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  1. Quick update on this. I have been chasing this tco several times but have still never received a copy of the documentation. That said, on the most recent call, they did decide to cancel the ticket as a 'goodwill gesture'. Whilst it doesn't answer the question it is a good outcome on the ticket. Can anyone recommend any good reading on the status of these markings. In particular, I'm confused as to the single yellow line, and its meaning. In Sutton, ALL other single yellow lines have the same restrictions of Mon-Sat 08:00-18:30, and none have double blips. Every other location with double blips is also marked with double yellow lines. The reading i've found elsewhere seems to indicate that yellow lines restrict waiting, with blips separately designating any restrictions on loading. The markings at this location certainly confuse me (and clearly the dozens of other people who park at this location every single day, and all of the 10 years i've lived here.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will ask for a copy of the Traffic Order for this stretch first thing on Monday. The no loading at any time and the turn off engine while waiting signs were in place on the day. Also, as mentioned above, the yellow blips are more evident now than in the google image. The single yellow line has been in place all of the 10 years i've lived here, with vehicles parking along that stretch of yellow line all of that time during the 'apparently' unrestricted time.
  3. The car was parked directly outside the Betfred / 'Lesna Chata' shops. The empty pole at that location (and in these pictures) has since had added to it the signs mentioned above ('No loading at any time' and 'turn off engine when waiting'). The blips which are extremely faded in the google images have been repainted, though now more visible have already started fading, not enough to be an issue. Everything else appears to be the same as now. There are yellow restricted time signs, within 100m along the road, both before and after this point. As with all other single yellow signs in sutton, these have the Mon-Sat 08:00 - 18:30.
  4. I live on the High Street in the London Borough of Sutton. Recently a visitor received a PCN while parked on the single yellow line outside my house shortly before 8pm. All the nearest (under 100m) yellow control signs for single yellows nearby show restricted times of Mon-Sat 08:00 to 18:30, however there is not a yellow sign directly at this location. Seeing the single yellow line, and the time, my visitor thought parking would be fine. At the location there is also double yellow blips, controlled by a No Loading sign. To compound the confusion, at this location there is a newly installed sign stating 'no idling, turn engine off while waiting'. She submitted an appeal expecting the ticket to have been issued in error by an over-exuberant TCO over the xmas period and to be overturned, unfortunately the appeal was rejected on the basis of no loading at any time. My question is, is there any point in continuing the appeals process on the basis that the single yellow would have reasonably considered to have been in force, on confusing signage / markings, was waiting/parked not loading, or possible other basis, or, to pay the discounted penalty before they remove the option. Thanks in advance. The contravention on the PCN - 02 - Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force. Location postcode (for Google mappers!) - SM1 1LD
  5. Thanks guys. Will send a quick letter today as suggested.
  6. Not stayed in touch with developments over the last few months so have been 'ignoring' a PPC invoice since December. This morning I arrived home after a few days away to find a 'Letter Before Claim' from Premier Solicitors in relation to this dated 29May. Argh ! The 14day clock running seems to indicate that my response needs to be back with them by Friday (12th) unfortunately i'm off to Germany Sunday early until Thursday. Horrible feeling I might have to settle which goes against every fibre of my being. - £110 grrrrrr Could anyone offer some advice please please TIA
