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Found 15 results

  1. I had builder coming in to do extension work Cut long story to short we agreed on price they came and worked 8 hours in 2 days and one of them asked me for some payment i paid £500 and they didn't come for 2 days turned up on 3rd day and made an excuse that they cant find the required doorframe i called them they promised to come after a week as one is sick and other one on holiday When the week finished i ask them what are you guys up to they start making excuses like they needed a skip so they could clear rubbish in the garden i told them that's not the priority, do the interior work and by the the time you finish i would have ordered the skip as it take upto a week to order They went funny they are not coming until i get the skip which made me angry and told them not to come i asked them to give me my money back and i refused to let them take their tools they have left at my property It escalated to them accusing me of robbing them of their own tools they turned up at my property they called the police police told them they will not get involved which they did not like After that incident they saw me at one of the guys building, i didn't know they were working in there they saw me and got physical and snached my phone i reported this to the police they asked me to leave the site and see them in the police station for an interview which i did i was told by police they will not get involved in this as it is civil matter but the police officer said that he will call the builders and warn them that physical behavior is not acceptable if they acted like again the police will get involved . After this i have received the letter below from the builder which i ignored them . Today i have police visiting me asking for the tools and telling me that i cant keep their tools as it is theft of tools which really got me angry i said ok fine you get my money back from them and take the tools they said this is a civil matter well then if you take tools and wont give them back to them that is the leverage i got on to them to get my money back so you are more welcome to take them but take they wont take responsibility for the money back they then said are you happy for us to hold the tools until you guys resolve the matter i said fine as long you promise not to give them back its fine they looked at the tools and kind of backed down holding on the tools saying there is too many they admitted they only came because they were told by the builder that i sold the tool i said look they all here they're no good to me they then took pictures of the tools to show them and ask me not sell them as that is not legal and will get back to me and they left . What is the best way i can deal with them now thanks letter prior to court action.pdf
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/03/britain-world-beater-ripping-off-citizens-rail-fares-water-energy-bills British Gas increases its electricity prices will rise by 12.5%, starting next month. Just as the cold nights start drawing in despite the competition watchdog judged last year that British Gas and other energy giants were taking well over a billion pounds a year through “excessive prices” Thames Water divvied up £1.6bn in dividends to its small circle of shareholders Hinkley Point, at an estimated cost to British households of £30bn taxpayers still pay £12,000 a day for shut down pfi schools Tories currently trying to stealth sell off to the private sector for just 50 Million quid part of the NHS that SAVES the NHS 70 million pounds a year "These are all examples of the public losing control – over our bills, over our taxes, over our water and trains and schools. Will freeing ourselves of the shackles of the European court of justice or EU state aid rules or any other Brexiteer hobbyhorse allow us to “take back control”? On the basics that govern our lives we have lost sovereignty. Brussels didn’t sell us down the river: Thatcher, Blair and Cameron did."
  3. Hi, how many fines are there for being stopped in an untaxed vehicle ? paid one this morning - a penalty for failure to tax £59.17 , went out and arrived home to find another one from dvla enforcement centre for £89.00 same offence really as vehicle was brought home after being stopped and not used again, do I have to pay this as well,
  4. On the 10.02.16 I received this : (thanks for not letting me insert a photo, guys, that's a great help, please see attach.) I fired back a defense: ---------------- Of course I simply copypasted the above defence from this forum and assumed that a CPR and a Sec.78 request were one in the same thing. Further reading of this forum informed me that they are, infact, two quite separate and distinct beasts. As I say in my defence , I submitted a CCA on the 21.01 to which they still haven't replied, choosing instead to go to court whilst i waited for them to get back to me. So I seem to have submitted an incorrect defense. What would be the best course of action for me to take? Send in a belated CPR? Not kick sleeping dogs? Write to the court and apologise profusely for my misleading statement? Any advice gratefully accepted, I am well and truly out of my depth with the 'waters' of the cloaca lapping my nostrils.
  5. Slightly complex claim here. I topped up an Egg loan at the beginning of 2007. The total cash amount of the loan was £9331 and the payment protection premium lent was £1730.85 with the total amounts payable at £10668.00 and £1979.04 respectively. I subsequently defaulted on the loan and it was sold to various debt collection companies, ending up most recently with Arrow Global. They stated that the purchase balance of the account was £8193.79, down from the £11061.85 advanced by Egg. Added to the complications, I now live in the USA. Restons for Arrow Global obtained a CCJ by default judgment against me and I applied to have it set aside once I found out about it. I ended up deciding to settle with them and we eventually agreed on £3000.00 in full and final settlement of the account. So I have effectively repaid £5868.06 of the debt, plus whatever interest that I'm unable to calculate. In the meantime, over a year ago I was sent a letter by Canada Square Operations asking me to complete a complaint questionnaire, as I belong to group of customers who MAY have been affected by a PPI policy being mis-sold. I never sent it as at the time I still owed the debt. The letter they sent noted that the debt had be sold on to another company and asked permission to contact them to find out the status of the debt. Since I have now settled the debt I filled out the questionnaire and sent it off. I'm wondering what I can expect given the circumstances surrounding my case. I'm also wondering if they will respond to me at my US address?
