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  1. I am unaware of the A-level course and would say my "situations" regarding the syllabus is pure coincidence, my level is that of a lay person so to say is this at the same level as the A-level syllabus, my answer is I don't know. I have been researching the topic but would welcome input from others who may have a viewpoint regarding the law.
  2. labrat, the response was in reply to BazzaS
  3. Moot point really, academic attainment may demonstrate ability and my questions may be simple in context, regardless of this I would hope and expect an appropriate response. Limiting the forum to the post A level syllabus would seem a touch elitist and the ordinary, uneducated man and woman could remain helpless if they felt a public plea for assistance was being mocked.
  4. The jacket incident happened to me and the cctv incident happened to a friend, I have limited knowledge of the law and was hoping for advice. Not sure what to make of your laughing emoji - if my post amuses you then I am happy for you!
  5. sgtbush, thanks for your reply. I only mention "obscured" as I think if you request cctv of yourself they have to obscure others ? I appreciate this is different, what if any are the repercussions to the boss (data controller) for releasing the footage which they now have no control over?
  6. My friend works in a nightclub, she was asked by her boss to download 15 hrs (3 cameras @ 5hrs each) of CCTV footage and post to a customer - the customers bag went missing, it was so she could view to see if she could identify who took her bag. My friend feels because of data protection she should not have sent this footage - none of the footage was obscured. Her boss asked her to do it but she fears repercussions. What is the law re CCTV and what could happen to my friend or her boss?
  7. You mention "quantum of damages", how is this calculated ?
  8. BankFodder, thank you for your detailed response - it is genuinely appreciated. The information I provided was a concise description of the incident, the background is such that I have engaged them in discussions to no avail and now I feel all communication between myself and the venue has been exhausted and I have given them 14 days before I begin proceedings. So pre action protocol is probably not a route I will pursue. From my own research am I correct in saying the Consumer Rights Act 2015 provides the protection for this dispute, or do you think I should be l
  9. Thank you for the reply, this is what I suspect to be the case. Do you know where I stand in terms of the law?
  10. Can someone please help - I paid for my jacket to kept within a venues (UK) cloak room, when I went to collect my jacket, it was gone. The venue have admitted full liability. My question is, what am I entitled too in terms of compensation, I have requested a replacement jacket. The jacket is considered a collectors item and has therefore risen in value, the venue are only offering a refund of what I paid for the jacket - this amount will not be sufficient to replace it. My understanding is i "should be put back in the same position I was in prior
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