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  1. OK I've done that. I also realised that I have CCTV in my workshop covering the area where he loaded the car, so this should show exactly what he was up to while I was away and how the car ended up pole-vaulting over the anti-roll bar. I've asked him to make copies of his CCTV, and offered a G-Drive link for him to upload them. If he refuses, what do I do? I have never had to initiate any kind of legal action against anyone before so have no idea where to start.
  2. Hi all, Yesterday I had my classic car transported to a new storage location via an agent on Shiply and the driver damaged the car twice - once during loading and again when unloading. The first instance is a little complicated: I had forgot to tighten the anti-roll bar bolts and it had dropped down, rattling on the loading ramp. However, rather than check what the problem was, the driver heaved the car back off the ramp with such force that it inverted the ARB and crushed the chassis rails underneath. I had gone to get cash while this happened and only returned in time to see him hauling the car off the ramps. The second instance was when unloading at the other end: the driver rolled the car off the ramps and then pushed it with his backside / hip and dented the tailgate - this happened right in front of me. I didn't notice he had dented it until after he'd hurriedly left and I moved the car into the barn, so didn't get to confront him directly. I wasn't going to make any kind of fuss about the initial damage, as it was a combination of our errors that lead to it, but the dented bodywork is just unacceptable. I messaged him when I got back last night: Hi Tony, I have two big dents in the tailgate of my car from where you pushed it off the bottom of the ramp. The damage to the chassis rails I was willing to take on the chin as it was a combination of our errors that caused it, but I'm really unhappy about the bodywork damage. How do we go about making an insurance claim to cover the tailgate damage? Which seemed kind of OK to me.. I was furious but tried to be civil. His response came in three messages: 20:18 - Really, you didn't bolt the anti roll bar linkage on the car, any damage of any was caused by you not putting things back together properly. Your car damaged my truck. So please don't try this crap on with me 20:20 - What a [problem] artist 20:27 - I have just checked the cctv on my truck, there's no damage I can see done when loading or unloading your car, plus your car was covered up. I will gladly see you in court for making false insurance claims. The first two are nonsense, as I'd told him I wasn't trying to place blame on him for the damaged chassis, as the ARB should have been secured. The third is what I'd like help with, because he's claiming to have CCTV footage. I haven't yet responded, so am hoping for some advice on how to proceed first. The car was covered, but the area of tailgate he damaged was exposed, so if he does have CCTV it should show everything. I'm unsure whether I should ask for his CCTV footage, because (if it even exists) he may very well delete it. The guy clearly goes from 0-100 quickly and I don't want to ruin my chances of making a claim for the damaged bodywork by his rash decisions. Can anyone please advise how to proceed from here? His service was fully insured up to 30k according to Shiply.
  3. Yes all forms were sent one PCN at a time in separate emails, and all got receipts. From speaking to the various parties involved, TEC have sent notification to Islington but they have not processed it yet, and the EA is waiting for the info to trickle down. I'm hopeful the clamp will be removed tomorrow morning as you also mentioned.
  4. OK thanks for clarifying. I've been on good terms with the EA throughout and he's been nothing but polite and professional with me, thankfully. He's said he will remove the clamp as soon as he gets notice through but this is the bit that seems to be taking time - I assume because there are several PCNs involved and it's a complex case. I'm going to continue to be polite as that's of course the best way to get a reasonable response. Plus he's just doing his job.
  5. I didn't seek any legal advice, if that's what you mean. I was honest on the forms, however, so I don't expect to have any issues. Is this not contradictory? If the EA has been notified to temporarily cease enforcement, yet they keep control of the vehicle, are they not disobeying the instruction? Further, if there is no current order for enforcement, due to the LA's instruction, are they not therefore seizing the vehicle without grounds? I'm chasing the EA as I am self-employed and this is my only means of doing my job. I'm now missing two days of work and income.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes I had moved address and neglected to update the V5; I didn't include that info as I had already submitted my forms to TEC so wasn't looking for advice there. The above has come back to bite twice now, as I picked up several PCNs within a short space of time while moving house - some were paid, some were not present on the vehicle, but the majority were CCTV-related with no physical ticket (as OP) so I was unaware of them until the van was clamped. My forms have all been approved by TEC and sent to Islington Council, who have sent notice to the EA, but my van remains clamped. I'm chasing the EA this morning but no joy as yet.
