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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I employed a builder to do a loft conversion, and renovate my house which I had just bought. He quoted £72,000 to do the work including all electrics, plumbing, plastering etc. The quote was itemised and he visited the property twice and priced up materials etc before emailing it to me. He said that the work would be completed by the end of last summer. He requested an initial payment for materials into his wife's bank account quite a while before any work was done. When he started he told me that he didn't have a lot of money and that I would need to give him money for materials w
  2. can someone please confirm to me how far back i can claim for being overcharged by my landlord, on the annual insurance premium on my leasehold flat? I have discovered that they have been overcharging me 4% of the premium since 1994. this equates to almost 5k Thanks.
  3. Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/household-bills/repairs-rip-shame-millions-motorists-10907702
  4. Not for the first time but I have been overcharged on a food shop at my local co-op. It took me almost 15 mins to have £1.00 returned to my card so have just sent an email to request some vouchers, what are my chances of getting some kind of redress for shoddy service..
  5. Not sure if I am posting in correct forum. But here's my question. In 2008 we were charged twice for renting a space from a private landlord. (details little too complex to explain quickly). I have only just examined the documents I have kept since then and realised quite how much I overpaid. Is it too late to try and get this money back? I have invoices, but not original contract. Can anyone please direct me to the relevant legislation, I have tried to search but nothing seems to match my problem.
  6. Has anyone seen this: https://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/requirement-notices/preferred-mortgages-limited-vreq I have a Preferred account and have been in constant battle over fees. I received a letter today to say they are refunding overcharged fees from 2009 - 2012 and they have entered into an agreement with FCA to refund overcharged fees plus 8% interest. The fees in the scheme include: Arrears management fees, Litigation management fees and Repossession Management fees.
  7. Hello, this is my first post here and I desperately need advice. I owed £2,357.13 after a CCJ judgement to a veterinary practice. My dog had his leg amputated. The vet gave me a choice. Euthanize my dog or amputate the leg. I wanted neither. Did not have £1700 to pay for this. Hence the debt. No excuses for not paying, but my 6 year old daughter has a life threatening condition called 'Rett Syndrome'. She had been in and out of hospital around the time all this happened and nothing else seems important except her. The letters were put to one side and simply forgott
  8. Hi We closed our account with Npower in april this year. Before closing we were informed that we were £300 in credit. 2 weeks ago we received a final bill of £1577.24 When I spoke to the operator he informed us that we hadn't been billed for gas since sept 2013. I questioned this and suggested that even if this was the case we had been paying £100 per month and that this should have covered close to what we were using. When I was also surprised as our meter was read by a reader on christmas eve. I then enquired about the excessive electricity costs. The ope
  9. This has been going on for 7 years apparently. Full story.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30214471
  10. I have been personally dealing with my landlord for over a year now without any legal support to correct being overcharged for rent at my residence for 11 years. During my tenancy (before march 2013) I was issued with court costs as my landlord made applications to the court to recover rent arrears held on my account. I signed a tenancy agreement for a 1 Bedroom apartment in 2002. The rent was set and I never questioned it (Why would I??). In March 2013, I found out that from the start of my tenancy I was registered as a two bedroom tenant paying rent for a two bedroom accommo
  11. everthing started last year in January 2013 when I moved from the last address in harrow Wealdstone and I moved in harrow on the hill ,I simply forgot to change my logboog( from the old address to the new address and this is what happened ,on 27/1/2014 around 12 pm my car alarm came on when I go outside the car was on the big lorry to be taken away coz I did`t pay a parking ticket and they said the bailiff NEWLYN from harrow council came to collect a debt for a parking ticket I`ve been charged for that 856£ what I think is too much ,yesterday on 22/02/2014 I wake up and I just want to to shop
  12. Hi all, Appreciate any advice you can give with this potentially tricky situation...sorry for the long post! My girlfriend had been thinking about spending quite a lot of cash (£300) to hire a venue / activity for a private session for a party in 6 weeks or so's time. She is not particularly well off and had saved the money in advance, as she'd been planning it for a while. She has gone down to book it, and has then been told that basically it's actually £350, and been somewhat pressured into paying anyway. She is not a very "sharp consumer" as it were so she felt obliged to pay
  13. I bought a car from Carcraft last week (big mistake lesson learnt) The value of the car was £8499. I paid £100 deposit and part exchanged my old car for £499. On the contract of sale the final price is 8095.25 (8449 for the car + 96.25 tax, minus the value of my old car and deposit) Looking on the documents for the finance agreement Carcraft have arranged finance for 8595.25. No deductions have been made for the deposit and part exchange of the old car. I've contacted carcraft who say it has nothing to do with them and I should contact the finance company, the finance comp
  14. I have been charged £4,534.00 for a simple funeral in Kent. Does anyone know if this is excessive and if so who do I go to for help? debgirl
  15. My Mum died in May and my Dad used the co-op for the funeral, I went with my dad to sort out everything and we were told the cheapest was £2,200, which we accepted. My Dad is a pensioner and had to get a grant of £1,200 from the authorities, he has no money so my sisters and myself paid the extra 1,000 which we paid up front, and My dad then paid the 1,200 when his grant came through, my dad has no way of repaying my Sisters and me and as it was for my Mum we have written off the money. HOWEVER. Yesterday my dad and one of my Sisters saw an expose on Co-op funeral service and it
  16. hello i was regularly purchasing items from a store online ( once every couple of weeks) after about 7 months i was overcharged, i had to wait a while but i was refunded . a week or so later I was over charged again , then again. it was only by chance i checked my bank statement. each time they said they knew about it, but they did not send out any apology emails, because the third time i kept quiet to se if they would ever email , they did not. they never refunded me , it was such a tiny amount that a phone call would have been far more that the funds taken, but the point is: the
  17. Hi, I have been sent a new TV License for the period August 31 2010 until August 31 2011 to be paid by direct debit. The thing is, i am moving out of my flat in early september to move back in with my parents until i move into a new flat hopefully around december. i phoned tv licensing today to inform them of this and they said that they would transfer my license to the new flat. i objected because this would mean i would be paying whilst not actually needing a license and when i did move in to my new flat the license would run for less than 12 months. this doesnt seem fair, i know its on
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