  6. I have the Equifax credit checking thingy and have been checking it fairly regularly recently to see how a settled account is affecting my score. I pressed the button to update my score today and was pleased to see that it had actually came up a good bit but in looking further down the page the 'electoral roll' section was red, its always been yellow before because I have lived at my current address for less than three years. I clicked it to see that I am no longer listed as being on the register so I called them to dispute this and the told me this weird thing which I certainly didn't know and thought it might be of interest to others. Every year on January 1st everyone's file is changed to not being on the electoral register until such times as the council confirms that they are in fact on it. Apparently this can take till the end of January which I don't understand either since my council updates theirs in June each year. Its a system thing apparently as soon as the year changes you are bumped off the register until such times as they put you back on it. This doesn't seem fair to me, what if I was applying for credit right now and my file says i'm not on it when I am. Surely a fairer system would be to keep everyone on it until the council updates to confirm whether you are still registered or not? Am I the only one a bit confused by this?
  7. Hi. Firstly thanks to the Cag team & people involved, you guys/gals do a great job. I am a single father with MS (multiple sclelrosis) on DLA and living at home. My ex, her mum is also on benefit (ESA) & receives child benefit for both my daughter & her stepsister. I have no idea how much the child benefit give her (any idea's on that?) We have both been separated a good long time, time in which I've always tried to provide nice things for my daughter (I'll just say Bec from here out, its easier) whom I see on a fairly regular basis. With her starting high school this year (she's 11) I got a visit from my mum (becs nan) saying that Becs mum had been stressed at the cost of school clothing & that I should step in and do the right thing. Now here, I made a point of stating what seems to me to be wholly logical by explaining to my mum that child benefit is for these things & what, for examples sake, if in same situation I had four kids by her mum, would myself as a single Dad on benefits be expected to cover this cost four times over? Anyway, we had quite an argument about this though I since went and told Becs mum that rather than haranguing my mum for these things that I would simply offer up 100 pounds a month towards my daughters upkeep (anything for a quiet life plus my daughters happiness) I had been actually putting money aside into savings for my daughter for when she reaches certain age, which I will still try to do though I am not certain if I can keep that up so well in the face of this new 'situation'. So what I would like to know please is am I doing the right thing? I ask this because I do not think her mum would use this money wisely and solely for my daughter, in fact I would rather take Bec out (difficult with my health probs) & sort the things personally. Also, am I right in saying that her child benefit money should cover the school clothes costs? Whether child benefit covers it or not, as her father I will do the right thing one way or the other, I am just seeking some much needed intel on the situation. Look forward to some clarification on these things, thank you. Oh, and for the record, Becs mum never put me or anyone on the birth certificate as Becs father though I do not want to start getting into a big legal thing about that, she's my daughter, I'm her Dad, we already know this. I just want to do the right thing with the money.
  8. Hi all, Appreciate any advice you can give with this potentially tricky situation...sorry for the long post! My girlfriend had been thinking about spending quite a lot of cash (£300) to hire a venue / activity for a private session for a party in 6 weeks or so's time. She is not particularly well off and had saved the money in advance, as she'd been planning it for a while. She has gone down to book it, and has then been told that basically it's actually £350, and been somewhat pressured into paying anyway. She is not a very "sharp consumer" as it were so she felt obliged to pay up. Subsequently she's had a few days to think about it, and is regretting spending the extra £50 which she can't really afford and upset about being over charged. The website still shows the £300 price. They fed her some stuff about the difference being "the tax", but clearly it's the wrong percentage for VAT and anyway the website is aimed at consumers and makes no mention of the prices being vat exclusive. Obviously she wasn't forced as such to pay the money, but she in general doesn't like to confront people and is more likely just to let people get on with things that are slightly taking advantage of her if she feels like it will cause a fight. She is too "nice" for her own good sometimes! She now is quite upset about the whole thing and basically wants to cancel and do something else instead. The website says "XXXX is unable to offer any refunds for missed or cancelled bookings, regardless of how much notice is given of the cancellation" which is unhelpful to say the least. She has asked for my help as she doesn't really know where to go from here. I am to say the least firmer with this stuff and would not have let it get this far if I had known about it as it was happening. I run quite a substantial business and am quite used to fighting with people over deals etc. But I am much more familiar with these kind of issues in a larger business context than I am small retail / B2C type of stuff. I am wondering if we are able to try and get them to cancel on the basis of the overcharge, either by going to them and talking about sale of goods act etc or going with the threat of getting a chargeback on the card from the bank, due to the same reason. I feel like it was only booked a few days ago, the company has had to make no effort or arrangements as of yet and spent no money (the activity runs regardless - people will book per person if someone doesn't hire it like she did), they have taken advantage of her and upset her, and the appropriate thing to do in these circumstances would be to make a goodwill refund for her. But the tone of their Ts + Cs doesn't sound like this will be willingly given, so I wanted to know where the overcharge stands us legally in case we have to get heavier. So - really appreciate any advice and thanks for reading the long message! James
