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  1. if I had to guess here what has happened I would say the following. high turn over of staff no one involved with my account today has been in any department that is handling it since the case / ticket was raised. The team at Natwest are doing the best they can but.- Due to either system issues, or time aspects, the loan account could not stay opened, or some aspect there in like it not completing per the orginal schedule. Some one in the back office has kept a ledger of the amount outstanding and with the parameters he has got, he/they done the best they can, that is he has continued my payments into my current account given my "corrupted loan, or loan account" is closed.that still does not explain the closure of my cap quest account, or the sheer lack of communication. Banking is a complete cycle right, there is the day to day then there is all aspects and every eliment forms the complete picture. With NatWest they have a customer that failed short personally and professionally but then commenced regular payments, completed 90% of payments, but then guillotined from my loan which I was enjoying completing. Some one needs to review the whole thing, its going to take some one some time, but at the end of it they will have some recommendations and Natwest will benefit from it internally.and then I have to pay £2k for being honest. I was mainly concerned that some one was going to leave my account for a long time then send me a letter requesting a huge amount of money, again life is best lived ethically as possible so lets communicate to the bank here and let them look at the details. Natwest you stopped me paying my loan off, go and find out why you did that and why my loan account is closed and my current with a months wages in credit there.
  2. email sent to Ross.McEwanat-RBS.com I provided him my account details, this thread. its account mismanagement at the very least, at the worst there is some thing untoward going on. If my loan account is closed, my current account is in credit, then I am credit and my loan is invalidated in my opinion. Ill follow ross instructions if he has the time to get back, can imagin how busy some one like him is, guy will have several dozen unread emails every day. Just open question to the forum, if your loan account is closed, your current account some how is in credit, in which state of limbo or between the cracks can your loan exist? I kind of would of preferred it that my account was plain and simple in debt by a set amount like £2000 because then I could have left the bank knowing what's going on and I can just pop in the bank putting in £100 to £200 a month, now I have to wet nurse this along. Ill update the thread since I know there are people here that would like to improve or build on their banking / knowing cases and outcomes. if my loan account is closed, the loan is closed....
  3. is there an anti fraud department at NatWest? some one has done some thing clever in the back end here, the in credit £2k is the give away. trying to figure out what it is. also... NatWest reporting to me on the phone they did not see any £750 payment. I am no Sherlock Holmes but obviously there is some process in place between this vendor and NatWest and some one minting off money.? why is my current account in credit 2k why is my loan account close? why have NatWest not been receiving my payments, example my 750 payment. people always have to put their hand in sint it and do some thing clever, not happy with their own wages have to steal some thing fisher hear, that's clear. thanks forum,
  4. capquest, I phone a girl up there some 3 or 4 weeks after they wrote to me which I understand was post nov last year because NatWest have said that was the last payment, but they do not have any 750 payment which I am about as lucid as you can be when you make a payment of £750 hard earn money. Some thing is not right some place, I asked the cap quest girl what is going on and that I would be hugely and I mean hugely annoyed if I get some stupid letter threating me even after I have paid like 90% of the loan off. Also just regading cap quest, I had a good experience with them, they left me to pay the loan off... The NatWest pull it back. I was trying to understand why they did this and the only thing I can think of is that it costs them too much some how to reclaim, once the outstanding amount gets below a certain amount. or some thing else but then its stupid, stuff like they have recalculated my loan and figured out I am complete. How can my balance be £2k in credit, my loan account closed off? As I say I don't want any problems I was really enjoying paying my loan off, who ever did this is an idiot because I was enjoying getting to that pot at the end of the rainbow kind of thing. Ive had this loan for a long time. I don't mean to sound pitiful but really its been a bad thing over my head for a long long time, since I was young, I'm nearly 40 years old now. I was actually mis proved the loan to start with I put down house improvements and I never even had a home, I was young then and needed the money, I have paid for that 10 / 15k on going for a decade or more, little over 10 years. How can NatWest have pulled the loan back from cap quest then not got in touch with. I also asked the girl to get in touch with them and to update me what's going on. I have made a big mistake here, I should have just left the whole thing but I was worried if I did that in 5 years Id get some stupid letter saying I owe 50k or some thing. As I say I was regular as clock work paying off the loan, I feel like some one has taken some thing from me, I got total trained into making the payments, I get close to the end then they pull it away from me. I admit a few months I paid only £100 a month, but I was making £200 and £250 many times. I might actually be underestimating how large my loan is, it might have been over 15k, its not some thing I could deal with I had to deal with it bit by bit. Some one did not like my £750 payment, it must have caused an issue some how, that or the fact there is so little left on it now and they want it to go back up by leaving it out of sight for years then come and hunt me down with a big bill? I am happy to update the thread. Any one from cap quest reading this, I appreciate your allowing me to make payments, once I was done I was going to send you guys a cake or a gift or some thing and a thank you note. But... I did ask you why you sent that limited letter to me with no information on it, that was rude and I told you as such. Obviously some level of incompetency here, or some thing untoward is going on, the £2k in credit is a red flag that they say is actually in debt. I take it all of the banking systems and so on are recorded so some one cant just tamper with accounts how they like? logged? Thanks for the help so far guys, I said to my boss today id find a forum and post about this and see what people say, internet is pretty good like this, you can get in a spot and then ask, thankfully most people are actually good people, I think with age we all get a bit nicer and more thoughtful less self focused. I am expecting a letter from NatWest, ill update the thread and if any one has any other input please let me know. thanks all. bud
  5. I just googled that, that's a subject access request. Some body has done some thing wrong there, my loan account is closed, my current account is in credit for 2k, but then the girl is telling me I still owe £2000. she said, we were going to write to you this week, that's bs, she just said that. Please note I am not trying to do any thing unethical and I am happy to pay my loan but I would like to know, do I have to pay it if my loan account is closed, and secondly yes as you have said what is going on. If its ok to the forum, ill go ahead and fill for this subject access request, and in time post back the findings if its helpful per the parameters of my case here with these details. whilst things are in progress ill set aside £250 to £500 a month and then once seemingly correct or necessary ill pay the loan off. Has any one heard of some thing similar to my situation ?
