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Found 10 results

  1. my doctor will be sent a form from the DVLA to fill in re my medical fitness to drive. In the past 3, 4 or 5 months my mental health has been excellent no problems. BUT earlier this year like 7 months ago I (voluntarily) admitted myself to a psychiatric ward and was there for 3 weeks. I know the doctor will have a question to answer along the lines of "has the person been admitted to a hospital in the past 12 months for psychiatric treatement?" Does this mean I won't be allowed to drive until a year has passed since my admission date, even though I have been fine in recent mo
  2. Hi, I've just switched electricity supplier and they debited my bank account for the monthly payment on the same day I switched over to them. As I was expecting to pay a month in arrears this has left me short of cash. Is it normal for them to do that? Doesn't seem right. T
  3. Hi, I applied for a provisional driving license in October 2016. To this day (Aug 2017) I am still waiting for it. Today DVLA told me it's still in a queue for a doctor to review but would not tell me how many months or years it would take for that review to happen. DVLA refused to tell me the average or approximate time it takes for a medical review to happen. No info whatsoever...just keep waiting... Is this normal? How long does this normally take? Is there a way I could get a provisional license and my lessons as well as the actual driving license abroad and then use that h
  4. Hi all. I suspect that this is no big deal but I had a head injury whilst at work last Friday, attempted to work today but realised that I was suffering from concussion. Before I left, the health and safety manager wanted to interview me about the accident and just as we were starting, he took me by surprise and took his phone out and began to audio record the conversation and asked quickly if I was okay with this, to which I replied that I was. Obviously I am not complaining about this because I did agree that it was okay, but I am curious as to whether this is the norm?
  5. Within the reply I received from the judicator was; "the business has accepted that its level of service was poor during their investigation of your **** fraud allegations and complaint. In this respect, the business has agreed to my suggestion that they award a payment of £150 for any trouble and upset caused" The above offer/award is only available to me if I sign to accept that it is a "full and final settlement of this complaint". Although this would not prevent me asking an ombudsman to make a final decision.
  6. Will try to simplify this down and not elaborate too much, I have a tendency to over communicate. long story short, I am 38. Took out a loan with NatWest I don't remember how long ago but it must been in my mid to late 20's. Was unable to make regular payments, it went back and forth actually for years, sort of on hold. I commence work and commenced payments, regular every month for several years, £250, £150, £100 etc. It was never agreed in writing by me I just started to pay, NatWest did write to me once to ask for my budget details, I responded with a £250 payment that m
  7. hello everyone hope you can help Ive been a lurker for a while - and been following advice without needing to post anything - so far until now ( thank you to all as you guys are amazing at what you do, especially helping noobs like me ) Anyway I had a simply be account and got into some arrears - the original credit limit was £350 but with added charges I ended up paying back over £1200 - have just finished paying the amount back and wanted to claim back admin charges and insurance added on to the account. Sent away for a SAR with the fee - and have today received a large
  8. Hi Guys and Gals Last year, I hit my creditors with CCA letters and all failed to comply, so I stopped payments to all of them as advised here. today I received a call from another DCA about one of the debts, didn't catch the company name, asking me if I had received their letter about a 10 year old Egg debt. I haven't had one, so just said that I didn't know what he was talking about. My question is, once the letter turns up, do I go through the same CCA process again with these guys? Also, will this go on forever too, changing DCA's and me hav
  9. Can an employer invoke a condition with regards to changing shifts if there's an agreement to do so that was dated years ago? ie if an agreement from say 1990 says they can change a shift start time with 24 hours notice but the company has always given a weeks notice, can they insist on changing the shift without notice? Or because they've never invoked this condition does it become non existant and they still have to give a weeks notice?
  10. Hi all, I have a full 10 day hearing coming up for discrimination, whistle-blowing, victimization, harassment & constructive dismissal. The respondents asked me to forward a figure that i would settle for. I did this and now i have received a nasty letter from them. The respondents response is that they will only explore settlement if i drop the whistle-blowing element of the claim. This is odd as they asked me to give them a figure and now they are saying they will not explore settlement until i drop the whistle-blowing element. The respondents are the big public sect
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