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Found 15 results

  1. I had builder coming in to do extension work Cut long story to short we agreed on price they came and worked 8 hours in 2 days and one of them asked me for some payment i paid £500 and they didn't come for 2 days turned up on 3rd day and made an excuse that they cant find the required doorframe i called them they promised to come after a week as one is sick and other one on holiday When the week finished i ask them what are you guys up to they start making excuses like they needed a skip so they could clear rubbish in the garden i told them that's not the
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/03/britain-world-beater-ripping-off-citizens-rail-fares-water-energy-bills British Gas increases its electricity prices will rise by 12.5%, starting next month. Just as the cold nights start drawing in despite the competition watchdog judged last year that British Gas and other energy giants were taking well over a billion pounds a year through “excessive prices” Thames Water divvied up £1.6bn in dividends to its small circle of shareholders Hinkley Point, at an estimated cost to British households of £30bn taxpayers
  3. Hi, how many fines are there for being stopped in an untaxed vehicle ? paid one this morning - a penalty for failure to tax £59.17 , went out and arrived home to find another one from dvla enforcement centre for £89.00 same offence really as vehicle was brought home after being stopped and not used again, do I have to pay this as well,
  4. You get excited about buying a new Iron
  5. On the 10.02.16 I received this : (thanks for not letting me insert a photo, guys, that's a great help, please see attach.) I fired back a defense: ---------------- Of course I simply copypasted the above defence from this forum and assumed that a CPR and a Sec.78 request were one in the same thing. Further reading of this forum informed me that they are, infact, two quite separate and distinct beasts. As I say in my defence , I submitted a CCA on the 21.01 to which they still haven't replied, choosing instead to go to court whilst i waited for them to get ba
  6. Slightly complex claim here. I topped up an Egg loan at the beginning of 2007. The total cash amount of the loan was £9331 and the payment protection premium lent was £1730.85 with the total amounts payable at £10668.00 and £1979.04 respectively. I subsequently defaulted on the loan and it was sold to various debt collection companies, ending up most recently with Arrow Global. They stated that the purchase balance of the account was £8193.79, down from the £11061.85 advanced by Egg. Added to the complications, I now live in the USA. Restons for Arrow Global obtained a CCJ by default
  7. I have the Equifax credit checking thingy and have been checking it fairly regularly recently to see how a settled account is affecting my score. I pressed the button to update my score today and was pleased to see that it had actually came up a good bit but in looking further down the page the 'electoral roll' section was red, its always been yellow before because I have lived at my current address for less than three years. I clicked it to see that I am no longer listed as being on the register so I called them to dispute this and the told me this weird th
  8. Hi. Firstly thanks to the Cag team & people involved, you guys/gals do a great job. I am a single father with MS (multiple sclelrosis) on DLA and living at home. My ex, her mum is also on benefit (ESA) & receives child benefit for both my daughter & her stepsister. I have no idea how much the child benefit give her (any idea's on that?) We have both been separated a good long time, time in which I've always tried to provide nice things for my daughter (I'll just say Bec from here out, its easier) whom I see on a fairly regular basis. With her starting high schoo
  9. Hi all, Appreciate any advice you can give with this potentially tricky situation...sorry for the long post! My girlfriend had been thinking about spending quite a lot of cash (£300) to hire a venue / activity for a private session for a party in 6 weeks or so's time. She is not particularly well off and had saved the money in advance, as she'd been planning it for a while. She has gone down to book it, and has then been told that basically it's actually £350, and been somewhat pressured into paying anyway. She is not a very "sharp consumer" as it were so she felt obliged to pay
  10. E-mail error ends up on road sign http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7702913.stm
  11. 5 years ago was called into branch and was talked into converting my credit card balance which was at the time £9,800 into a bank loan, at that time i was classed as self employed and 63 years old without saying a single word about ppi they tried to sneak it in , i spotted it the next day and duly cancelled the ppi out of the blue i get a letter telling me that i would not get all the benefits on offer with ppi on my 65th birthday relating to my credit card which i had been talked into converting to a bank loan, i had been paying ppi for over 10 years on the card w
  12. Hi everyone hope someone can help, I have had it up to here with the state of my bathroom and how the landlord wont do anything the bathroom is damp and mold growing everywhere no matter how much i clean it, it comes back the next day i have a 3 month old baby and don't take her in the bathroom its so disgusting don't know what to do about it, hope someone can help. i have posted some pictures below [ATTACH=CONFIG]44372[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44373[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44374[/ATTACH]
  13. Hello everyone, I have a problem I have just discovered on my cash minder account. I paid in a cheque for £6070 on the 22/05/13 yesterday I went to the bank to take some money out, When I did this I checked my balance as always and it said it was £59100DR! I was gob smacked and then I remembered that the co-op debit before credit so thought nothing of it as I could still take out the money that was cleared. Tonight I went to the cash machine again and my balance was £160 and that was it, no sign of the cheque waiting to clear. Just said, Accout balance £160, avail
  14. I owe £15k to Barclays bank (inc egg, current acccount) (unsecured)a nd have arrangement to pay them back at £1 a month. I have a mortgage, which the mortgage company (Santander) have allowed me interest only payments for two years but from March goes up to present rate and I will need to find £1100 per month. Due to redundancy I am not working. My partner who is over 65 cannot work because of illness. We are putting our house on the Market today to downsize. If we pay off the £15k we will have trouble finding a property to buy. If we buy new property c
  15. Is it me or do the streets smell somewhat dirtier on those morningly jogs after you've stopped smoking? That so called fresh air I used to enjoy just got a bit horrid! eek!
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