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  1. Hi Bought a car (BMW 520) from carcraft Merseyside, 8months ago. They sold me a finance package with exorbitant interest rate (black horse) on the pretext that If i paid the whole sum within 14 days (which I was going to), I would not pay a penny in interest & by me signing upto this finance package, they Will get a commission. As I had nothing to loose, I agreed & signed in good faith.i was also promised that should I find it difficult to pay the full amount within 14 days, they will refinance within that period in a very competitive interest rate as they (car craft) had their own finance institution (which I later found out was a lie). Next day, I checked with my accountant & realised I could not buy the car under my company name, so decided to either return the car or refinance. They did neither but kept on delaying, whole all the time talking very politely & cheating with more & more lies. Few days later, they found out that my name in the finance agreement was misspelt & they panicked as I was keen to return the car unless they got me a competitive finance. They called me saying they have got a new finance package & showed an interest rate of 5.7% APR (original finance 26% APR) & got me to sign new documents. I later received a finance agreement from black horse for 26% APR & when I called black horse, I was told there was no refinancing & the second signature was mainly to amend the first agreement as the first signature was misspelt. I was upset & threatened to sue carcraft for unfair trade practice & inform black horse about their manipulative tactics to gain commission. They finally agreed to refinance and at that time of refinancing sold me an extended warranty for 3 yrs. I was not keen & the sales person promised that he will offer the 1st year standard warranty to be tagged to the end of the 3 year period . On that agreement I signed upto the warranty & he said his central office will send a letter to this effect. I did not receive any letter. After several phone calls, I made a formal complaint & received an arrogant reply stating that the sales person has left them & they can't confirm as this was a verbal agreement & I had no proof. PLEASE DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR CARCRAFT.
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