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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I got an OPC parking ticket back in December for blocking the road of a private estate (back of a shopping centre that has flats on the top) I was annoyed but in the end I decided it was my fault so I payed the £50. In February i was parked in the same private parking area only this time in one of the bays provided (I would also like to point out that i used to park in this place everyday for 3 years when i worked in the shopping centre and never got a ticket) and I got another ticket! i looked around and no other cars parked like me or the ones blocking the street had tickets. I looked around for the OPC sign and it was opposite the exit road so I never saw it until i went looking. I decided to ignore this ticket after reading some forums and legal pages. This morning i found a letter from them demanding payment of £100 immediately or they will take legal action! Should I bite the bullet and pay this as I do not have money to cover any additional legal costs they are threatening? Thanks
  2. I recently got a parking ticket from CP Plus for parking at Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow. I parked on a small stretch of road which lead into one of the carparks, which had double yellow lines along it, with the exception of one area in the middle just slightly longer than a car length, which looked like it had been newly tarmacked, hence the broken yellow lines. It was within this space which I parked. Outwith the broken lines, I must also say the condition of the lines either side were terrible. I took photos when I got back to my car of my car in the space, then the empty space showing clearly the extent of the broken lines and the very poor condition of the lines either side. I think this is a simple one to appeal by using the photos taken, just looking for a little advise if there is anything I should be quoting / referring to in my appeal? All help is much appreciated.
  3. A Bailiff hand delivered a letter today giving me 24 hours to pay £265 for an outstanding parking ticket. The thing is, I have written to the Local Authority twice about this, as I had used their automated telephone system a couple of days after receiving the fine and believed it paid. The first I knew it was overdue was when I received a letter advising me that the fee had increased from £35 to £70. I wrote and told them that I thought this had been paid by telephone and asked that under the circumstances (i.e the apparent failure of their system) would I be expected to pay the additional £35? I received no response to this letter until I received another notice taking the total to £105. I wrote again, enclosing the first letter asking for an immediate, urgent response as I did not feel that I should be liable for any charge over the £70, which I would have paid (under protest) had they responded to my initial correspondence. I also said that I felt that I was being used as a cash resource due to an innocent mistake on my part. Again, I have received nothing from the Local Authority until today. I explained the above to the Bailiff over the telephone this afternoon, but he told me I have 24 hours to find £265 and if I don't pay it will go up to £320 then £380, etc. until I pay or he'll take my property. I can scrape the money together, but I'm furious that it's come this far. What are my rights and do I have any recourse to claim some of the money back (I accept the first £35, possibly even £70, but no more) if I pay it out tomorrow afternoon? Please can you advise? Thanks. Lynette
  4. Hi Guy's Was hoping someone could give a little advice. My Partner and i took my disabled grandmother food shopping and were dropping her home. (She lives on a busy main road (main bus route) which recently has had CCTV and double yellow lines put outside her house and the nearby shops.) My grandmother cannot walk unaided and therefore when i pick her up or drop her off i usually park outside her house and mount the kerb (two wheels). This is for two reasons, the first because this is the closest point to her front door and secondly, due to it being a busy bus route i do not want to obstruct the traffic and buses as this would be unsafe. I should also add that everyone on this road parks their cars on the pavement everyday and have been doing so for over 30 years. We received the PCN through the post and my wife appealed attaching my grandmothers disabled badge and a proof of address in the form of a utility bill. The appeal was rejected and we were given the option of a further appeal to an independent adjudicator which my wife did again as she is the registered owner of the vehicle. We received a letter on 19th March stating that our appeal would be heard on Monday 14th April and that any additional evidence should be received by Tuesday 8th April. Today we received a 25 page double sided document from the council stating their case which included pictures and the Legal Acts we had broken. They also stated that what my wife said was not as it seems. The letter also included a DVD of the incident. My wife in her letter stated that the reason we parked on the kerb is because of my grandmothers disability and that she requires a wheelchair and that because she is pregnant she could not unload the wheelchair etc. The fact is that my wife had confused this with another time we took my nan shopping (as i said we have parked here many times before with no problem). The DVD does not show me escorting my nan to her house (she can walk short distances aided hence the reason for parking so close to her house) or unloading the bulk of the shopping. It just shows me getting the last of the shopping from the rear seats of the car. Also in the 25 page letter they state that the fine is £110?! Is this right? we appealed well within the two weeks! My understanding was that if you are appealing the fine stays at the reduced £50? What should i do now? Should i write to the adjudicator explaining what i have above and ask for the council to provide the full video evidence? I have time to compile something this weekend so some help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. hi there. i parked in Sheffield on a single yellow line, but as my pics show, its more NOT there then it is there. it was on saturday around 3pm and there was no signs up giving parking times or message saying if there where parking restrictions. i think im looking advice on whether this is a legal line and should i pay or challenge the parking ticket. got a few more pics but just starting with these 4. thank you