  7. Great, thanks for the advice, will post updates as i get them. Hate those damn camera cars.!!!!
  8. My girlfriend has just received a 'charge certificate' in the post from Sutton council in relation to a PCN that was apparently issued on 03/01/15 with a Notice to Owner apparently sent out on 07/01/15. The 'notice to owner' was certainly never received so we've had no opportunity to pay at either the discounted or full rate, this letter apparently adding a further 50% to the charge making a total of £165.00. There appears to be no option to appeal or make representations, this seems completely unfair. Sutton operates camera cars, i'm assuming the ticket was issued by them. We live on Sutton high street. Outside our flat we are able to park between 6.30pm and 8am, having lived here for a few years to are very aware of the rules of parking here it's extremely unusual for us to have missed this timing anyway and would have queried it if we had received the letter when it was apparently issued. Can anyone give us any pointers on what we should do from here? Many thanks
  9. A few weeks ago my car was parked on a residential road overnight, during the night the car was severely scratched with keys on all 4 sides (bonnet, boot, drivers and passenger sides) causing approximately £2000 of damage. I reported the incident to the police, who sent officers out to take a look and log the incident. 4 days later I received a call to let me know they would be making enquiries, knocking on doors, looking for witnesses and for any cctv. The following day I received a letter (dated 2 days prior to the call) saying there was very little that could be done so the case would be closed. I called them back to ask what had actually been done, apparently they had made the enquiries and found nothing so closed the case. I decided to take a walk round the area and knock on some doors myself, in doing so found a local business with infrared CCTV cameras, pointing in the direction of the space my car had been parked. Having spoken with the company they kindly reviewed the tapes, verified my identity as owner of the vehicle and found very clear, detailed video of the incident taking place and the face of the criminal. They offered the CCTV to the police to follow up but are unable to let me view the videos myself, apparently due to DPA. I've since spoken with the Police who have been unable to identify the perpetrator as yet but are circulating this internally to see if anyone recognises them. They have however said that if no-one does they will close the case and not take the matter further. If the police are unable to identify the criminal, how can I get the image to confirm whether or not I recognise them, was it personal??, was it a random drunk??, and further to circulate it more widely to bring the offender to justice? Additionally, i'm told there is a strong possibility that if they do manage to identify him then unless they are a persistent offender there is a strong possibility of a 'police caution' I have read through the DPA as posted on the ICO and there doesn't seem to be any reason why I should not view this video, does anyone have any view on this, or otherwise how I might go about persuading the private company to release a copy to me without risk to themselves? If the criminal is actually identified, through whatever means, how could I go about bringing a private prosecution to recover my losses for the damage, rather than them getting off with a 'caution' ? Many thanks in advance for your advice. Sorry for the long post but - 'Extremely annoyed at being so out of pocket and potentially Mr Scott-free strolling around without a care in the world for their actions'
  10. I understand the 'excuses' given by the majority of mobile companies for the high rates charged for roaming in other countries, the main one being that other companies charge punitive rates to use their networks. However, as the market becomes ever more globalised and with the constant mergers and acquisitions of the various companies, we see a company such as Vodafone in particular, with a footprint in a significant number of countries is effectively punitively charging it's own customers under the guise of 'separate corporate entities', whilst still the majority of functions are under a single roof and all reporting through one structure, the Vodafone Group. In addition, Vodafone Group also owns large chunks of the underlying infrastructure, the cabling and fibre, used to route these calls internationally across the data backbone, therefore the costs here are also negligible internally. This seems inherently unfair to the consumer and certainly makes a mockery of their public statements as to the reasons for such high charges. If the market was not a near monopoly then surely these costs would more accurately reflect the actual costs of the roaming.
  11. Excellent, this marks you out clearly as one of the self-righteous people who pick and choose what 'rules' they feel apply to them. Happily I am one of those too, and therefore park directly blocking you in to your bay until I choose to finish my shopping and let you leave, whilst ensuring there is ample space for my 'chavvy' kids to be lifted from their child seats. Look forward to meeting you soon! (I'll bet you're a cyclist too !!!)
  12. To the best of my knowledge most networks and plans still charge to call 0800 numbers, how will this work??
  13. Oops, ah yes, i was reading a few on Brighthouse and then eBay searching for advice, after 4-5 threads i didnt even notice the date !
  14. Why would that make any difference in relation to the DSR. As you rightly point out ebay may be under the banner of an 'auction' site but as i understood it neither Trading Standard nor the DTI recognise the site as genuine auctions for the purposes of protections and are treated as any other normal sale.
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