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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, New to the forum so excuse my first fluffy post! I am currently on a standard tariff from EDF with an economy 7 meter which was installed at the property when we moved in. I think that I have been billed with the day night readings switched for at least the last 2 years. This has only been apparent in the last 12 months when I realised that our night readings of energy usage have sky rocketed whilst hardly ever using energy at night. This coincides with our installation of solar panels I have been using appliances during the day when the sun is shining which would ex
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to have Smart Meters fitted by edf since last August. Initially, they were not available.. Fair enough. Then in November, I was given a date of 16 December 2016 for removing the existing meters and replace them with "Smart? Meters". Whilst the swap out happened, the new meters were left non-operational and not actually commissioned either.. Failed appointments after failed appointments, and here we are at the end of June with a commissioned Gas Meter, not a commissioned Electricity Meter, and no Room Display Unit (which as a disabled amp
  3. EDF may be changing your direct debit without informing you or writing to you about the changes. If you have registered for online account servicing then a check of your account maybe wise. I did so today just after they took their monthly agreed DD but failed to inform me that they had changed it to a higher amount for next month. Stating this was due to your account owing £xx-XX when in fact it was in credit by a low 3 figure amount and they said we are increasing your amount payable because your account is in credit WTF??? Well currently having a typing war with EDF ATM so
  4. I moved in on February 12th 2015. I received a letter relating to a debt of some £40 for electricity for 27/1 - 8/2/2015. My dad emailed them my tenancy agreement which clearly stated that I moved in after this date. They emailed dad back and pretty much accepted this as proof that this debt isn't mine and the matter is resolved. I received another letter over this and returned the letter. I put on the letter "not known at this address. please return to sender". That was March / April. I heard nothing and assumed the matter was resolved. I've now received a letter from LCS over this.
  5. Short history of a long story: June 1993: Move in to rented property. June 2005: Erratic readings on electric meter July 2005: Supplier replaces meter. Oct 2005: Electricity consumption falls to 50% I ask for old meter test results. Supplier did not test the meter but say the meter was working correctly. I stop paying bill. Feb 2006: Go to court. Warrant of entry REFUSED April 2006: Supplier test the NEW meter and it passes with flying colours. June 2006: Contact Energy Watch. Lots of letters...
  6. Hello all, I had a debt with EDF which I have been struggling to pay, they did inform me that they were applying for a warrant to change the meter but heard nothing since until I came home today to discover they have been in my house whilst I was out and changed it. Surely they are supposed to tell me when they are coming so that I can choose to be there or not? I feel sick thinking they could have been looking through my things etc. Also my 15 year old daughter is often home alone and doesnt answer the door if shes on her own unless she knows who it is,
  7. hi, i'm not sure where i stand with this, i got my warm home discount, which i'm grateful for..my electricity supplier is EDF, when i phoned to enquire whether i could get a refund of the £140..they said no..it was government money and it was not for me to spend on things as I please, but its for energy needs..they said it wasn't mine really..i enquired about them keeping it as they are making interest on it and he said that no, they're not making money on it..is this normal? i was paid my warm home discount last year..surely this is okay? any pointers or insgihts appreciated thanks.
  8. Hi folks, I really hope you can help with an extremely stressful situation that I am having with my electricity supplier EDF energy. The level of customer service that I have received so far has been appalling. This is the story: I discovered that there was a massive discrepancy between the reading that I had in February 2013 and April 2013. in just over 2 months, according to the reading, I have used pretty much the same amount of electricity that I use over 2 years. Obviously there was something wrong, I got in touch with EDF and they told me that an eng
  9. Shocking stories of bullying following their incompetence in correct billing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2232395/EDF-bullies-threatened-debt-collectors.html
  10. Hi all, I would appreciate some advice. I moved into a rented flat in Jan 2010 and lived there until I moved out in Sep 2012. Electricity was supplied by EDF, payment was by direct debit and I settled the final bill on 17th Sep 2012. EDF have now sent me a new bill for the period 27th Feb 2011 until the day I moved out with a completely different value to the my original bills (and with no explanation or covering letter). Having now spoken to them, they claim that I was billed for a single rate meter but in fact had an economy 7 meter (I honestly have no idea what sort of meter it was). T
  11. We changed from pre payment to Direct Debit on 17th January today got my first gas bill for £82.01 We haven't used the radiators as much as we did when we was on pre payment and that was costing us £50 - 60 a month average Dont understand how we got a bill for £82.01 and i submitted a meter reading online around 17th, 18th Feb. They have obviously an accurate reading as the woman i emailed today funnily enough emailed me the numbers she had received via my account (submit a meter reading) Whole point of me changing was to save money as pre payment is supposed to be slightly
  12. Hi All i need some advice please In December 2010 moved to I EDF from npower, took me 3 months to get my account number off them so i can make my online account on EDF website and no bills came through in the post either, even after asking for it. Direct debit setup as normal when i tried to enter a meter reading online in March 2011 the system said it wouldnt allow it i then emailed EDF as i was told that the meter reading i gave during sign up to them was higher then the one i was trying to enter off the meter reading, hence why their online system was coming back as
  13. Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to come on here and tell everyone about the ridiculous treatment that I have received from EDF over the past couple of weeks. I phone to change my direct debit amount and collection date in mid July. I was told that I had to cancel the current DD and set up a new one to change the amount - seemed a little odd but went along with it. After I had cancelled, I was told that I had to wait a week before I could set up a new one (great, another 30 minutes listening to 'Take On Me' while waiting to get through!) A day after
  14. I was asked to start a new thread so re-posting. We really need advice about our meter readings and bill and would be really grateful if anyone can tell us what we steps we can take, if any?! We moved from one rented flat last October, to a house. Our old flat had an electricity pre-payment meter so we always knew our consumption. When we moved to a house with garden, we no longer needed our tumble dryer nor an electric heater we had in our babies bedroom. We've been using less appliances and you would think less electricity since moving. We changed supplier after two months in the new
  15. This is a warning to check your bill statement from EDF from November last year. In March of this year I received a guestimated bill from EDF for £100, I thought this was low but as there was no actual reading to base this bill on I thought I would wait to received the red bill hoping it would give more information. When I received the red letter it just stated that I had not paid £100, so I read my meter and posted the figures on line, when I got my actual bill it stated that I owed £320.40 which was a bit of a shock but when I went over the figures it also included non-payment for the previo
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