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  1. the standing order is set up, the first payment has come out..i got this letter last week from them in response to my letting them know i'd set up the standing order.. i've laid out a payment plan, they accepted the first payment, it hasn't been returned, i've been polite..i could be wrong but i got the impression that this was a kind of we have to send this letter kind of letter..what do you think? what kind of late payment fees could they enforce?..shall i just leave it now; not respond?
  2. thanks again mike, shall i mention my understanding that they are equally and severally liable to HMRC, but...etc?
  3. oh thanks feel better about it now, i've been feeling stressed all day by it.. .thats good to hear so i can just keep paying them £5 despite their intention to try to enforce some sort of stricter agreement - because i'm setting out my intention to pay, i haven't ignored it and have acknowledged it but i can ignore any pressure they try to apply subsequently, once i've started paying? i don't have a chequebook (just a basic account), is there another way to go with that? EDIT: i see at the bottom of their letter are account details for payment...what about if i do a direct bank transfer
  4. is that better mike?...do these work?
  5. this is the letter i sent to them the other day (these are both pdfs) [ATTACH]57716[/ATTACH] and i received this reply today [ATTACH]57717[/ATTACH] 3 payments over 3 months and the first by the end of this month otherwise they suggest its a default...although obviously better than one payment, it left me feeling a bit crestfallen as i thought i'd taken the first step in coming off the back-foot and i still can't really afford this..where does this leave me? as i mentioned i understand that i will pay them, but, and i could be wrong, i get the impression that they are
  6. thanks, curiously i actually feel a bit better now, i suppose knowing i have to act in one way or the other is better than the uncertainty. its nice to know that i can have some time. is it worth approaching them and saying i won't have the money until so-and-so a date and would it be okay to work something out?
  7. okay, thanks for your candour Mike. out of interest do you know how long i would have, to pay it..it doesn't seem to say anywhere on the letter?
  8. No, precisely because i heard nothing from them about this at the time of delivery, it was my understanding that the way they do it now is to ask for any import duties/VAT ahead of time, once they've received the consignment at this end , and keep the package until such time as they are (or aren't) paid. This approach saves a great deal of confusion and heartache imo because i would know where i stood. so i haven't got any case for withholding payment of ANY costs?
  9. Hi Mike, i'm disputing the principle that i took delivery from fedex, thinking that i didn't have to pay anything ontop of postage costs only to receive a request from them for payment of import costs 2 weeks later. i assumed it had cleared customs but in the above i wasn't given a choice whether to refuse it or pay it. which document are your referring to.. i would pay £12 to HMRC, is this what you mean?. i'm not that versed in the import game. my main line of enquiry was do i have a case? can i for instance request that fedex supply evidenc
  10. that last definition, prudence maybe a better way to describe it.. i apologise for perhaps jumping to conclusions in previous posts.
  11. well okay, thankyou for your circumspection.
  12. whoa, hold on there! , how did we get from me asking for help to this tinge of sarcasm. how about we start again? I'm keen to hear your views, its just i don't find it easy to distance myself mentally from cases like this so am suffering somewhat, its weighing on me, and i understand if that's hard to pick up in my posts. . plus i went through this same pattern on my dhl thread if you look .and in the end i pushed through to win...so it IS possible for it not to be a dead-end.. what would your realistic approach be please, maybe if you were in my posit
  13. okay, i've added the supplementary declaration acceptance advice (SDAA) to the top post and made the followup request for payment clearer.
  14. thanks for helping reduce the size of pdfs.. I paid the courier up front, is this what you mean? if not, I'm a little lost at the moment with which proportion of the total is what. i purchased the goods for about £350. hang on i'll upload another sheet i got today, its pithily titled the supplementary declaration acceptance advice. it says on there that the customs value is 248.17 whether thats GBP or CAD$ I'm not sure . it says at the bottom that total revenue payable is £63.69. is it still worth asking them to provide evidence that the import du
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