  9. E-mail error ends up on road sign http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7702913.stm
  10. 5 years ago was called into branch and was talked into converting my credit card balance which was at the time £9,800 into a bank loan, at that time i was classed as self employed and 63 years old without saying a single word about ppi they tried to sneak it in , i spotted it the next day and duly cancelled the ppi out of the blue i get a letter telling me that i would not get all the benefits on offer with ppi on my 65th birthday relating to my credit card which i had been talked into converting to a bank loan, i had been paying ppi for over 10 years on the card without knowing i had it, to cut a long story short i put a claim in for this missold ppi on my credit card they have done nothing but lie and used delaying tactics since at last they admit it was misold and they say they sent a letter out on the 18th march still not got it despite at least 6 calls to the help line am being ignored by all i speak to and send emails to managed at last to get the man on the help line to dictate this letter over the phone was told that they had put 173 pounds into my account as due to the passage of time they have no record of this credit card and they consider this to be a fair offer still not had this in writing but told him over the phone where he could stick his offer am still awaiting anything in writing where do i go from here
  11. Hi everyone hope someone can help, I have had it up to here with the state of my bathroom and how the landlord wont do anything the bathroom is damp and mold growing everywhere no matter how much i clean it, it comes back the next day i have a 3 month old baby and don't take her in the bathroom its so disgusting don't know what to do about it, hope someone can help. i have posted some pictures below [ATTACH=CONFIG]44372[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44373[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]44374[/ATTACH]
  12. Hello everyone, I have a problem I have just discovered on my cash minder account. I paid in a cheque for £6070 on the 22/05/13 yesterday I went to the bank to take some money out, When I did this I checked my balance as always and it said it was £59100DR! I was gob smacked and then I remembered that the co-op debit before credit so thought nothing of it as I could still take out the money that was cleared. Tonight I went to the cash machine again and my balance was £160 and that was it, no sign of the cheque waiting to clear. Just said, Accout balance £160, available balance £160. I got worried at this stage as it should have been showing available to take out if I so wished too (I wouldnt im not that stupid) I only discovered you could do this last month when I paid in another cheque and see I could take it out 2 days later. I went and asked if the cheque had cleared early because it was from a big company (Vodafone) And thats when they explained that it hasnt cleared yet but becomes avalaible, something to do with interest or something. I just got back and logged straight onto my internet banking and am shocked at what I have seen and im now worried something has happened. On my statement is shows 22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070 23/05/13 ADJUSTMENT £6070 Withdrawal What has happened here? Why would they adjust my account? Im thinking maybe its the amount as its a lot bigger then any of my previous deposits etc but then I have never drawn on uncleared cheques before apart from last month when I genuinely thiught it had cleared but even though I took it out. When I was told I really shouldnt have, I put it back in and waited for the cheque to clear just incase, So im wondering if this has triggered something on my account? I dont mind the funds not being made available just aslong as it will clear when it should but now its not even showing. I was relying on this money for next week and now if they have done something its means I am going to have to wait even longer. Anyone know what could have happened? I would phone them but I dont have a home phone atm and im not calling on my mobile and im trying to get some advice so I dont sit up all night worrying what it could be before I can get to a branch tomorrow. Hope this all makes sense and I thank anyone who can advice in advance.
  13. I owe £15k to Barclays bank (inc egg, current acccount) (unsecured)a nd have arrangement to pay them back at £1 a month. I have a mortgage, which the mortgage company (Santander) have allowed me interest only payments for two years but from March goes up to present rate and I will need to find £1100 per month. Due to redundancy I am not working. My partner who is over 65 cannot work because of illness. We are putting our house on the Market today to downsize. If we pay off the £15k we will have trouble finding a property to buy. If we buy new property can we still arrange to pay the debts on a monthly basis (say £100 per month) or do we need to pay the £15k when we sell?
  14. Is it me or do the streets smell somewhat dirtier on those morningly jogs after you've stopped smoking? That so called fresh air I used to enjoy just got a bit horrid! eek!
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