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  1. Hi, I am very upset with Asda for possible misleading practices, misleading advertising and possible breach of the GDPR, and how they handle customer complaints. Asda is pushing '£20-off on your first online shop if you spend £50 or more' vouchers for first time shoppers. Encouraged by this I opened my online Asda account, shared my personal and private information that I would not have otherwise done, added the voucher onto my account (which was accepted onto my Asda account) and invested several hours into putting my basket together and trying to understand their w
  2. If I'm not happy with how my complaint to an airport is handled, where else can I take it, please?
  3. I had a blood test. GP receptionist called to tell me that a deficiency was identified and that I need to buy over-counter supplements, as they can't do a prescription. When I asked if I could see my blood results they said I have to pay £5 and they can print it off at the reception. I asked them again if there was another way I could see my blood test results, they confirmed that I have to pay £5 to see them. I wanted to book a GP appointment, they said they can't book a GP appointment for this. This is not a private GP, its an NHS one, and I currently don't have ANY cash to
  4. I booked disability assistance in Stansted Airport. The driver and his colleague of the disability vehicle taking disabled passengers from the plane to the airport building acted unprofessional and reckless. When the car started driving (and speeding!), the driver left the door opened right next to where an elderly passenger sat, she was petrified. After some commotion the car stopped and they closed the door. Then the car started speeding again and then suddenly braked throwing me to the floor, I was wearing a spinal brace at the time. They were saying they drove into a chain that was s
  5. I am not an expert in this. The label on the back of the TV says AC110-120V -60Hz 95W. Yes, I'll order another converter from somewhere else to test it on just to be sure! Thank you @dx100uk.
  6. Hi everyone, thank you for your replies. @dx100uk and @silverfox1961 - I bought this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0014FLDUG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Cheap and cheerful, I thought it would do the job. It didn't even cross my mind that it would be a dodgy item as I never had any major problems with Amazon, I sort of trusted Amazon lol. "how do you know the tv doesn't work? got another 110v converter?" @dx100uk You have a good point. I am assuming the TV doesn't work because it dimmed down over a spay of around 3-5 secs until the screen beca
  7. ORDER PLACED: 26 October 2017 I payed via a debit card that I always use when I buy things on Amazon.
  8. Hi, I bought a voltage converter from Amazon to use for an American TV. While using it the converter started buzzing really loudly, suddenly overheated, and killed my flatscreen Samsung TV. Since I bought the product there are some very bad reviews on the product that include a person whose item exploded as a result of the item being faulty, so its not just me. I've been trying to get in touch with Amazon complaints department as I wanted to log a formal complaint about the converter and the TV, and I did this over a chat with Amazon's complaints department (- apparent
  9. @BazzaS Thank you for your response "What Group of license are you applying for (1- car, or 2 - what used to be HGV / PCV)." 1-car - for basic household tasks and getting to and from work. "Do you feel able to discuss your condition so you can be pointed to the relevant 'medical standard of fitness to drive' that DVLA should be using to reach their decision?." I had to tick the "fainting" box on the form because I have Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. The condition causes me to faint when I am standing upright for prolonged periods of time. The condition does not aff
  10. Hi, I applied for a provisional driving license in October 2016. To this day (Aug 2017) I am still waiting for it. Today DVLA told me it's still in a queue for a doctor to review but would not tell me how many months or years it would take for that review to happen. DVLA refused to tell me the average or approximate time it takes for a medical review to happen. No info whatsoever...just keep waiting... Is this normal? How long does this normally take? Is there a way I could get a provisional license and my lessons as well as the actual driving license abroad and then use that h
  11. Hi, I'm in a very complex situation and I am loosing my mind and health over this. I was wondering if anyone can assist me, greatly appreciated. Around this time last year I was asked to submit a medical form for WCA, which followed by a face-to-face assessment. My WCA for ESA scored zero points and I submitted my case to Tribunal for review. I believe I meet 4 descriptors for the Support Group. I am currently waiting for a hearing date. The medical WCA assessment outcome in 2016 recommended Work Related Activity for 12 months indicating that I could be ready for work (possib
  12. Hi, I hope someone can help me with a unique query. I need to get in touch with a particular surgeon that operated on another patient who was admitted to the same ward as me - this is for a very rare and specialist medical issue that I also developed. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the surgeon's name as this was a few years ago, but i should be able to identify the name of the surgeon from a list of names if I received a list of all surgeons operating at that hospital during the time when I was admitted there. Is this something I could ask using the Freedom Of Information A
  13. I didn't claim the holiday in the ET1, I cannot recall if I stated that at the hearing. But to be honest, I didn't claim the notice pay in the ET1 all together as I was ill-advised about my contract at the time. It was during the hearing that the judge decided to include that if I recall correctly. It's very odd, I think I was so stressed during those three days of the hearing that my mind is blocking out the memories. I literally have blanks and cannot remember what happened for the best part of the hearing. I can only put it down to stress levels lol
  14. Hi, to be honest, I was not pleased with the judgment. I was amazed how much the employers get away with and IMO the judgment was a bit one sided. I have very clear reasons for my opinion, and I aim to write down my thoughts more thoroughly for this forum during the weekend. Hopefully what I'll share will be interesting and/or useful to someone. In the meantime I need to wrap up the ends of this case and take a couple of days to take a breather. I'll re-post my quick question in case it got pushed back a bit: My question is regarding remedies and payments in relation to notice pay.
  15. Hi, I have a question regarding remedies and payments in relation to notice pay. My employer had payed me one week's notice while I was contracted to one month's notice. The judge stated in the judgement that the employer has to pay me one month's net pay minus one week. There is no mention of holiday in the judgement. Does this mean I lose my holiday? The respondent is refusing to pay the holiday as it's not in the judgement/remedies, and I fear that the respondent is correct. But then it's not very fair that I have to lose my holiday pay for that month. What's your view on th
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