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  1. But the sale won't go through! They'll advise their client to pull out.
  2. I don't have a Sol, that's why I'm asking on here. I can't find one that understands these restrictions, and it's an otherwise simple transfer of equity to a sibling. I just can't find anything anywhere that says anything other than a dissolved company's assets pass to the Crown. If you have any reading about assets being passed on to another company I'd love to see them so I understand this better.
  3. Yes I know they're still operating in a different guise but I've read that the restriction can't be passed on to another legal entity and that they'd have to re-apply for it under the new company. It looks to me like this is Bona Vacantia now.
  4. Just a lot easier said that done. I already told their solicitor they were wrong as he originally said the standard Form K "acts like a mortgage". He actually went away and emailed the local Land Registry office with what I'd told him and now it's the Land Registry saying they can't do it with a simple certificate from the conveyancer. The law may be one thing but at this point I just need to get this resolved so I can sell the house and it's been complicated by Sigma being dissolved as I now have to find out who I need to pay instead. I know it can't be posted publicly
  5. Still trying to sell this house. The buyer's solicitor has just replied saying that this can't be resolved with "a simple certificate from the buyers conveyancers will enable registration of the change of ownership to be completed and the restriction removed." The Land Registry wrote back stating: "A buyers certificate will not be acceptable in this case. May I draw your attention to Practice Guide 35, section 7.7 and the various associated links which provide our detailed requirements in this respect." I have written to the Receiver General in Jersey (Sigma SPV1 w
  6. Thank-you dx100uk, genuinely useful advice and solved straight away. Now to find a good solicitor who actually understands this and is willing to act on my instructions not to repay the debt.
  7. RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate, other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to Sigma SPV1 Limited (incorporated in Jersey) at care of HL Legal 3rd Floor Grosvenor House, Prospect Hill, Redditch B97 4DL, being the person with the benefit of an interim charging order on the benefi
  8. So the restriction is enforceable even though the actual company listed on the title doesn't exist any more? I'm not talking about whether the debt is enforceable, that's another topic, just wondering how another company can enforce a restriction legally imposed by a company that has been dissolved, without them going back to court. I emailed them so many times a few years ago to try to get them to take payment and never heard back. Very frustrating. The home is owned jointly.
  9. I had a restriction of sale placed on the Land Registry title of my house for approx. £1000 in 2013 by Sigma SPV1 Limited while I was out of the country and did not receive notice of a small debt (which snowballed with penalties and interest) after I moved abroad. I am now about to sell the property and checked the title and found this restriction from 2013. I searched for the company, Sigma SPV1 limited and see that they were dissolved last year. How do I go about removing this restriction as quickly as possible? I'm happy to pay the amount if that's the quickest way, b
  10. Final update - the cheque arrived last week, pretty prompt really considering the time for my signed acceptance to get back to the UK and then the cheque to make it here to the USA. Thanks to all who gave me help and advice, it felt so good to finally have the cheque in hand after such a long time!
  11. UPDATE: After giving it one more shot across the bows as Jedicris suggested I didn't hear from them at all for the past two and a half months, until today. I ended up signing the final acceptance a couple of weeks ago and just resigned myself to the fact that they'd set off the £940 and that once I had some cash from them I could pursue the rest via the FOS. I had a surprise letter back today saying Arrow had after all told them that the account was closed (as I'd been insisting all along, because I settled the debt with them full & final). They must have attempted to pay Arrow
  12. Jedicris, that's extremely useful, given that you're in exactly the same situation as me. Do you think I should go ahead and sign the paperwork to at least get 75% of the cash and then refer the complaint to the FOS with regards to the set-off portion? I'd love to keep in contact with your progress.
  13. It may or may not be, I really don't know given that I can't seem to find the right info anywhere, and I've searched. Plenty of people simply say they can't do it if a debt has been sold to a 3rd party but nobody seems to know what to do if the bank still insist it can. Could the title perhaps be updated to more accurately reflect the whole issue then, rather than the specific information I'm seeking at the moment?
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