  7. Hi All, Last year Islington Council put a really nasty bus lane * camera at the entrance to the street I parked on.. I thought I had got away without falling foul of it, as I'd used the lane several times prior to a friendly neighbour warning me of its presence, this morning I found that's not the case as my car is currently clamped for 5 outstanding PCNs! I'm not wishing to dispute the PCNs as it's a fair cop and I should have been more aware, but I would like some advice on how to handle Equita today. I called the EA at 07:20 asking for PCN details and explained that I'd most likely be submitting OOT forms to TEC; he obliged and said he'd call back, was pleasant to deal with, everything seemed OK. However, at about 10:20 I got a call from a recovery driver asking if I'd like to hand over the keys when they tow my vehicle. I called the EA right back to explain and he eventually gave me the PCN numbers, so I called Islington council to get the details and submitted my forms to TEC. I've done all I can for now, but am sat in my van and cannot leave because they've sent someone to tow it. That whole thing seemed really suspicious to me, but I can't take the risk as it would be incredibly annoying to have my car towed prior to TEC giving the EA notice to cease recovery actions. Can anyone advise? Am I just destined to spend the day sat in my van? If I were to leave and they towed it, then TEC gave notice to cease enforcement, is there anything I could do other than pay towing & release fees? *It's not really a bus lane, I just don't know what to call it. The road used to have a traffic island in the middle with two very narrow passages either side, but the council removed the island and put a wide lane through the middle. I used this lane as the passages were only just wide enough for my van and did so for about 2 weeks until a neighbour stopped me to explain it's for exiting only and pointed out the camera. From my call to Islington Council, I have EIGHT outstanding PCNs from the first 8 days of this restriction being in place - five of which are involved today.
  8. It was paid by debit card online. I've just ordered again to a relative's address and will look in to reclaiming my original purchase with my bank.. I'll update this once I've spoken to them.
  9. Hi all, Back in May, I ordered some fabric from an online store (Tissens) in France which never arrived - the tracking info said there was an issue with the address being incomplete. I contacted Tissens' customer support at the beginning of June and they responded saying they would investigate and asked me to confirm my delivery address. I did this and heard nothing back for a further 6 weeks. When I chased it up, they eventually responded to say the shipment had been returned to them, and that if I wanted it shipped out again I would need to pay 14.5EUR. I asked for them to confirm the delivery address on the shipment, as I had ordered from them before with no issues and my details were all saved on an account with them. A further week went by with no response, so I checked the invoice and found it had the correct address, meaning the problem was at their end. I finally lost my patience and wrote: He responded that day saying he would speak to his manager and get back to me. A week went by, so I chased up for a response. A further week went by, so I asked for a response again. A further week went by, so I have (today) chased up again to say I need a response by COB tomorrow or I will take things further. I just want them to post me the fabric I ordered, as they are the only company worldwide who supply it. I'm not sure whether I can still reverse the transaction, but if I do I'm nervous that I will be black-listed and never be able to place another order. What can I do?
  10. Thanks for the replies, we managed to solve this diplomatically in the end. I responded to the trader's offer by stating if he were to reduce the cost by the £20 he could reclaim from Royal Mail and send via recorded delivery, I would be happier with the outcome. We spoke on the phone this morning and his concern is that he won't be able to reclaim anything due to RM saying it has been delivered (according to their system), so we have met in the middle. I'm still out of pocket £30, but I think that's the best outcome I can expect given the circumstances.
  11. We aren't talking much - £60 originally and now £45 with the discount. From our phone conversation, the trader uses a franked delivery service and apparently tracking info on this is extremely limited. From what I can ascertain, I can claim £20 compensation from RM for loss of the items, but only if the trader doesn't also do this. I'll still be out of pocket £25, which sucks, but it's better than nothing I suppose.
  12. Hi All, At the start of June I ordered some tools from an online seller (Uni-Thread LTD) which were shipped via Royal Mail with an un-recorded next day service. After about 3 weeks* I called the seller to find out what had happened and after some investigation RM tracking said the parcel had been delivered - no signature or any further details. *The reason for the 3 week delay is I didn't get a confirmation email or invoice from the seller, so assumed there had been some error and it had failed to go through. It's only when looking back through my accounts that I saw the money had actually left my account. I've searched all my neighbours who would normally take in parcels and found nothing. The seller is offering a 25% discount if I order again, which I do *sort of* appreciate but am still unhappy about having to pay for these parts twice. What are my rights in this instance? I should mention this was a purchase for tools that my business made, not a personal purchase.
