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  1. Yeh , they are living in old age, i have sent them appeal in post and it has been delivered to them yesterday as you advised, i have sent them proof of my vehicle broken and previously sent appeal fax transmission receipt. Lets see now what they do. thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for your reply, they only accept appeals by fax or post. I have posted them letter today with first class recorded , hopefully they ill get it before 2nd june. My question is if they send me nto , will my fine ill increase to £195.00 with that nto or it ill stay at £130.00? thanks
  3. Hi, I have received a pcn because my car broken down and i parked on double yellow lines for few minutes . Traffic warden issued ticket for that. I sent appeal to the council via fax last day of 14 days period which was 19th may. I got the receipt of the the fax transmission. I called council today and they informed me they didn’t received any appeal and i have to pay £130.00 now or i should wait for NTO and then fine will be £195.00 once they ill issue nto. I m not sure where i m standing now? thanks
  4. Hi, i just want to know if i m not paying for the car monthly payments, can a finance company report it as stolen if they cant find it?
  5. Thx to all of you guys for your valuable opinions , my exit was clear but eventually that bike came in between so thats why i had to stop there. Other thng I couldn't notice if camera flashed or not as there was van behind me n camera was 30/40 meters behind me.
  6. I was about to take right turn. There was redlight camera . I crossed the white line while camera was green and then there was one car and motor bike in the front of my car i stoped my car just after the white line and was waiting for right turn but then after that light changed to red behind me I proceeded to turn right as i already had crossed the white line and there wasnt any second signal in the middle of the road so I didn't know if light is red behind me.. My question is as you can see the first yellow arrow signboard i was there and i proceeded to tak
  7. I drove through a no entry on eastway e9 after traffic light. There was sign for no entry except for buses and taxis. I just checked on google street view there are one cctv camera and one small black color camera which i assume is bus lane camera but i m not sure. My question is if anyone been caught through these cameras? N if i get caught by these cameras , will i get fine and points or i ill get only fine as these seems council cameras.. Here is link of street view as well https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Trowbridge+Estate+(Stop+Q),+London+E9+5JH/@51.
  8. I have a question. Anpr cemera shows if registerd keeper licenece has been revoked?
  9. I have a question. Anpr cemera shows if registerd keeper licenece has been revoked?
  10. Received reply for my appeal , the canceled pcn... Thx everyone
  11. You should have record of the call when you called ambulance , you can show that record thats it..
  12. Hi everyone, I was driving last night, i needed to take right turn but stupidly i jumped the red light. I realized when i i came in the middle of the road n then i stoped my car there . I carried on when signal became green . There was cctv camera in the front of the pool which was i m asuming monitoring yellow box junction of the other lane. I have attached some pics of that junction which shows the location of the camera . I m wondering can that cctv camera catch redlight offence or not? Thx Sorry pic is attached here ...
  13. I received another pcn for yellow box. I just want to know what is a legal requirement of a yellow box because i have seen on internet that one corner should be over the curb . I have attached pics of this yellow box , there are double yellow line on one corner n broken yellow line on other corner. Can anyone tell me if this is a legal yellow box marking?
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