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  1. Hmm. I'll try with words only for now. My friend's written English is poor so it's best if I do it. The pic on the PCN shows his car on Atlantic Road turning to enter Electric Lane. There are stills and video posted on the council web site, showing him passing the sign. According to the sign and the time stamp on the camera, vehicles are not allowed into the pedestrian zone until 2pm, and the current time is 1.35pm. The signage about the pedestrian zone restriction seems to meet the standard. There are signs on both sides of the road. There are no signs on the two streets
  2. I'm asking for advice on behalf of a friend who has received a PCN in lovely, loony Lambeth. He only has 4 days to deal with this at the discounted rate. I have lots of pics to post but my post count is too low! Aaaarrrggghh!
  3. So how did this work out? I have a similar case in lovely Lambeth.
  4. Greetings to all you fellow residents of Dell Hell. I'm trying to get warranty repairs done, and the tech support guy is making two points that I don't agree with: 1) if the warranty is in force when the machine is collected, but it expires while it's at the Dell service centre, the customer has to pay for the repair 2) batteries and rubber feet are consumables, and the warranty only covers them for 6 months. I have Next Business Day cover for my machine (an Alienware M11X). But I can't find any documents on the Dell site which say what the terms are. To complicate matte
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