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  1. BazzaS, Thanks for your reply, I have to say I have never fully understood how the panels work.. . whether the energy they create which I then use is also adding to the main electricity meter totals, I obviously get the FIT payment for energy that is metered on the PV panel meter... does this balance the money I pay to EDF?? I thought they were supposed to feed into the supply but maybe this needs checking. I wasn't aware that there were different types of installation. We certainly don't have a battery. I probably am guilty of using more appliances now we have the panels, if I don't fancy hanging out the washing it goes in the tumble drier so will be using more in the day time I would have thought. Now the confusing bit... Ive just checked the meter, it says 1=N and 4=L, N being day and L being night. According to the EDF meter reading page, they have register 1 and register 2. Their readings are the lower ones for register 1 and higher readings for register 2. My actual readings are the opposite way around. According to other instructions on how to read the meter... "Economy 7 plans allow you to have cheaper electricity at night. Therefore you have a meter that shows you the units you have used in the day, and one to show the units used at night. The night-rate figure will be represented by LOW or RATE 1. The day rate figure will be represented by NORMAL or RATE 2." Have I got myself into unnecessary knots over this or is it the wrong way around? The essence of my situation is that I want to know if I should be on a cheaper day rate if I've got the PV panels. Also who will be liable for the difference in charges if the readings are wrong? Thanks so much for your help! Yes thats what I think! Just don't want to be faced with a huge bill if the energy I have to use during the cloudy days is at a high rate.
  2. Hi we are on Standard (variable) E7 As below... Electricity day unit rate: 20.32p per kWh Electricity night unit rate: 7.39p per kWh Daily standing charge: 18.90p per day
  3. Hi, New to the forum so excuse my first fluffy post! I am currently on a standard tariff from EDF with an economy 7 meter which was installed at the property when we moved in. I think that I have been billed with the day night readings switched for at least the last 2 years. This has only been apparent in the last 12 months when I realised that our night readings of energy usage have sky rocketed whilst hardly ever using energy at night. This coincides with our installation of solar panels I have been using appliances during the day when the sun is shining which would explain the high usage. In the last year, our readings have been roughly 2800 of day use and 7350 during the night. Obviously if this has been billed the wrong way around we are in for a hefty one to correct it. The last meter reading was done by myself and the previous one by the meter man in Oct last year. I wasn't sure of which reading was which so I imputed figures that corresponded to the previous bill. I am looking to change supplier and possibly to also go back to a normal meter. Just would love some advice of how I sort this out with the new supplier and whether I need to inform them or EDF about the fault. Also advice as to which electricity tariff/meter would be best for getting the best value from solar panel usage. Thanks!
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