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  1. Hi. Thanks for the responses so far. I told him yesterday to see his GP on Monday morning and let him look at his injuries. The GP will then be able to determine whether he needs it looking at further. I went into the store today and took some pictures. The 2 steps now have black and yellow hazard tape on the edges. I ot a better idea once I was there of the layout and at either side of the steps are display units. This is what he grabbed as he fell and how he cut his hand open. Speaking to him earlier, he confirmed it was the metal edging of this stand (so I have said 'maybe'
  2. Hi. My father in law was shopping last Wednesday in Manchester City Centre and visited a book store. He was with his wife. They are both in their late 70's. During the visit, then went down 3 flights of stairs in store to the book section, but after the 3 flights of stairs, there were 2 steps that you couldn't see. My FIL fell and as he was going down, he tried to grab a stand and cut his hand open. He also smashed his face into the floor and was bleeding heavily from his nose. Staff came to help and my MIL was furious about no signs for the 2 small steps, and the staff were
  3. Just an update. I got a reconstituted copy as above and sent off the next letter etc. Now EOS keep ringing me asking me to pay, saying that even though there is no agreement, they will go to court for a default and will get a CCJ. Just had another phonecall now saying I need to send £1 and letter to EOS for a copy of the agreement. Told them they dont have one as I've already been in touch with Grattan. She said 'did you get the items delivered when you ordered them' I asked what that had to do with anything and she said 'well you can't expect to have good and not pay for them
  4. Sorry, I seem to be going round in circles, but I can't find where the template is for the next letter, can anyone help? Thanks
  5. I got a copy of the CCA today and it's not a signed copy, just a 'reconstituted copy of the CCA' They have written my name and address on the top, but nothing there I have signed. Time for the next letter I think
  6. I've sent off a registered CCA letter today, I hope that al least keeps them off my back until I can sort out a payment plan. I'm not disputing what I owe, or even trying to get out of paying for it, I just refuse to pay for a middle man.
  7. I have an account with Grattan and have done for about 10 years and never defaulted on payments. About 12 months ago I was put on ESA as I had to give up work due to illness (tribunal next week, another thread!) .. Anyway, when I lost my job and went on benefits I contacted everyone and negotiated payments with them and have not defaulted on those either. Now Grattan have contacted me and asked for normal payments to resume (£95.00 per month) and I can't afford it. I was paying them £25 per month and just about managing. They put me through to Kensington Finance who went through all my
  8. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Ok, first the good news! I WON I have a cheque in front of me now for £597.75 which is my charges, interest and court costs. Now the tricky bit My account is £922 overdrawn, with charges continuing. So even if I pay this cheque into the account I am still overdrawn and have to go through the whole process again. I did get an OD charge taken off when it was going through the process as I rang them and told them the account was currently being invesigated, but since then I have had 3 £30 charges and interest too. So even if I pay in the cheque I got, clear the ch
  9. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Anyone ...please!
  10. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    OH NOOOOOOOO!! I never sent my court pack off! It had to be in for the 8th and I have no other excuse than I completely forgot. Have I ruined everything now??????? I can't beleive I forgot ... how dumb am I???????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Ok. I have 2 days to get my court pack in. Can anyone help me with this? Do I just get every letter I have sent and had sent to me (apart from those WP) and send 'photocopies' to the court or the originals. Also, should I send a cop to Cahoot (or ring and ask them if they want one to see if they are willing to make an offer?) I'm getting twitchy now but will fight this until the end. Thanks
  12. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Uh oh! Got a letter this morning and I have to go to court! The letter reads District Judge has considered the statements of the case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track. AND ORDERED THAT 1. This claim is allocated to the Small Claims Track 2. The Parties shall exchange the following not later than 4pm on 8th December 06 (a) The written statements of evidence of any witnesses whose evidence is relied on in support of or in defence of the claim (b) Copies of any documents which a party propose to rely on 3. T
  13. meeru

    Meeru vs Cahoot

    Not heard anything yet ... Don't know if no news is good news but I'm hoping to reslove this soon. Cheers
  14. Hi. I do have my own thread which I will stick to, but I am asking this here as I think it might be useful to others. When I first got my credit card, I was paying a percentage each month towards a payment break plan. A few years later when I came out of work I took up the payment break plan and had to send the bank proof of benefits each month. After two years they said that the plan had reached the limit and now I would have to pay the account off. I arranged to pay them £40 pcm and I have stuck to it so far. However, I notice I am still paying approx £8 pcm (give or ta
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