link from another thread: https://www.gov.uk/request-cctv-footage-of-yourself Does anyone know if this applies to domestic CCTV systems as well?
  9. My friend works in a nightclub, she was asked by her boss to download 15 hrs (3 cameras @ 5hrs each) of CCTV footage and post to a customer - the customers bag went missing, it was so she could view to see if she could identify who took her bag. My friend feels because of data protection she should not have sent this footage - none of the footage was obscured. Her boss asked her to do it but she fears repercussions. What is the law re CCTV and what could happen to my friend or her boss?
  10. Hi. My father in law was shopping last Wednesday in Manchester City Centre and visited a book store. He was with his wife. They are both in their late 70's. During the visit, then went down 3 flights of stairs in store to the book section, but after the 3 flights of stairs, there were 2 steps that you couldn't see. My FIL fell and as he was going down, he tried to grab a stand and cut his hand open. He also smashed his face into the floor and was bleeding heavily from his nose. Staff came to help and my MIL was furious about no signs for the 2 small steps, and the staff were
  11. Hi Guys, Need your advice on this unusual problem. Sorry story is a bit long. I’ll spilt it by bullet point to make it easier to read: 1. 23 Dec 2016 – went to the store made small purchase requested £50 cashback. Was deep in my thoughts. Felt a bit awkward at the end of interaction with cashier who started behaving strangely by completely ignoring me and started chatting with colleague. After packing few purchased items I was waiting patiently not realising what for. Felt as something did not finish - no eye contact from cashier, no thanks / goodbye. I’ve felt a bit strange and
  12. Hi everyone, I was driving last night, i needed to take right turn but stupidly i jumped the red light. I realized when i i came in the middle of the road n then i stoped my car there . I carried on when signal became green . There was cctv camera in the front of the pool which was i m asuming monitoring yellow box junction of the other lane. I have attached some pics of that junction which shows the location of the camera . I m wondering can that cctv camera catch redlight offence or not? Thx Sorry pic is attached here ...
  13. As an enquirers thread was being diverted I have kicked off this thread to discuss CCTV and BWC. As E Munch has highlighted ICO concerns and DPA on this thread at post# 8 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?457929-Bristow-and-Sutor-%28Council-Tax%29-threatened-ARREST-if-not-pay-NOW...%282-Viewing%29-nbspdress happens to be right number wrong street I will kick off with the other side of the coin as in an aggressive EA is captured on a debtor's doorstep CCTV trying to intimidate a 14 year old daughter who looks 18, with no other adult present. DPA issues?
  14. Yellow Box Junctions are, in general terms, a good thing. They allow traffic from minor roads access to main roads in heavy traffic. The problem that we have had in London for some years, and coming soon to the rest of the country, is where the council uses them as ‘money boxes’ to raise revenue thru CCTV. One west London junction raised £2.7m a year, and there are many others I would like an amendment to the "Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002" requiring councils to put up signs advising drivers of CCTV monitoring of yellow box junctions – if the aim of the yellow box
  15. My neighbour and I are having problems with anti social behaviour from the school we live next to. We both appreciate that children will be naughty sometimes but due to the complete lack of supervision by the school during play periods they run riot. The main problem is stone throwing into our gardens which has already resulted in two broken windows but the school deny it has anything to do with them. My neighbour wants to install a CCTV camera at the bottom of his garden pointing directly at the play area but I am saying he cannot do this. Is he correct in thinking he can do t
  16. I know this has been posted on Local authority & Traffic offences thread but big implications for private land enforcement - CCTV cameras who catch and send out automatic tickets to 'offenders' are to be banned. Interesting. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2981794/10-minute-let-avoid-parking-ticket-month-new-law-let-overstay-meter-without-fine.html People power works!!!!
  17. Hi all, this is my first visit I have a 14 year old son who was recently diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, which is a form of Autism. He has obsessive tendencies, which is one of the symptoms, and as such 'demands' that I take him to his favourite places on a Saturday. I approached my employer and asked for my hours to be amended to accommodate this and was open and honest and explained the situation fully. They made me fill in the relevant forms, and then knocked me back, stating their reasons, all of which dont hold any water. They first claim cost when I proved that cost w
  18. Please only read this if you can provide useful help. I am just a small cog, in a huge manufacturing plant that has its own site security who man the gates checking lorries leaving. This morning I had to leave night shift early due to a private hospital appointment. This was pre-planned, and accepted by my boss, and I also had the proof letter. There are 2 lanes to exit, with retractable bollards, and safety barriers that can also be raised. As there was a long que of lorries in the left hand lane, I chose to use the open right hand lane as the first set of bollards & barr
  19. HI everyone I work in field sales, and my manager audited me and was viewing cctv of my visit to a store which they then used to say i wasn't doing my job correctly I'm just wondering if this is legal for them to do that
  20. Footage of a woman in Greater Manchester getting dragged along as a man attempts to steal her car is "utterly shocking", police have said. It shows a man running into Deb Smythe's Audi as she opened a car park barrier at Green Pest Control, Ripponden Road, Oldham on Friday. The 52-year-old from Oldham struggled with the suspect and was dragged along with the car as it was reversed back into Ripponden Road. The offender then fled on foot. 'Extremely lucky' He ran off towards Littlemoor Road after the 90-second struggle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manch
  21. I seriously need advise on this issue> I parked in a loading bay to pickup an order from a shop at about 20:45hrs, it was a side street off kingsland road. the sign says "loading bay" with a pictures of a man pushing a trolley. I checked the sign because of the time but nothing else was stated on the sign. because of the time of the night, I did not think much of it. I received a PCN notice couple of days later,"penalty charge notice for parking in a loading bay without loading. cctv camera show no loading." I made a representat
  22. Hello CAG members. After receiving a PCN for a contravention in Tower Hamlets Old Montague St E1, I have composed this appeal. I was parked for about 15 mins and there was no traffic warden visible so no ticket issued at the time. The PCN has stills taken from a CCTV camera. The appeal explains all and I would like to ask members if I have overlooked anything and if I should add / remove anything for a satisfactory outcome. Dear Sir / Madam, I wish to appeal the above PCN issued by CCTV on the following grounds: The vehicle had come to a stop in Old M
  23. Hi there As mentioned in the subject line - the PCN i received yesterday gives me 14 days for the discounted period but according to law introduced in 2008 any PCN issued on private land by CCTV should have 21 days as the discount period Would this give me grounds for appeal to invalidate the ticket? Ticket was received in a Currys car park in stockport if there are differences by region Any help greatly appreciated Cheers Ross
  24. Hello Everyone. Please advise me in relation to the PCN with following details: Date of alleged contravention: 16/03/2014 Date of PCN: 25/03/2014 Contravention: Parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle (code 23L) in a loading place for goods vehicle only I made a number of requests to view video recording of the evidence. This was not made available. Instead a charge certificate was sent. I then made the representation without seeing the evidence and without ascertaining whether the contravention occurred or not on grounds of procedural impropr
  25. A few weeks ago my car was parked on a residential road overnight, during the night the car was severely scratched with keys on all 4 sides (bonnet, boot, drivers and passenger sides) causing approximately £2000 of damage. I reported the incident to the police, who sent officers out to take a look and log the incident. 4 days later I received a call to let me know they would be making enquiries, knocking on doors, looking for witnesses and for any cctv. The following day I received a letter (dated 2 days prior to the call) saying there was very little that could be done so the case wou
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