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  1. Thanks for info. Looks like you only receive compo for late arrival not departure!
  2. Hello All, My flight from Barbados to London was delayed over 3 hours. When I put my claim in they stated it was denied stating the flight was delayed by arrival in UK 2 hours and 51 minutes. Are these claims not based on the time the flight departs also?
  3. Hi, I have eventually received a response from Virgin Media regarding obtaining a credit for the non direct debit charge. They have offered to credit me for two years worth but not 2013 because " the regulation applies to contracts entered into on or after April 2013. as our most recent contract after this date was January 2014 so the refund will run from this date until January 2016 (we had already changed it to the lower price by February 2016)." Is there any leeway in arguing this as I've been paying this charge since and before April 2013? Thanks in advance
  4. I'm going to write to them as not being forthcoming as to why they are now reducing charge to 45p. Only saying there has been a review. Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking of doing the same thing of claiming back the £5 admin charge. How far back can I make a claim?
  6. Thanks for responses wasn't able to reply sooner due to illness. No I am not the person in question, current age about 30 and tenancy was with parents who moved due to illness. Just to clarify Mariner 51 LHA (HB) what is LHA? Do you mean you pay a reduction in your rent of 10% for receiving Housing Benefit (HB)? In the past have received literature from Council about the need for larger flats.....
  7. I am trying to find out more information about the following: Can a single person with no dependents who is a tenant and the rest of their family no longer live in the property, can they still occupy a three bedroom council home?
  8. Recently changed my landline number with TalkTalk. Within days began getting calls from male person asking aggressively if I had been in an accident. Rather cleverly the number appears slightly different whenever they call. TalkTalk have said they only have a marketing list for internal employees to sell their products to customers and do not sell on numbers to 3rd parties. They have taken me off their marketing list, even though I had no knowledge of being opted in or asked to be. Have to say I am not totally convinced. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue? Thanks.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this question. A relative took money out at the bank, which was put in an envelope but forgot to take from the bank tiller's draw as they exited the bank. Realising their mistake a short while later returned to the bank spoke to the original till person, who could only say that it should be reported to the police. This is now a police matter, as the money might have been taken by another customer. Police have said that the CCTV footage viewed could be better. I am interested in additional footage of where the bank teller does their transactions which would give a better view. Would there be any way of finding out this information as a consumer? As when the police was asked they stated due to data protection they could not reveal this information. Thank you.
  10. Dishwasher is 6 years old. Thanks for this will look at the link suggested as the rest of the items could be covered.
  11. Hi Everyone, Not sure if my posting is in the right section. Having problems finding reasonably priced warranty companies to cover repairs for fridge, dishwasher etc. Had a less than great experience recently with Know How recently. Prices seemed very expensive for each item.
  12. This is just to inform you that I was looking at my credit report recently and noticed a search had been made by William Hill. I knew nothing about this and do not gamble. So eventually found out someone had set up an on-line account in my name and had purchased vouchers by cash to use on games. William Hill could not confirm to me which date of birth was used or email address. Only that I should contact the police and they have loss money. When I contacted the police they stated I had not suffered any loss, so therefore it is not considered a crime. Still not a pleasant feeling that someone has used your details fraudulently. So it's worthwhile to regularly check your credit report.
  13. I have noticed on the bill Thames Water have a charge for waste water to be treated. Was this always the case but not itemised? As I have never seen this on a bill before. Seems like an extra revenue source has been created to squeeze consumers pockets further. Thanks.
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