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  1. Uncle Bulgaria, Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware of a problem changing utility supplier, due to the smart meters. I don't really want to change from edf, but I am sick and tired of staying in, waiting for their engineer to turn up, and then go through the whole rigmarole again, time after time.. It's just so frustrating and exhausting.. Anyways, thanks for your input.. James
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been trying to have Smart Meters fitted by edf since last August. Initially, they were not available.. Fair enough. Then in November, I was given a date of 16 December 2016 for removing the existing meters and replace them with "Smart? Meters". Whilst the swap out happened, the new meters were left non-operational and not actually commissioned either.. Failed appointments after failed appointments, and here we are at the end of June with a commissioned Gas Meter, not a commissioned Electricity Meter, and no Room Display Unit (which as a disabled amputee with a heart condition was the initial appeal for the Smart Meters, as my meters are in the basement and I cannot get down there to read them to see how much Gas and Electricity I am using..) I have finally had to resort to the ombudsman, and just wondered if this was a common issue with edf or utility companies in general..?? I look forward to hearing other people's experiences.. Keep Smiling.. James
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