  13. Some interesting replies to this.. Firstly, sgtbush, making an OOT declaration is not being an "obstructive person" it is following due process - processes that are set up to protect people (such as myself) who have been blind-sided with charges they were previously unaware of. Would you pay an EA for a debt which you had no prior knowledge of, or would you want to investigate it and follow the available channels to avoid an EA's enormous fees? I don't think the latter is at all unreasonable or "obstructive". When I called the EA originally, I was polite, because I am always polite to them. I am polite to them because these people are just doing a job, no matter how much I disapprove of it; deserve to be treated with respect, just as I do; and generally being civil leads to a much more positive outcome for everyone involved. All that being said, I stop being quite so polite when someone raises their voice at me and starts making threats. I become resistant, but not "obstructive". While an EA with a warrant is allowed to seize certain belongings, they are NOT allowed to make unfounded accusations of criminal behaviour, assert that laws have been broken, or that there is a legal requirement to pay and/or legal repercussions for not complying. To do so with the explicit intention of parting someone with their money is FRAUD and I have no hesitations about calling this abhorrent practice out when it occurs. =============== Now, whether or not the EA was knowingly making a false accusation that I had previously removed a clamp - i.e. lying to coerce me into payment - is unknown from my side, because I do not know what information he holds. I do know, however, that I did no such thing and that my vehicle has not been clamped prior to this. I drive my vehicle every week day at the very least, so it's unlikely I would have missed such a thing. A violation of TFA Section 2 could be difficult to prove, I agree, because I don't have access to the same information as him, as he refused to provide it. However, his refusal to be forthcoming makes me doubt this evidence exists. His refusal to be forthcoming with information when requested is, however, a violation of TFA Section 3. I asked the EA to provide evidence for his accusations that I had removed a previous clamp and he refused to do so, despite claiming he had this evidence in front of him; I also asked the EA to give me his details so I could check he was legitimate and he refused to even give me his surname. It's only by being resourceful that I found his details myself and could run the checks to verify his identity - checks which were necessary due to his aggressive attitude. To sum up: requesting payment with a warrant is not fraud, but making false statements and refusing to provide necessary information - with the explicit intention of expediting payment and removing my ability to follow the legal channels open to me - IS.
  14. Hi All, Firstly, this isn't strictly a PCN issue but it is related to one, so I'm not sure if this the appropriate forum and please let me know if not. My vehicle was clamped on 30th June and I discovered this and spoke to the bailiff on 1st July. I've submitted TE7 & TE9 forms to TEC so this should all be resolved this afternoon. However, I am going to make several complaints about the bailiff's actions as he was not only extremely rude and unprofessional when dealing with me, but also probably broke the law. Some background info: I called the bailiff (MO) on Sunday afternoon (01/07) but he didn't answer; he then called me at 10pm Sunday evening to discuss. During this conversation he told me the vehicle in question had been clamped previously and I had cut it off, telling me that because of this the vehicle would be towed immediately if I didn't pay the outstanding balance. When I contested this and asked for info his response was along the lines of "I dunno, that's just what the system says" and refused to give any further evidence. I was pretty incensed by the accusation so told him it was utterly false (exact words) and he hung up on me, refusing to answer again. Today I called him to get the PCN number then did my relevant homework and called him back to let him know I'd submitted forms with TEC and he should hear from the issuing authority by the end of the day. I asked him to give me his full name and registration details so I could submit a complaint about his behaviour last night and he outright refused, saying he didn't have to. When I told him he was legally obligated to give me his information he got increasingly angry and doubled down. He said he would show his certificate when releasing the vehicle but would not give details to me - to which I responded by saying we both know that will never happen as he will most likely quietly remove the clamp and then be gone. I eventually gave up with no information. I checked his name on the immobilisation certificate then checked the Certified Bailiff Register and found his full name and the court / company he's registered with, so am going to submit my complaints there first. My most serious complaint is that his attempt to extort me into payment by claiming I had removed a previous clamp (let me just state - I hadn't) is a violation of The Fraud Act 2006 Section 2 and his refusal to provide any evidence for this, despite it being "on his system" is also a violation of Section 3. So my question is this: who do I report this to and how? I'm currently drafting a complaint to Hertford County Court (where MO is registered) with all of this included, but would like to take this much, much further so he never attempts this stuff again. Having never submitted any kind of criminal charges before I have no idea where to start.
  15. I know, I just felt I should clarify. No, not at all.. in fact I submitted my company's bank statements when applying for a loan to expand, but that's entirely understandable as it's a transaction between my business and the loan company. In contrast, this is a transaction between myself - an completely separate legal entity - and a letting agent, so I only expect to submit my personal bank statements / credit history etc. I understand they would like to ensure that my business will continue to operate and can afford to pay me, but that can all be determined by looking at the BS / P&L reports. Investigating the company's bank statements / cashflow is information they simply aren't entitled to, in my opinion. I understand.. I had this the last time I moved and it seems to be only some agents who ask. I did comply last time but it bothered me a lot to share that info, so this time I'd rather not.
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