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Found 1 result

  1. Please only read this if you can provide useful help. I am just a small cog, in a huge manufacturing plant that has its own site security who man the gates checking lorries leaving. This morning I had to leave night shift early due to a private hospital appointment. This was pre-planned, and accepted by my boss, and I also had the proof letter. There are 2 lanes to exit, with retractable bollards, and safety barriers that can also be raised. As there was a long que of lorries in the left hand lane, I chose to use the open right hand lane as the first set of bollards & barriers were open. This is something we always do when usually leaving after a shift. As I approached, the security lady waved her right arm backward and forwards as if to indicate me to move forwards. She then turned around and started shouting to my surprise. I was by now past the first lowered bollards, and in the 'security box'. Ahead the 2nd barriers were raised, but the 2nd bollards up. She shouted, " I told you to stop, you need to reverse and go to the back" I told her don't be stupid it is dark and raining, and would she open the barriers. She got the hump and made threats to 'report' me for calling her stupid. I said, do whatever you need to, but can I just get home now as I have permission for my appointment, and I am in my own time. She refused, and then took my name & reg, and asked for my company ID, which I gave her. I told her again I needed to go and moved the car an inch. She stood in front of my car and stopped me there while she shouted to the other guard to close the other barrier preventing my exit. She now has my reg, ID and name, and still is refusing to let me go home. I said, and I quote "Look, you have my details, lets just deal with this Monday" She said "You wont have a job on Monday" I said "Well we'll see won't we" ...she carried on the radio for a few minutes when I just told her "look, I have permission to leave this site for a medical reason for which I will hold you responsible" She lowered the bollard and I left. Now this was 5 mins of my time I won't get back, and I do not appreciate being threatened by a hitler security guard on my way out of a very physical job. There are 2 lanes to exit. I did not think it was unreasonable as the left hand lane was full of commercial lorries being checked, for me as an employee who works hard, to use the right hand lane which was open. I did not appreciate having my ID taken, and kept against my will. I did not commit a criminal offence. This is all on CCTV as she told me. Great, I would like to see that as everything I have said happened they will see. Can I SAR them for the footage of me by any chance? It is data, and do they have to comply? What I would also like help with please is if any, is what workplace offences she, or I may have committed, as my workplace uses a kangaroo court style justice system where they trump up charges to boost their own ego. I have been through a tribunal myself, which I won, and I know that there has to be proof of EVERYTHING for things to stick legally. They cannot take one side over the other, which is what they will do anyway, as they like to get one over us on the shop floor by 'doing someone' regularly to show their superiority. Also, was I falsely imprisoned, threatened unfairly etc.. It is now 7am, 2 hours after I left work, and I cannot sleep due to this stressing me out, and I have to be up for the hospital at 12pm. Thanks for reading.
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