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  1. Let me start by saying the I did not try to book use online booking system to book an appointment for the same day (because you can never get an appoitment the same day...only a handful of 'available' slots are show) so thats a waste of time. What I wanted was an appointment later in the week...After all the GP practice state you can 'book 3 days in advance...' this is wha I tried and it does not work in practice because I was given an appointment in 3 weeks time. How can you explain that the appointment slots were some how magically all taken up for a solid 3 weeks on the day I called? S
  2. Every receptionist I've spoken to has told me they won't let me see the PM, because she doesn't see patients...now you see what kind of receptionists I'm having to deal with,
  3. I would rather not say at this moment in time for fear of being struck off and treated badly. If your able to help me I would appreciate it. The receptionists behaviour way out of order and I have a recording of the conversation as proof in case the surgery claim they don't have a copy. Nevertheless the practive manager needs to know what is happening and I would not be surprised if others have been treated in a similiar way. I am going to take this all the way...if the more experienced members of the forum can help me
  4. I rang the GP surgery due to having problems with the online booking system, this particular bad mannered receptionist talked down to me in a demeaming manner, telling me to use the online booking system at 7.45am in the morning. I tell her the online booking system is showing the next 3 weeks as not available to book an appointment and question her why? Her response to use it 7.45am in the morning or ring for an appointment at 8am. I tell her I can't because I'm travelling to work that time, she responds thats the only option and she gets more and more agressive during the call, like she's on
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