  6. Will try to simplify this down and not elaborate too much, I have a tendency to over communicate. long story short, I am 38. Took out a loan with NatWest I don't remember how long ago but it must been in my mid to late 20's. Was unable to make regular payments, it went back and forth actually for years, sort of on hold. I commence work and commenced payments, regular every month for several years, £250, £150, £100 etc. It was never agreed in writing by me I just started to pay, NatWest did write to me once to ask for my budget details, I responded with a £250 payment that month. Fast forward it must be 10 years now ? £15k is now longer outstanding or what ever it was. Its now under £2k. Right this is were it gets interesting, I was working with a debt recovery agency, every month I would log into my online banking (not NatWest obviously) pull up make a payment and send £150, £250 My last payment was over £700, The debt collection agency which I had paid over £10k with over the last few years now, they suddenly wrote to me and said. Dear xx We have been instructed we are no longer managing your account hence do not make any further payments. Roughly that is what it said I was confused by this as I had just made a huge payment of over £700 and was down to a 5% or 10% of the orginal amount. Why would NatWest pull the account back. I will be honest and say at this time which I understand was just before Xmas last year, I feel I had around £1800 left to pay. Ok please continue with me. I was out at lunch time today and decided to pop into Natwest and ask what are they doing with my account ... so understand my surprise when this happened. Till girl, thank you bud01 (me) for providing your account number and sort code (I didn't have the sort code had to tell her the branch). I can see that your account is £2000 in credit. Can you double check that please. Sure, your account is £2000 in credit, (my current account). I explained the situation and she asked that I call the collections team. Fast forward past me buying a coffee and sandwich and taking over a meeting room to make a call to Natwest. I speak to a guy in the collections team, he is only interesting in knowing if I own my own house and I am who I say I am, which I honestly explained, I am renting, and I am mr x etc. He says I have to go through to another department, debt department or some thing I cant remember. I get though to a girl and explain the situation and ask her the following. 1- If my account is in credit why haven't you communicated to me and how could it be I am in credit 2- Why have you not communicated to me, and why did you dis-engage the collection vendor that I was working with monthly, and were is your communication to me irrespective of the monetary aspects. She went away and checked with another team and came back and said. Your loan account has had to be closed. You have a corrupted loan. Your debt has been moved to your current account. You are not in credit but in debt for £2000 At this point this upset me, I did the only thing I could think of and asked that every thing be documented and sent to me Has any one even heard of any thing like this? A few of my thoughts. 1- I should not have contacted Natwest, I knew I owed around that figure or maybe £1200, I should have let them finally come back to me, or maybe never come back to me. Obviously that is being un-unethical which is not the way I am living my life, hence I wanted to go into the Bank today and look into this. 2-If my current account is in credit, it is credit, there is a big difference between being -£2000 and being in credit by £2000. If I owe £2000 and my current account which is still to this day is in credit by £2000 then I don't owe any thing, their mistakes or issues is not my concern. 3- If my loan account is closed then unless that has been communicated to me in writing, the moment that account is closed then my loan is forfeited I don't know what is going on here but some thing fishy is happening, if my current account was minus or in debt £2000 then I could have walked out of the bank and would have taken it on the surface as 1+1 =2. Canceled my on going working payment schedule with debt recovery vendor. No communication for nearly a year current account in credit by the same amount of money I am in debt. Loan account closed. What do I do here? if every one is in agreement Natwest is fine here and I should pay then I may simply make four £500 payments. I am 38 years old. Work in IT in banking area. After my July pay review I am on £53900 (excluding over time) £2k loan is not a big issue, What do I do here? What is this called that NatWest is doing? Loan account closed = loan closed ? Thanks any one that can help on this. And if any one from NatWest is reading this, you are very unprofessional in the manner you have delt with my account, you stopped me making my regular payments which I was actually enjoying doing, the recovery company sent me a stupid letter with zero on it about what was happening, and then you do not communicate to me for nearly a year, now I find my loan account closed and my current account in credit, but also in debt. What are you guys doing?
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