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  1. Can an employer invoke a condition with regards to changing shifts if there's an agreement to do so that was dated years ago? ie if an agreement from say 1990 says they can change a shift start time with 24 hours notice but the company has always given a weeks notice, can they insist on changing the shift without notice? Or because they've never invoked this condition does it become non existant and they still have to give a weeks notice?
  2. if they come to your door, make sure you video everything as well. The police will not automatically side with the bailiff, they will want to know if a crime is being committed, a debt is a civil matter, harassment and putting someone under distress is a botp at least, and the police have to act. BTW how do the bailiffs know it's your car?
  3. if I turn up at your door would you give me your car? Tell them you'll only correspond by letter. If they phone tell them you'll only communicate in writing and hang up. If anyone turns up at your door tell them to go away and if they don't then dial 999 and tell the police there's someone at your door harassing you and causing you distress and you need their help to protect you. Sit back and take a breather, then check through this site (search for equita first) and decide what to do next. And don't give anyone your car keys!
  4. Don't pay them anything. Write to them and tell them you'll only correspond in writing, you're getting advice and you dispute their claim. Are you sure it's from bailiffs and not a dca? I'm sure more knowledgeable posters will pop in soon.
  5. personal tax code is 820 and if pay £4000 to pension so; £8200+£4000=£12200 so taxed at 20% from £12200 for the next £32000. £12200+£32000=£44200 so tax at 40% on everything over £44000 to £150000. Is this correct, need to earn £40200 to start paying 40% if no pension contributions?
  6. Don't pay a penny. Don't email, send them a recorded delivery letter simply saying you're in financial difficulty and therefore cannot make any payment and don't see any change in the near future, and don't sign it. If you're on benefits then those benefits are for essential living costs only ie food and clothes, NOT debt repayment. These people should not be lending money to people who can't afford to repay. You should not get contact from dca if you're in communication with the lender. Your contract is with Brighthouse not a dca. When the dca contact you cross that bridge when it comes, it's pretty straightforward to stop their harrassment. Keep strong!
  7. just a further update...no word from either oft or dca...silence... Thanks again for all the help
  8. we'll see what the op says happens. Maybe a confusion between revenue protection and ticket examiners. Ticket examiners and conductors cannot caution anyone, they'll ask for payment and if refused will issue a ticket irregularity and ask for name, adress and id, if non then they can call police. Revenue protection afaik do the same. I stand by what I posted.
  9. with an out of date ticket he should have told you it wasn't valid for travel and asked you to buy a ticket, if you refused then he could issue you with a ticket irregularity and ask for your name and address with id to prove it, if you have no id he can call the police, but only if you refused to pay. I suspect that the letter you're waiting on will ask for payment and a penalty fare/admin fee, probably the fare and an extra £10.
  10. how can a ticket inspector caution anyone, I thought it was only the police who could do this?
  11. I'll have a look and see how I get one cheers
  12. I posted here and on fb about how vodafone had overcharged me £0.34. After about 10 emails and 5 letters, they gave me £1. Then sent a letter giving me £5 credit note as a gesture of goodwill. I asked them where my £5 was and they said it'd be applied to my next bill. 3 bills later it's still not appeared and emails to them simply get the usual crap emails back! give me my £6 You over charged me and admitted it, agreed to give me £6 so give me it! I'll take this to court! cagers how do I proceed with this?
  13. should I send them a letter? what should I ask?
  14. I couldn't pay my cc bill two years ago and hbos changed my interest rate from the low promotional rate to the full rate, I wrote and explained my circumstances and kept them up to date with my addresses but it took three months of paying 29.9% on £14k before they put me back to the promotional low rates as a gesture of good will. I reckon they added about £1000 extra off me at a time when I was struggling. I've tried to claim it back but got no where with them. I'm now in a more positive position, can I claim this money back? If so how do I go about it? It's not charges I'm claiming but the 29.9% interest as opposed to the low 8ish promotional rate I was/am on.
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