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  1. How best should I word my request for copies of invoices, whilst sounding as though I already have a full set of them? I want to discourage him from providing invoices that have been rewritten and providing evidence that there has been a contract set up between us The invoice which is disputed is separate from the two which have already been paid which were numbered 1/2 and 2/2.
  2. I appreciate your help Bankfodder, but it is important to me to understand why I should do something which I consider to be dangerous.
  3. Please will you explain why it is so important to have copies of all of the plasterer's invoices? How will this benefit me? I need to be sure the benefits outweigh the risks of giving him the opportunity to add anything to them which could make his case stronger.
  4. What about the builder? I think I should make a £10,000 claim against him in respect of overcharging. Even if that is just for the unfinished extension. He has charged £10,000 more than he quoted for that and not finished it. I had a quote today of £6000 to finish it (which I think is high and I will be looking for other quotes). If I don't take action against him I am leaving myself open to him and his two building labourers taking action against me for the wages they have invoiced me for. If the labourers do take me to court, which they have said they will, having an action against the build
  5. What do you think I should do about the builder and the other contractors who believe they are owed money? Should I wait for them to individually raise claims against me and defend myself? Or do you think that attack is the best form of defence, and since I have been undoubtedly overcharged I should pursue them for money owed?
  6. I will organise the quotations on Monday. The aerial installer has just sent yet another email to me. I think he rather enjoys harassing me; Miss X , It's a bit late for all that stuff . Don't waste your time . I'll see you in court . My Barrister tells me that I've every good chance ! 3 months ! And not a single penny ! He has been asking for payment for less than four weeks. He had totally forgotten about the invoice until the end of January. He has no proof that I had even received the invoice - as mentioned in his first text on Jan 27th he gave the invoice
  7. Yes, perhaps I should have just made a bank deposit of the average of the two quotes I received over the telephone this week. The chequebook has been ordered but takes 5 working days. I believe he would have chosen not to bank the cheque anyway as he wrote back on his last email that he would not accept the average quote and was persisting to claim the amount on his invoice. I think this is why he rushed to do a claim before I could give him a payment. The particulars of the claim are.. I am making a claim for work carried out at Miss X's house. She asked me to carry out the work. Sh
  8. I have two quotes for the work the aerial installer did, they are both similarly priced and less than half what he has charged me. I have followed your advice to the T with the aerial installer. Today I received a County Court claim form from him for the full amount that he invoiced me
  9. Regarding writing to the plasterer for all invoices. I can do this, but it would also be more beneficial to have a full set of labour invoices from the builder. He supplied me with all the invoices for materials last month and also the total payments to each contractor, so he can't lie too much. These invoices will be much more useful than the plasterers invoices which don't really say anything. The plasterer is smarter than the builder, and I'm thinking that it would be prudent to ask for the builder's invoices first.
  10. I have now received four solicitor letters from the same solicitor for the builder, the plasterer, and two building subcontractors. The builder's letter denies overcharging and insists that I employed the contractors directly and that he had minimal discussions with the other contractors. This is all lies, I did no even speak to or meet some of the contractors. The plasterer's letter also states that he was employed by me and that I instructed him what to do, even though I never met him or spoke to him. The two labourers are nephews of the builder, but of course he had nothing to do
  11. Regarding the plasterer, should I write to his solicitor since the last communication came from him? Or should I write directly to the plasterer.
  12. The aerial installer replied to the last email I sent to him, a couple of posts ago. He says that he believes he invoiced me a reasonable amount, even though he is charging 100% markup on some items and his invoice is two to three times what other companies would charge for the same work. He says that he is not happy to accept a payment equivalent to what other companies would charge and that he "will today start a small claims against me" - - - Updated - - - Apologies....I mean 1000% markup
  13. The plasterer has had a solicitor's letter sent to me stating that I employed him directly and gave him instructions, even though I never talked or messaged him. He has stated that if I don't pay him the £1440 that he has invoiced that he will take legal action to recover it. The plastering is definitely included in the builder's original quote. I have already paid £35,000+ in excess of the original quote. Also, the amount that I have been invoiced/paid for plastering is very high for the work which has been done. The plasterer is close friends with the builder and evidently wen
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