  6. Hi All, I received a parking ticket via Enfield Council in November 2012 (by a sneaky warden, sniffing around on a saturday afternoon) for having 2 wheels on the side of a curb. The initial ticket was £50 (rose to £117 after 14 days) I challenged this, it got rejected. Then challenged the fact that I didn't receive all letter documentation through the post, again this got rejected. Therefore the council instructed Jacobs Bailiffs to recover the debt. The initial letter sent by Jacobs had a charge of £180, the 2nd letter £247.47 (which stated removal in 48 hrs), then the 3rd £317.47 (removal by 5pm). I cant afford to be paying such a ridiculous mark up, I even spoke to the bailiff to arrange a 2 part payment, they rejected and state the full amount is due in one. As my appeal was rejected the money is owed fair enough but the fees added are unreasonable. I contacted the council to see if I can transfer debt to them, the declined. I then contacted the Traffic contr centre who stated I still can still submit an N244, even at this late stage. The bailiff stated that he will be submitting final paperwork on 04/10/2013 to remove goods/clamp car. I cant pay £317.47 on friday, I can pay a portion but not all. At this stage can I submit an N244? Or is even worth the fee? Does it actually aid in stopping action? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..... Thanks
  7. Good evening everybody, I had a parking ticket back in September 2012, and due to my own personal financial misfortune, I was only able to pay it in April of this year (£105). Since then, Andrew James bailiffs have on two occassions gone to my previous address. I happen to know the person living at my previous address who told them at the door that I no longer live there. They went away but the same fella came back a fortnight ago again. This time, the resident let him in but explained again that I no longer live there. Again, he went away but gave the resident his mobile number for me to ring. Since then, I have phoned the council (who issued the ticket) and notified them to the fact that I have paid the £105. Unfortunately, they said that by the time I had paid the fine, they had already commissioned Andrew James but said that they would contact Andrew James to take £105 off the debt. The amount due on the bailiff letter was £225, so that now leaves £120 to pay. What should I do? I've never really been in debt. Surely they are harrassing the person living at my previous address as they have been told on two occassions that I no longer live there. Also, is the remaining £120 remaining debt even enforceable? This is playing on my mind but it's not as simple as handing over the £120 as I simply could not afford it! Thanks all in advance.
  8. I have attached the pdf shows the warrant and all charges. I had this bailiff turned up and demanded the money or take my car away. I paniked and paid on my debit card, I have done some research now and seems that I have been charged a lot of fees that may be illegal. I would like some help reclaiming it. I have no problem paying a £60 ticket but over £500 for a £60ticket seems very wrong. I have tried to recover the money through the bank unde s75 but I have been fobbed off my Natwest. Can someone kindly put me to the right direction. Thank you TaskForce_Silver.pdf
  9. Hi folks, I wonder if somebody can put me straight, I parked on double yellow lines with my blue badge, I knew I was going to be more than three hours, but as there was not a little yellow sign saying" at anytime", I thought the yellow lines were only valid until 6pm. Anyway, I now have a parking ticket saying I went over my three hours. I tried to check to see the rules and I think I am in the wrong. So, bearing that in mind I sent a cheque for £35.00 to the local council. Unfortunately, they did not receive it. I have tried to pay again, but they insist that I have to pay the full amount of £70.00 because it is now outside the two weeks discount period. I have said that it is not fair that I am penalised for the failings of the postal system, they do not care! So please can anyone confirm, 1) does there have to be a "at anytime" sign for the double yellow lines to be operable after 6pm and is the ticket valid, and 2) are they within their rights to demand the full amount, when I sent a cheque in good time? Any comments gratefully received. JQ
  10. I was parked in my boyfriends allocated parking space in newton abbot, but recently without me knowing Premier Parking Solutions had put up signs and you had to display a permit, my boyfriend didn't tell me until I got issued with a charge of £75 if you pay within 7 days or £100, I appealed and sent in a photocopy of the permit but they said I had breached the conditions of the notice and still had to pay the charge. I'm a student and really cant afford to pay it and my boyfriend is on minimum wage and cant afford to pay it either. It says on their website that they enforce the charge so I don't know if I can get away with not paying it. Can anyone tell me if they do actually enforce it and I would be better off paying it or not?
