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  1. I agree totally. Sadly its far from true. I have now had a reply from the HCEO's firm...who totally deny he was in the wrong! He was entitled to charge the fees, as he apparently listed goods..(he never moved from my front room sofa) He was nearly attacked by my husband twice (my husband is awaiting a liver transplant so I think not) I refused to pay him...etc....Absolute rubbish from start to finish. I have requested his body cam video twice...each time ignored. That will have the truth. How do I actually get this? Or more to the point can I g
  2. Thank you to everyone here who has advised me. I have been given some excellent advice from someone here, who is kindly helping me draft some letters to the relevant people. Hopefully ******will never get the opportunity to do this again to anyone else. Unfortunately, my story is 100% true. What reason would I have to lie? I'm certainly not gaining anything, just seeking help/advice and hoping no one else gets 'caught' this way again. I will keep everyone posted. Thank You all again.
  3. This gets worse..I asked if I could pay this debt off in instalments.. I was told an outright no. This was not an option. Why on earth did this HCEO act like this? Callous, horrible man. It seems he had an amount in his head and was getting it no matter what
  4. Im pretty sure it was a franking machine mark. The HCEO didn't seem at all surprised when I said it had not come either. I was actually amazed that they put it in writing that all these charges happened on the same day. It's impossible from enforcement to sale in the space of that time scale....that was the amount he asked for as soon as he knocked..without knowing if I had it or not. It is obviously pre planned. Just wondering how they get away with it. As the lies are on paper too....amazing. My main concern now is trying to get it back..
  5. Sorry, the date of notice is the 6th July 15 The date/time to pay was 17.00 on the 19th July. I told HCEO it had not came. He said take it up with Royal Mail. The notice arrived the 21st July - 2nd class post
  6. I already have. This was the reply. How can they put in writing, fees for services that never happened? It amazes me! Surely as he visited on the 20th July, and it was settled in full on this date they would realise that it is impossible for the extra fees to have been incurred? Thank you for your email dated 24/07/15 in relation to a breakdown of the charges. Please see below for a breakdown of charges for your account: High Court Writ - £2468.88 Compliance Stage (Administration Fee): £90.00 inc VAT 1st Enforcement Stage : £228.00 inc VAT + if the debt is above £
  7. Im not looking to take back the debt or the GENUINE enforcement costs through the bank...just the charges that were taken for services that never happened.. That amounts to £1,444.81 thats a lot of money to add to an already big debt. Not at any time did I agree to pay for things that never happened! He told me the charges were solicitors cost! Thats a lie...outright.
  8. Thanks everyone. If I approached my bank and asked for a chargeback, would they allow it given the amount? How would I explain to them what happened? Worried they might think I was trying to pull a fast one. God knows I'm not. But hard to believe I handed that amount over without seeing a breakdown of the costs. I could kick myself now. Amazing what you do when under duress.... Also, the debt amount differs on the CCJ and the notice of enforcement..plus 2 £90 compliance stage fees. ...its a complete mess.. ..not to mention the made up fees ..
  9. The notice of enforcement and the receipt. Will scan them in later if still not clear - sorry...they looked ok this end ? I had till the 19th July to pay..HCEO came on the 20th.
  10. The only genuine costs made were the compliance stage and enforcement stage. The rest he made up. no goods were removed or even listed for removal. I paid him on his FIRST and ONLY visit. I had no choice. Also the reason he got inside was because he told me I couldn't stop him. I asked him to wait outside, as I was getting my little girl ready for school. He said no. My daughter cant be left alone for more then 5/10 mins. She was upstairs. It was a catch 22. I couldn't close the door, he wouldn't move. ..my daughter was upstairs..
  11. Hello, this is my first post here and I desperately need advice. I owed £2,357.13 after a CCJ judgement to a veterinary practice. My dog had his leg amputated. The vet gave me a choice. Euthanize my dog or amputate the leg. I wanted neither. Did not have £1700 to pay for this. Hence the debt. No excuses for not paying, but my 6 year old daughter has a life threatening condition called 'Rett Syndrome'. She had been in and out of hospital around the time all this happened and nothing else seems important except her. The letters were put to one side and simply forgott
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