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  1. Hi i took out a contract back in May with Vodafone for superfast fibre 2, My speeds have been up and down all the time one moment the sync speed is 76mb then it goes to 33mb then back up to 76mb other providers in the area like BT, PlusNet, Sky or TalkTalk can only provide me with 33mb maximum apparently but Vodafone was adamant they can provide 76mb so i thought ok ill take your word for it so since may the internet has been working perfect no complaints, lately its absolute crap you speak to them on the phone and its the usual rubbish change your WIFI channels, take the face plate off your socket. I'm an internet engineer for a company called hyperoptic so I know a lot about routers and all that so its nothing new to me, you tell them you've done all this and they just repeat themselves over and over then tell you to see how it goes with the plate off... may I add makes no bit of difference at all you call them back and the same rubbish is said all over again, When i complained first time about the half speed drop to 33mb they came back with this is all you can get in your area , when i asked them why sell me a 76mb package if you know full well my line cant handle over 33mb as usual get told ill get a 3 pound discount for the duration of my contract which disappears once they boost your speed back up to 76mb then few weeks later your back to square one again. Tonight my speed is running at 3.5mb and 15mb upload webpages don't open and videos buffer all the time, i honestly think its the crap routers they supply to which you cant place into modem mode to use your own 3rd party router. Is there anyway i can get out of this contract
  2. That will help yeh I've just seen it thanks
  3. It's all down to the corona virus it ain't down to preference we need to work but been told she cant as the schools are closed to pupils and same with the nurserys
  4. Hi I ordered a brand new volkswagen tiguan r line on lease back in January through lex and had a phone call at 5pm tonight saying they want to delivery it next week. Today my partner who works as a veterinary nurse has been told her profession doesn't qualify for sending our kids to school therefore only one wage is coming in at the moment which is mine up to now I can keep working as I work in the telecommunications sector. Does anyone know if lex auto lease do a payment holiday as they are owned by Lloyds Thanks
  5. I complained to head office they are looking into it and letting me know Monday the TV was 32 inch the closest you found seems to be a match Thanks will see what their response is
  6. today i received a letter from ipost parcels/DHL copy of the letter https://imgur.com/a/7Dizxvi They are refusing to settle the damage claim and they seem to think a picture i sent them as part of the claim shows insufficient packaging im sorry but by looking at a slight tear in the box how do you decide if a parcel has not enough packaging in it they are using any excuse to not pay out for the damage they have caused and claim they cant accept liability for items damaged in transit, the way the item was returned back to me is more than a dropped item the screen is cracked and the side of the tv is dented like it has been trapped in a door, thrown around a warehouse or stood on the box was crushed and an absolute state when it arrived back to me and wasnt not sent in this way. What are my next steps now any help appreciated Many Thanks
  7. Hi Having a complete nightmare with this company I sold a TV on eBay about 3 weeks ago paid 16 pound delivery fee for next day delivery Packaged the parcel up on the Sunday ready for the collection Monday they failed to collect the parcel kept getting texts delivery driver will collect between the times stated no sign of him He decided to strut up my drive way on the Thursday to collect it told him your only 4 days late didn't seem to give a toss. off he went and threw the parcel in his van and drove off next day get a message on eBay buyer has started a return request turns out the TV arrived smashed and the box was crushed, VI paid another 16 pound to have it returned and I'm now 200 pound out of pocket plus 32 pound for the postage charges and they had the cheek to refund me £1.64 for the 4 day late collectionV I have sent all my pictures and evidence to their claim department and filled out their form for damages over 10 days ago and not a single email off them. Emailed them last week for an update not a single reply Anything else I can do because I'm losing my patience Anyone else had any dealing with these people
  8. Hi I went through a bad patch in my life when I lost my job in 2012 and became desperate could not find any work government couldn't be bothered to help and with having a new baby at the time I needed money to feed us all and I stupidly turned to loans I knew I couldn't afford now working for virgin been there 4 years I got myself straight thought I'd settled all my loans and started fresh I received this letter a few weeks ago off a company called BW Legal for a payday loan back in 2013 for the amount of 179 pound plus 50 pound I know nothing about after emailing them numerous times to try set up a 75 pound a month payment plan I've had no answers out of these people but they continue to pester with threats of court action if I don't settle the debt within 14 days. I get the impression these people arnt interested unless I'm throwing the full 179 pound to them As I've had no reply out of them and I refuse to call them what's the next step Learned my lesson now once this is settled I'll be debt free ���� Thanks guys
  9. Hmmm ok so best not to pay them anything until i get the information i need off them ? will report back once i have this Thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice, Im not sure if they did do an employment check they more than likely did though considering i never heard anything from them up until now, Do you think they would try take this to court if i ignored them ? I will email them and ask them to prove if i owe anything and where has all the charges come from ?
  11. Hi Took out a loan in 2013 when i was unemployed after a difficult time stupid idea at the time now ive been working for the last 2 and a half years ive cleared all my debts well thats what i thought until i got a letter from these cow boys this morning stating i owe them £292.00 from a debt dated back in 2013 which i thought was cleared, and i completly forgot about it. So i got this letter this morning threatning to pass it over to Moorcrap Debt Recovery telling me they will come round my house etc not that im bothered i welcome there arrival to be pushed back down the drive way. I am not refusing to pay the loan but what is really bugging me is i only borrowed £130 and these people have stuck almost 60 percent extra on top i know they have to make a little bit extra etc but £160 extra!?!?!?! Ive told them that i will only pay the remaining balance if they come to some agreement with myself i will not involve myself with Moorcroft and will ignore all there letters I am still waiting on a reply So my questions are why are these people waiting 3 years without any correspondance on this time frame, Is this a tactic to add alot of fees before they process a letter of harrassment ? Can they still persue all these fees when the only letter ive had off them is threats of DCA since 2013 ? this seems to be a little tactic they are good at from other things ive read about WDA on here
  12. Ah well now you mention the parking tickets thats another thing they try to throw onto the employee as you say i am employed (not self employed) this company is also in the middle of bully tactics to try sign us over one of them was threat of redundancy and then retaken back on via there terms i.e self employed I am thinking of writing to my Human Resources department with some of the information you have provided Anything else i should add do you think Many thanks guys i really appreiate it
  13. That is exactly what i thought to be fair, Im guessing you guys know what TUPE means i worked for a previous company on the same job but they lost the contract to the company i work on behalf of then i know work for the new contractor so i went over on my old terms and conditions, when my previous contractor used to charge you for lost tooling etc they would write it down on a company letter headed paper with breakdown of charges (tools) and ask you to sign it before you paid the charge this company seems to do the opposite. I signed a few documents for the new guys but didnt recall anything in the documents saying they have the right to take money from our wages as it suits them What annoys me no proof has been supplied regarding the damages so why am i the one to cough up the charges Thanks
  14. Haha and that means what exactly they still cant do anything to me ?
  15. Another letter off these harassing idiotic people telling me i have 7 days to pay the outstanding balance before further action is taken against me
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