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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone seen this: https://www.fca.org.uk/your-fca/documents/requirement-notices/preferred-mortgages-limited-vreq I have a Preferred account and have been in constant battle over fees. I received a letter today to say they are refunding overcharged fees from 2009 - 2012 and they have entered into an agreement with FCA to refund overcharged fees plus 8% interest. The fees in the scheme include: Arrears management fees, Litigation management fees and Repossession Management fees.
  2. Hi all. Motor insurance claim question for ya! I drive a mini Cooper S in a special limited edition colour. Someone scraped along the side of it whilst i was parked. It was a neighbour and they owned up. Set the ball rolling with my insurers. M&S on behalf of Minster Law. I asked them to use my certified Mini Garage if possible due to the nature of the ltd edition paintwork. Insurers got back stating they could not agree a fee. So they would like to proceed through their preferred repairer. I've contacted this repairer and made them aware of my concerns over the colour. They are getting back to me as to whether it is an issue. But seemed wary. Where do I stand? Can I insist my insurer uses certain garages? I have legal cover (gotta check what up to) so could i get it dome myself and claim it back? Sorry I have no idea about insurance. Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks in advance!
  3. Have received a letter from Acenden stating my claim is out of time. Mortgage redeemed in 2006, but I only found out about mortgage arrears claim back after browsing for PPI information. Could I use this in my follow-up letter - as they consider it to be 'inappropriate to consider any fees applied to an account over 6yrs old!' Any advice on how to word this 'appropriately'.....
  4. Hi has anyone heard of a company called DMS (Debt Services management Ltd) their letter head says they are members of the association of arrears mediation. First thing is - is this kind of service any good and will it help. Bit of background. Have a friend who is in arrears to the tune of about £1,500 on their mortgage due to short term problems - they did bury their heads a bit. They brought a letter round to me this morning from this DMS stating that they would be calling in the next few days to discuss their arrears and possible repayment plans etc. that is affordable and agreeable to the lender. the letter was dated yesterday. i said to leave it with me and i would try and find few things out. After he got home from seeing me he had had a letter pushed through his door from the field agent of this company. (Bit quick) The couple concerned are now both back in full time employement and able to afford to pay their mortgage and a little extra to clear the arrears - though this will take a little time. Any advice on what they should do? I could do a repayment plan for them or is it worth using this DMA firm - or is that a no no and rip off, (as my instinct tells me it is)
  5. Hi guys..Hope somebody ,somewhere, can help me...Back in 2009 despite having a payment agreement in place Capstone aggresively repossessed my property , i had lost my job and my partner was working but we struggled to make payments which in the end were over £1200 per month..unfortunatley, and although i now regret this i just 'gave up' ..having recently lost both parents I didnt have the strength to fight... does anyone think I now have any cause of redress on this matter.. I would really appreciate any help or advice you could offer ps Im sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i've spent ages trying to find how to post in the correct one... Thank you
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