  11. Hi Guys. I am in need of your help once again. I was in London on the weekend and parked on a Unnamed road in Harrow. This is the road: //g.co/maps/faext (please add the begining of the url your self) I was parked directly opposite the bins. Which had a single Yellow line, with a dash (blip) on the pavement. I received a parking ticket stating: "Parked or Loading / Unloading in a restricted street were waiting and loading / unloading restrictions are in place" at 21:15 in the evening. Having looked at google maps (see image below, i added the red line for the approximate location), the road isnt marked on the maps, also it is unamed. I suspect it is a private road. 1. is this the case? 2. If it is a private road can council enforcement officers give me a ticket there?
  12. Hi guys, At the end of October I received a parking ticket from euro car parks worth 70 pounds for not adhering to signage on the site.. after reading up on the internet i decided to ignore this and received one more letter at the end of November. Which I again ignored. I have however today just received a letter from CCS collect (debt collectors) saying that I owe £1447.24 to H M Revenue???! there is no mention of where this number has come from but I can only assume its the parking ticket as I do not pay taxes or anything. Should I keep ignoring it or should I be scared now? this seems a ridiculously large sum of money for a simple parking ticket! Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. hi all, this is my first post on this forum, I have looked trhough to see if there is a similar thread, but mine is slightly different I think. Anyway this morning there was a knock at the door, a baliff was standing there saying he wanted to talk to my partner, she was out, but our car which I am using for business at the moment, was parked on the road in front of our drive, this guy had clamped it, which I wasnt too happy about as I am a 24 hr emergency locksmith and my tools and stock were in the boot. I told him to remove the clamp as I need to carry out my work, he refused and said that a tow truck will be coming to take the vehicle away unless my partner or I pay £365 over an unpaid parking ticket. Ok so I didnt know about this ticket as my partner had picked it up a few months ago, however I can understand why she may have forgoton about it as she was going through redundemcy and also both her parents had been taken into hospital, her father was in a bad way and is still in hospital after 6 weeks, so any letters she may have had from the local authority may have gone un-noticed. Also where she was parked, she had parked regulary and used the disabled badges, however the local authority had put in "blue bollards" it turns out these new items were charging points for electric cars and no-one can park there even with a disabled badge, aparently there is a sign there stating no parking but that is on the wall not at eye level and not right by the roadside or by these new charging points, it is on the wall of a building. In the meantime I had a customer call me who had a problem with their lock so I needed to go straight away, he would not remove the clamp until I paid the amount they wanted, even though I produced my business card and offered to show him my tools and stock in the boot. The car is registered in her name, he told me if I can produce a log sheet in my name he would remove the clamp but as the vehicle is in my partners name then she will have to pay it and the clamp stays on! Do I have any recourse with this at all?
  14. I have recently joined the large number of people like you who have been stung by clamping of my car by Newlyn bailiffs 100 miles away from home for an unpaid parking ticket from over 1 year ago that i never even received. Being part way through the process with the TEC, I have only recently discovered how unfair traffic enforcement legislation is and Bailiffs get away with criminal behviour as most people are too scared or cant be bothered to fight. So after much research I have started a petition, contacted MPs, ombudsmen etc with a view to making a big fuss and causing CHANGE. Please support me in this by signing my petition; unfortunately as a new member I am unable to post a link so if you search petitiononline.com/dbcc33 on google, you should be able to find the link. Once I am able to post a link here I will try and repost. Many thanks in advance!
  15. I'm currently fighting a parking ticket on "the other place" and have just found a receipt from Westminster Council for the payment for parking. I have no dispute with this, it's just that I notice it says: Westminster Pay by Phone Parking Receipt Location: 8765 License: nv***mxp Description: welbeck street Start Parking: 2011/02/14 9:47AM Stop Parking: 2011/02/14 9:57AM Cost: £0.67 including Service Charge Am i right in thinking that it's illegal to put a service charge on this. This is discriminatory since this charge does not apply to people who pay at ticket machines.
  16. I received two (now three) parking tickets from Brent for briefly unloading a commercial vehicle on a single yellow line. I appealed, they wrote back to say that because my father is the legal owner of the vehicle they cannot consider my appeal. After discussing the matter with Brent, they requested hire documents showing that I was the keeper of the vehicle. I sent counter-signed hire documents by standard Royal Mail post, and heard nothing back for around a year (?). I concluded that the matter was closed. Suddenly my father has recieved correspondance from Brent, stating that court action is imminent over the parking tickets. He called them, and they claim never to have received the hire documents. They claim that it is too late to appeal or send further documents. I don't believe them, but because I didn't send recorded delivery I can't prove it. Do I have a legal basis to challenge Brent on their claim that they didn't receive my documents? Thanks
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